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Missed it, again... I'll never learn how to shoot a bow. "Get out of my way, I'm trying to practice!" someone said. "Well, I'm trying too!" I may be bad at shooting, but I won't let anyone stop me from getting better. "Lydia, please, stop waisting your time! You'll never shoot a bow!"
Well, maybe he was right? I looked Avalon right into his eyes. He was alot taller than I am, skinny guy, though. He pushed me away and aimed his arrow right into the red circle, as always. "Good job!!"
He high-fived everyone on his way to the end of the row, like he was famous or something? Like wtf?
But oh well.. "Lydia! Your turn!" Allright then. I just shoot it, I didn't even care anymore. But suddenly, I shot right in the middle of the circle. Avalon's arrow splitted in two pieces and fell off. I was speechles, so was the rest of the class...
"Good job, Lydia!" mr. Johnsten walked up to me and punched me by my shoulder, like all the guys did when they nailed something.
I felt confident for a moment. Avalon looked at me, seemed like he was not so happy as I was. I looked right into his blue eyes, they had a kind of purple shine. You won't see it every day. It attracted me and spooked me at the same time.
But I'm sure I will never shoot one like this again, it was just rare.
"That was just luck!" Avalon pushed me out of the way, and shot his arrow. "Missed it!" He looked at me, and he was pissed off. But I didn't say anything? But oh well, I don't care.
When artchery class was done, I went home. It was very busy down the stone streets, as always. It was not that modern; small streets, houses were made of stone, people trying to sell their stuff on the streets, kids playing around. In the center of the village was a great castle, with alot of fields, where their horses use to run around, where the knights use to fight, and train.
Everyone was really nice to eachother, I loved the small, nice community. Everyone helped eachother and were eachothers friends. "Howya!" It was Sean. "How's ya giv'n Lydia!?" "Couldn't be better!" "Nice to hear that!"
Sean was the butcher in town. Nice guy.
All home, my mom walked up to me. She gave me an envelope...

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