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Saturday mornings were usually spend baking goods, or cooking a delicious lunch. That morning, they had made extremely sweet gummy bears – of course, Amber’s idea – which had actually turned out pretty well, even though they looked more like deformed jelly beans than actual bears. Krystal let the bear-shape up to Haribo, at least the taste was delicious.
Saturday afternoons were spend watching the movies Krystal hadn’t seen yet, the classics that everyone just needed to have watched. Amber had once called her a ‘movie barbarian’ because she hadn’t seen Les Misérables – honestly who even has time to watch that stupid movie? – which had been the beginning of a new tradition. Amber had made her watch Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Les Mis, Terminator, Transformers, the Titanic, The Godfather, the Wizard of Oz, To Kill a Mockingbird, Jaws and literally every Disney movie there was – even those who weren’t on Netflix.
Their evenings were spend cooking together too, this time one of their favorite dishes. On a rare occasion, they went out to eat something, but it was more fun to let macaroni and cheese burn together than it was to order it super fancy in some sort of restaurant.

That was their ideal Saturday. And Krystal had done all of those things today. Only, mostly without Amber… and she didn’t like one bit of it.

Amber had left late in the morning, around an hour of eleven after the gummy bears. As Krystal waited for the jelly to cool down, Amber had taken her stuff and pressed a kiss on her cheek, telling her that she’d be home late. She didn’t even have time to respond to her before she left.
After that, her day had just been dull without Amber. The reason why she took the weekend off was because of her girlfriend, not because she liked watching movies by her own or cook by her own.
Of course, there was nothing she could do. Now that Luna was getting a comeback, the company wanted Amber’s help again to create a cute, fluffy concept for her next album. She was hired to write all the songs and for the past few days, all she had done was write and compose and record. Even on her free days, Amber liked to go back to her room and play piano until her fingers were sore.
Krystal knew that this behavior would only last for a few weeks, until all the songs were done and all Luna had to do was record them at the studio. Still, she couldn’t help to miss her.

Krystal was already in bed when the front door opened. She was faintly aware that her girlfriend came in, only realizing fully when she heard the high-pitched baby voice call for Jack Jack. The dog gave a small bark, causing some laughter to arise.
“I’ll cuddle with you first thing tomorrow, okay? Gotta cuddle the Princess first.”
The dog huffed almost in annoyance. She heard footsteps towards the bedroom. The light sprang on, although she dimmed it immediately again until a low volume. Krystal pretended to be asleep a little longer, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of waking up immediately. She tried to lay as still as she could, as she felt Amber bow over her and place a kiss on her cheek. Amber sighed and bowed back down.
She heard the zipper of her jacket go down and the ruffling of clothes against skin before the blankets were lifted up and the mattress next to hers bowed by the weight of her girlfriend. As soon as the lights were shut off again, Krystal rolled over, trapping Amber with her arms and her legs.
“I knew you weren’t asleep, you’re such a light sleeper,” she heard her chuckle. Krystal couldn’t help it to grin. She opened her eyes, seeing her lover for the first time that day.
“Where have you been all day? It’s past midnight.”
“I have been at Luna’s,”
Amber replied with a shrug. Krystal squinted her eyes.
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that you’d be cheating on me, staying away so late. You’d have such a good excuse, like ‘I was working on some stuff and it got late’ whilst in fact you just had sex with her.”
The short haired woman rolled her eyes and bowed down to kiss her lips. Krystal smiled during the kiss and couldn’t stop even after it had ended.
“Of course not, dumbass. It just took a while because she thought my lyrics weren’t cheesy enough.”
“They weren’t cheesy enough? Aren’t you like, always thinking of me whilst writing love songs? How come they aren’t cheesy? I am cheesy!”
she obliged. Amber chuckled.
“No, you are not cheesy. You are whiney. And I cannot exactly write lyrics that says: ‘my girlfriend keeps nagging for me to give her a piggyback ride’ or ‘I’m not allowed to go out until I kissed my girlfriend goodbye’.”
Krystal pouted and rolled away from her, pretending to be annoyed until Amber moved back against her.
“I’m still mad at you that you only turned up after midnight. Like, did you really have to practice for so long? You can do it tomorrow.”
Amber laid her arm over Krystal’s waist and pulled her closer against her body so she could place a kiss on her jawline. Habitually, she immediately exposed her neck a little bit more.
“I’m sorry,” Amber muttered, as she started to place a feather light kiss behind her ear, lowering with every kiss. “Will you-.. forgive-.. me?”
Every time Amber’s soft lips connected with the soft skin of her neck, she had to chuckle a little bit.
“I’m tired,” she complained.
“So, you’re rejecting me?”
“Maybe. Prove that you’re worth not rejecting.”

