This is all very silly. Pls don't take it too seriously


Don't pay too much attention to the times I wrote above each text message. I started that to make it look more text-y / whatsapp-y but then realized I had no idea how much time to put between everything, and bascially it's just a mess. So. Just pretend it's normal or whatever.

BONUS: ever since I typed that emoticon I can't get this image out of my head. And the one on the front page, of course.

To the green-eyed boy with the freckles,

You left your Valentines' cookies on the train.

I don't suppose you will receive this message, but I thought I would try. You were on the train to [...] on Monday, februari 14 around 15 o'clock, wearing a green plaid shirt and carrying a dark blue backpack. Around 15:15 you took out a large, semi-transparent box filled with heart-shaped sugar cookies, put it on the table before you, and proceeded to stare at it for several, heavy-feeling seconds. You then opened the box, took out a cookie, and broke it in half before eating it. You seemed angry somehow, or sad, or possibly both, but I can't be sure, because I'm never really- but I digress.

I don't think it was the cookie's fault though. You seemed to enjoy eating them.
Perhaps you simply thought they were too big to eat them in their present shape.

When the train stopped, a few stations later, you had eaten about five cookies (I cannot be sure, since I got distracted at some point, by something entirely unrelated) and were presently staring out of the window at the bright blue sky, frowning. When someone walked past, you jumped, hastily grabbed your jacket and your bag, and left without taking your cookies with you. (How something like this could happen is, to be entirely honest, a mystery to me, but I suppose you were deep in thought, which is a problem I am unfortunately familiar with).

I tried calling after you, but I was too late (undoubtedly, because of the shock) (that was a joke).

I have taken the box with me. If you recognize yourself, please send a message, or text me at the number below.

If you are not the addressed person, then A) please refrain from calling, and B) if you know someone who fits this description and seems like the kind of person to forget an entire box of clearly home-made sugar cookies at the train, please direct them to this web page.



PS: I have not eaten any of the cookies
PPS: I may be eating some of the cookies if no-one has contacted me after several days. They do look delicious. You are very lucky.
PPPS: My friends are trying to tell me that this is weird, but they have told me many things, and this seems important. I really hope you don't mind.

~ <3 ~

To C, a.k.a. the guy who saved / kidnapped my cookies,



~ <3 ~

To D, who is, presumably, the owner of the aforementioned cookies,

Is it really you? That is not a very long reply, and also somewhat disconcerting. My friends are now laughing and saying I definitely creeped you out with my " weirdly eleborate descriptions ". If that is the case, I am sorry. I only wanted to make sure you remembered. The possibility that you suffered from a mysterious case of amnesia regarding your cookies has crossed my mind. It seemed the most probable reason for you to forget something that clearly incited such strong emotions.
I hope you will contact me again soon. The box is 'calling my name', as one says, and I'm afraid the temptation will soon become too strong to resist. I'm only human, after all (despite what my name might suggest).

Sincerely and apologetically,


~ <3 ~

To C, the adorable cookie saver,

LOL LOL LOL LOL. You're awesome. And I just can't believe this. I never would've been able to resist, for one. Definitely never would've thought of something like this. I actually had a friend point it out (gotta admit i'm a bit of a social media noob). And it's fine, don't worry. I know a creep when I see one, and you ain't it.
(i might be a little bit flattered)
(but anyway)
I was just surprised, is all. Kind of in shock really. Thought this shit only happened in movies. Probably not even there, cause no-one would buy it. I mean, they're just cookies. On a train. Heck, I've left my JACKET on the train and never got it returned to me. You just improved my day with 500 %.
ANYWAY. I'll text you. But honestly: eat those cookies. You totally deserve them, and it's not like they're THAT hard to make. They were kind of a mistake in the first place, anyway.


~ < 3 ~

[delivered today at 14:14]
hey its cookie-guy here. name's dean, btw. thanks for putting that message out there, it was the BEST thing i have seen all week. possibly ever. but like i said on the site, pls just eat those cookies. i don't need them anymore really.

one condition tho: tell me what u think

whats your name anyway? i can't just keep calling you cookie-thief or whatever. and the comment about your name made me curious.

its fine if you dont wanna share tho

[Sent 14:18]
Hello Dean. It is very kind of you to give your cookies to me. But I am confused. I thought someone had gotten you them on valentines day. But I am now beginning to suspect that you made them yourself. They weren't a gift to someone else, were they? (I suppose not, since you were eating them, but still).

