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Happy Birthday Hazza<3

'Dear to my loveliest sweetest, cutest and most handsome (sexy) Directioners,

I have a very special surprise for you.
We will start a new contest...
We don't tell you everything about it, but you will not regret.
Be creative, think of something nice so that you can have our attention
and maybe you’re the one of the 50 Directioners that goes to London.

(Only 18+ Directioners all over the world can participate.)

Lot of kisses,

One Direction

Reacties (1)

  • Wolflover_

    ik ben verslaafd aan one directoin
    en benieuwd naar je verhaal

    2 jaar geleden
    • AyaMalik

      Doet me goed dat er nog directioners op Q zijn

      2 jaar geleden
    • Wolflover_


      2 jaar geleden

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