She felt Amber grin. Krystal watched her as she took off her shirt, revealing her Nike’s sports bra. Without even thinking, she bit down on her lip. Even after one and a half year of dating, she was still in awe of her girlfriend in her bra. It was just a gift from the gods.
Amber moved until she was hovering over her. A smug grin played with the corners of her lips when she kissed Krystal. She brought her hips down, grinding down over hers, causing the brunette to moan instantly. Krystal’s hands travelled all over her body, from the opening of her jogging pants to her belly that still had the slightest hint of abs and to her muscled back.
Krystal cupped Amber’s face with her hands. When she wanted to take off Amber’s bra, her hands slid over her shoulder. She frowned when her fingers went over the little patch of fabric that seemed to be stuck on her girlfriend’s skin. She ran over it for a few times, eventually figuring out that it was a big band aid.
Amber tried to take her hand away from the spot when she realized that Krystal had discovered the band aid, but Krystal knew better than to let Amber have her way. She pulled back from the kiss.
“What’s that?” she asked. Amber sighed, rubbed her eyes for a moment and eventually looked away.
“It’s a tattoo. Just got it today,” she muttered unwillingly.
Krystal let out a snort and looked at her in disbelief.
“Do I really not have a say in what comes on your body?” she asked. “I want to prevent you from bad choices.”
Amber rose her eyebrows and grinned.
“Like, not really. I mean, I can do whatever I like, even though you’re my girlfriend, you have nothing to say in what comes on my body... And when did I ever make a bad choice for a tattoo?”
“You tattooed Charmander on your arm,”
she replied.
“I repeat: when did I ever make a bad choice for a tattoo?” Amber laughed. Krystal rolled her eyes and shook her head to express her disagreement.
“Can I see it? I already know you have it so there’s no use in keeping it hidden from me.”
Amber thought for a moment, then shook her head.
“Nope, no, you cannot see it yet.”
Krystal frowned offendedly and immediately took her hands back from her girlfriend. Amber smiled apologetically.
“And why not?”
“Because this tattoo is special.”
“Bullshit. Let me see it,”
Krystal muttered annoyed. “You always let me see your new tattoos first. Why is this one different? I feel deprived.”
Amber shrugged and rolled off Krystal, landing back in the sheets.
“It just is, believe me,” she laughed. “Stop asking and just have sex with me, damned woman!”
“You know, I broke up with Kai so I wouldn’t be pressured into sex anymore, you are disappointing me,”
Krystal said. “I don’t get why this tattoo is so important. You always let me see them. Is it because it’s a stupid one?”
“No, it’s not stupid, I think it’s not stupid,”
Amber laughed. “Stop asking!”
“No! And you also told me that Charmander wasn’t stupid but it really is, you know. Who on earth gets a Pokémon tattooed on their body?”