[received 14:20]
x DDDDD no they werent a gift. but theyre now. yes, i made them, its a new recipe. kinda needed a pick me up so i baked myself heart cookies. hope u dont got a problem with that cause i love baking and it seemed thematically appropriate. tho like i said, kind of regretting the heart thing the second they came out

not cause theres anything wrong with it. just didnt work out the way i hoped.

[sent 14:21]
I would NEVER suggest that there is anything wrong with a man baking pink heart shaped cookies. What do you

Anyway. I just tasted one and they are wonderful. You are very talented. I love the way you decorated them and the surprise bits of ginger inside.

[received 14:24]
ok cool ! sorry i assumed. my dad gets like that sometimes. but anyway

im happy you like them!! theyre easy to make though so you dont have to go all TGBB on me. maybe if i ever like make one of those fancy layer cakes or whatever

[sent 14:26]
I don't think I know that acronym. But don't sell yourself short. I've tried to make cookies once; it was a disaster. They were both misshapen AND burned.

[received 14:28]
LOL yeah ok that happens sometimes, you might just have a shitty oven (i know how that goes...) so its probably not your fault. anyway i meant the great british bakeoff, it's one of my guilty pleasures. the british version people are so much nicer. but you probably dont watch any of that

wait, who are you anyway? boy or girl? (or neither??) (or like, old, but somehow i don't feel like you are. despite the formal speech and all, you sound like another teenager to me)

sorry just realized u never answered the name question so i should prbly stop prying. now I'M being a creep, like for real, ugh. sorry.

[sent 14:33]
It's okay, I'm the one who started all this, remember? And mentioned my name in the first place. Besides, I know so much more about you than you do about me. I apologize for forgetting; I got caught up in the rest of the conversation. My name is Castiel. And I'm a boy, yes, I guess you could say. I'm 19, so almost old ; )

[received 14:34]
!!! were the same age then, cool. i'm 19 too. i was worried for a second there lol

castiel is a cool name. you said it made you sound not human, so what is it, from an alien movie or something? (if so please gimme the title i need more scifi in my life)

(im a film student so)

[sent 14:35]
It's biblical, actually. It's the name of a very obscure angel. My brothers are called Michael and Gabriel; it's not that we're very religious, our parents just really liked sticking to a theme.

Being a film student sounds interesting. I'm a history student myself. So is that what you were travelling towards? On the train?

[received 14:36]
ooh history is cool too!! I almost decided on that but realized i liked fictional stories more than real ones, a bit embarassing i know

[sent 14:36]
It's not embarassing. I have found that fiction can be very enlightening in a different way. I think people often underestimate that.

[received 14:37]
yeah i think youre right about that..

anyway yeah i was just going to lecture but i was really annoyed cause i just KNEW they were gonna theme it all valentine-y and i was so sick of it. first all that commercial crap everywhere and now i had to listen to a lecture about romantic flicks. ugh. at least our professor was interesting. but he could probably make watching paint dry interesting so

sorry went on a little rant there. i just really dont like valentines day.

[sent 14:40]
Yet you made those cookies...

[received 14:42]
yeah well it was moms idea. I thought maybe i could give them to her afterwards but she wouldnt have it. said i needed them more or whatever. i feel like it was almost superstituous. like maybe if i ate enough hearts i'd be more lucky in love or whatever. she can be weird like that.

I love her though

[sent 14:43]
That much is obvious. : )

So, did it work?

[received 14:45]
did what work?

[sent 14:46]
The hearts. Did they make you feel lucky? ; )

[received 14:46]
LOL was that a reference?

[sent 14:47]
What do you mean?¿

[received 14:47]
thats a no then.. im guessing youve never seen that movie. we should watch it sometime

I mean you

should watch it sometime

not that i uh

ok ignore me im being an idiot

i just meant its a good movie but u can do what u want obviously

[sent 14:52]
It's okay. I would not be opposed to watching movies with you. Although I have to confess my knowledge of them is... embarrassing, to someone like you, I'm sure. I never really watched movies as a child. I have been wanting to see more of them but I wasn't sure where to begin. Maybe you could help me?

[received 14:53]
that'd be awesome(!!!)

[sent 14:54]
I will pay you in cookies. It's the least I can do : )

[received 14:54]
tho i have to tell you you don't need to do that, my love of cookies is yelling at me to shut up rn. No pink hearts tho. >: (

[sent 14:55]
Does that mean you'll be okay with regular hearts?

cookieguy is typing...

cookieguy is typing...

[received 14:59]

and yes.

[sent 15:00]
Yes what? : O

[received 15:00]
Yes, I feel lucky:)

~ End ~
(or, perhaps more accurately, the beginning)

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