Foto bij Chapter 2.5

~ Somewhere on the streets of Seoul, Genna’s pov ~
“Tell him we’re sightseeing.” I turned to the bridge to make photos of it. This was actually a restricted area, but I wanted to get close-ups from this beautiful bridge, so I just barged through. Like I always do.
”Why do you give me orders to talk for you every time?” I had no idea if he really said what I ordered him to say because I walked away from them, but I didn't actually care anyway.
“Cuz I don't wanna talk.” Did I really have to explain everything to this guy? He was pretty good at getting on my nerves all the time. I just wanted to walk away and leave him here behind, but Amy would yell at me if I do that. So that's a no, hmm. I walked further over the grass to get closer to the water. Was he still following me? I hope not. I hate it when people watch my every movement. It makes me nervous.
I stopped to make another picture and regretted it immediately. Jackson bumped into me, I lost my balance and fell to the ground with him landing on my back.
“If you want to live a long life, I recommend you getting off of me. Now.” Pff. Why did Amy pair me up with this guy? Jackson luckily acted fast to get off my back and helped me up on my feet. Gosh, what a gentleman. Ahum. I gave him my famous death glare and Jackson looked away immediately.
“I think we should go. He called the police.”
“Oke, but that’s good actually.” Without waiting for Jackson to swarm me with questions, I ran to the policeman with my badge in my hand. Why didn’t I show the man my badge earlier? Cuz it would end up in the news. And why would a special agent be in a restricted area? It would only bring up more questions. I pointed the policeman on a cell phone number I wanted him to call now. After a few weird looks at me, he dialed the number.
“Uhm, can u please explain me why... Genna.. is in a restricted area with no legal documents to enter?” He asks trough the phone. I wondered if he had Amy or Scott on the line. Scott would be a lot easier in this situation.
“Oh. Yeah, ok I see. Yes, I will.” He hung up the phone and looked at my puppy eyes. If Jackson saw me he would laugh at me. This is so stupid. I don’t want to act nice. I just want to be myself.
“We’ll no longer disturb you, ma'am. Continue with whatever you were doing here.” I gave him a small nod and bow and smiled lovely at him before I turned on my heels to walk to Jackson again.

~ Somewhere on the streets of Seoul, Jackson’s pov ~
I don’t understand anything about this woman. It’s just frustrating she doesn’t want to tell me anything about herself. Like there must have happened something to her that made her stop talking. Or maybe she can’t even talk since the very beginning. At least she could’ve told me, right? She can be quite scary sometimes so I’m scared to ask her anyway, but it’s still frustrating I have to talk for her every time.
My thoughts got distracted when I heard a child scream somewhere in the distance. I looked over to see a woman yell and pull the child. The child seemed to not wanted to get anywhere close to the woman at all and kept shouting for help. So I looked at Genna, hoping she could do something about it.
“You want me to do something huh?” I nodded heavily with my head. Do something. Like, right now.
“Alright. Run and hide with the kid when you see a chance. I’ll look for you when I’m done here.” She let out a breath of air, letting me know she was not in the mood for this.
“Let him go!”
“And why would I want to do that?”
“Because you're hurting him.”
“So what? Do you want to save him?”
“Yes, but my girlfriend’s going to do it,” I said with a big smile when I looked at Genna so I was sure she got it as well.
“Don’t call me that you idiot. I'm not your girlfriend.” Genna smacked my face and pushed it away and looked at the woman again. I couldn't stop smiling. She was so cute when she showed her true feelings.
“Then you don’t mind me taking him right?” The woman said, with a weird smile on her face that gave me goosebumps. She pointed her chin at me. Did she just hear Genna’s thoughts as well? Why would she want me? Wait that boy isn't even her real target. It's me. But what does she want with me? Weren't they after Amy and Mark?
My smile disappeared when I realized I was in a much more dangerous situation than I thought. Is Genna really able to protect me? I haven't seen her do anything special yet, other than just her talent and taking pictures. I started to get a bit worried. I don't wanna die yet.
“Touch him and you're dead meat.” So cute, but so scary when she's serious. I hope she knows what's she doing. Angering that woman is not really a smart idea.
Genna leaped forward with amazing speed and the woman pushed the child aside to cash in Genna’s punches and kicks. Quickly I managed to lift the kid up and ran as fast as I could. Away from the battle behind me. Without looking back. I hope Genna will be okay.