Amber started to laugh nervously as she shook her head.
“I do and be glad it isn’t Pikachu! That’s even more stupid.”
“So you admit that it’s dumb?”
Krystal chuckled.
“No, Charmander is cool! It’s just that you cannot see it, I am not ready yet.”
Krystal crossed her arms in front of her chest and huffed.
“What is there to be ready for? You already tattooed it. I promise I will not laugh if it’s idiotic.”
Amber sighed and buried her face in the pillows. She moaned through the cushions but eventually got up and immediately stood up from the bed. Krystal watched her as she walked back to her jacket – which she had carelessly thrown over one of the chairs – and open the pockets. She returned to bed with something clutched in her fist, but she was unable to see it. Amber laid on her belly, turning her back to Krystal.
“Take it off then,” she muttered. “The surprise is ruined anyway.”
Krystal rolled her eyes.
“You know I don’t care about surprises,” she said, as she started to peel off the band aid. Her girlfriend winced when she got the edge and ripped it off her skin with one fluid motion.
“Don’t be such a baby,” Krystal laughed. Amber muttered something in the pillow that she was unable to grasp.
The skin under the band aid was still red and a bit swollen, exactly like her skin had been when she had gotten her tattoo. At first sight, it didn’t look like anything special. Just some curly written words, a small sentence. In fact, question, she noticed, since there was a question mark at the end.
The dimmed light made it hard to read and Krystal had to brighten it before she was able to make out what was tattooed on her girlfriend’s shoulder blade.
Her breath got stuck in her throat when she finally made out the question. She wrapped her hands over her mouth, even though she wasn’t able to produce any sounds. For a solid few seconds, Krystal could only stare at the words ‘Will you marry me?’ on Amber’s back. Like a statue, she just sat there, watching, unable to say or do anything. Amber eventually turned around to see her expression.
With a weak smile, she opened her fist, showing her the little, navy blue, velvety box. She opened it, revealing two rings. They were both made of silver, Amber’s being a little broader than hers and whilst Krystal’s had a larger diamond on the top, her girlfriend’s was inlaid with smaller ones. They were simple but incredibly beautiful; exactly the kind of style Amber knew Krystal would like.
“I told you that you’d spoil the surprise,” Amber chuckled. Krystal managed to look up at her, her eyes still wide of shock. She slowly lowered her hands, but more than a squeaky peep didn’t leave her throat when she tried to talk.
Suddenly, her eyes started to tear up. Within a few seconds, tears were rolling down her cheeks like waterfalls and she wasn’t able to stop them. In vain, she tried to wipe them away, but more were falling and she couldn’t get herself to quit crying.
Amber took her hand, pinching it reassuringly.
“I wanted to hire a photographer and perhaps like, go to the beach or something, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter where or how I ask it,” Amber muttered, hoping to get the conversation going. “So.. will- will you marry me, then? Would kind of suck if you said ‘no’ because I got the tattoo and all, but-”
Krystal forced out. “Of course I will.”
Amber started to grin like crazy. Krystal was still in shock when her girlfriend threw her body upon hers, causing them to both fall backwards into the sheets. She was showered with kisses and the beautiful, elegant ring was put on her finger. She wasn’t used to wearing a ring and the cold metal felt weird against her finger. It still felt unreal; like a dream, which was dangerously real. Krystal was scared she could wake up at any moment. In a trance, she shoved Amber’s ring around her finger.
Amber had her embraced in a hug and was busy pressing kisses on her cheek.
“I-.. love-.. you-..” she muttered, over and over again, until her skin felt raw from the kisses. When Amber kissed her lips, Krystal slightly woke up again and kissed her back. When they broke apart, she kept Amber’s face in her hands. For the first time since the proposal, she let an enormous grin consume her face.
“What did you think about Mrs. Amber Jung?” she asked. Amber started to laugh.
“Mrs. Krystal Liu is better,” she replied. Krystal faked a shocked expression.
“No, we really cannot do that. It would look so weird if I was the CEO of Jung Internationals whilst I’m called Krystal Liu. No, you have to take my surname, it won’t matter for you! Plus, Amber Jung sounds better than Krystal Liu. Krystal and Amber Jung, don’t you think that’s cute?”
They both started to laugh. Amber wrapped her arm around Krystal and pulled her against her chest.
“You know what, I don’t even care. I just want to marry you.”
Krystal looked up, smiling. She pressed a soft kiss against her lips.
“And you will.”
Amber wiggled her eyebrows.
“Now you’ll never get rid of me anymore.”
“I can handle that, you know. I know you’re actually just a big wuss inside, you know.”

They laughed and kissed again.
“I love you,” Amber muttered afterwards.
“I know. And I love you too.”

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