“Where are you.” What seemed to be an eternity, Genna finally reached out to me. Was she alright? She definitely sounded tired and beaten up.
“A few blocks away.” I replied, trying to not sound too concerned as possible. We were hiding in a little alley no one could know it was there. After a few minutes, I saw Genna run our way. How the hell could she still have such stamina after a battle like that? Didn’t it do anything to her? She’s truly amazing. Maybe I get her to a point where she can train me.
“Everything’s alright.”
“Did you..?”
“Yes.” Wait, what? Does she even know what I’m talking about? I meant to ask if she killed the woman and she just said yes without any hesitation. She even had that scary look on her face again. The one which could kill anybody by just looking at.
“Let the kid go, we need to go too. Do you still want to celebrate this? Whatever there’s to celebrate.” With some little hesitation, I let the child go and he immediately runs away. We strolled around town until it got dark to go to some club. I really needed some chill time after all this craziness.

~ Club, Genna pov ~
“Genna, do you hear me? Why do you always talk through your mind? Why can’t you just speak out loud?! I’m getting sick of always talking for you. Argh.. It's driving me crazy. Seriously.” Jackson jumped up and in his way he kicked his chair down, running both his hands through his brown hair. His biceps were so big they almost ripped the short sleeves of his black t-shirt. My eyes moved from his broad torso to his muscular stomach. His six-pack was clearly visible. So manly, holy shit, but always so many questions. The alcohol made me dizzy and warm. I had to focus really hard on his thoughts or else I would've heard them twice. I hadn't been drunk in a while and I only had two glasses of wine. I must have dozed off for a sec, cuz I didn’t even notice him talking out loud. Luckily there was no one else in the small dark room, so I didn't feel embarrassed for his action.
I opened my mouth but closed it immediately again. I couldn't just tell him. I just couldn’t. He wouldn't understand it anyway. Literally.
Suddenly he grabbed me by my shoulders, lifted me up and pushed me against the wall. I almost fell down, cuz my knees were weakened by the alcohol. I was kind of shocked by his sudden move. Didn't imagine him being like this at all. He was quite strong too. My heart started to pound faster. Finally, he was showing some dominance I was waiting for. I bit my lip. I wasn't really impressed by his “anger”, but his attitude was quite enjoyable.
“We're not going any further unless you tell me. Now!” He yelled into my face. I closed my eyes and let my head hang. He snapped me right out of my fantasy. It made me angry. I slapped his hands off my shoulders and pushed him against the other wall of the room with much more force that he did with me.
“You wanna know why?! You wanna know why I don't talk?!” I shouted into his head and I could see on his face that my voice was hurting his brains.
“It's because I can't!... Oke!... I can't!... I'm deaf!.. and I’ve never spoken a single word in my entire life. The only reason I can understand you is because... Because I can read the words you make with your lips.” For some weird reason, I actually calmed down, except for my heart, which was still raging inside my chest. A tear ran down from my eye. I squeezed his clothes between my hands and tried to get a hold onto his body because my legs felt as if the would collapse any minute. I felt so vulnerable. He was not the first one I told my secret to, but he didn't have to know. Right now I needed his strong arms the most. Right now I wanted him to protect me instead.
He didn’t say or thought a single word at all, but hugged me as if he was scared to let me fall. I buried my face in his neck and let my tears flow freely. Soundless.

My throat was sore from the crying and I bet my eyes were swollen and red too. I could feel my make-up drying up on my cheeks. We were still standing against the wall, hugging, for god knows how long.
Jackson lifted my head up by my chin so that I had to look right into his eyes. There was something. Sympathy.
Everything felt like it was running in slow motion. When his head came closer, I automatically closed my eyes. I could feel his warm breath gently stroking my lips. This moment was too precious to give up. I’ve never had feelings for someone, as I felt for Jackson right now. Let alone I had ever kissed somebody. Even though he could be very annoying sometimes, he definitely has a warm and caring heart as Jb said.
On the moment we were ready to let our lips touch each other, we were interrupted by the door that flew open. Jackson looked first and I followed his face.
The first thing I saw were the bullets, coming at us with very high speed. I pushed Jackson to the ground, so he would be out of range. I used my back as a shield and felt a stinging pain go through my back. I gasped for air as I fell on top of Jackson. My sight got blurry from the tears that started to flow again. No, I can't die. Who will protect Jackson if I'm gone? I know I wished I didn't have to protect him, but that was before he showed me this side of him.
I coughed up blood, messing up Jackson’s shirt and I looked blankly at his shocked face.
“Genna!” His lips shouted.
“Jack..son.” I managed to whisper out his name with my last breath. I couldn't hear it. I bet it sounded very ugly, but it was still my very first word.
Which immediately became my last.

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