Ara pushed the cup in someone’s hands and sent him somewhere, not wanting to bother holding something all the time. He touched his bottom lip with his thumb, as if to wipe off the residue of liquor that was far beneath his usual drink. Some might say Ara was impressed with Lillith’s defiance. Others would probably just call him bored, but that didn’t stop him from piercing her eyes with his own. He felt even taller than he usually did when she stood in front of him. He opened his mouth to say something else, when a blood-hurling scream made everyone fall silent. Ara’s – mocking – smile disappeared when people started muttering. Someone yelled aloud what had happened, but no one seemed to have an answer. Until two people entered the room.
“We… we were just… minding our own business and-“ the girl that looked like a corpse whispered, but everyone fell dead silent, the music stopped, so it was like she was talking through a mic anyway. Then she fainted. Ara rolled his eyes and pushed past Lillith when the crowd started filing outside. Ara could smell the blood even before he saw the body. He searched the crowd for Theo’s dark head, but couldn’t find him anywhere. Of course not. Anger was slowly but surely boiling up inside of him, even more so when he noticed Jemma. That protective feeling he always had when something bad was about to happen to her, took hold of him again.
He reached her within seconds and she eyed him with suspicion but also fear. “You don’t want to see this,” he spoke, and he grabbed her arm to – to what? He came with Theo, Theo’s car was gone. Great, he’d have to walk all the way back home.
“Ara, what the fuck is wrong with you?” Jemma said, slapping him against the shoulder.
“You really don’t want to see this.”
“Why wouldn’t I?”
He looked her in the eye, dead serious.
“It’s Logan.”
“What do you mean, it’s Logan?”
“Just go home and don’t get involved, okay?” He let her go and walked away.
“Ara what the fuck?!” he heard her yell, but he’d already left, his hands shoved in his pockets. He wasn’t happy. Not happy at all. And he had a suspicion that Theo might have had something to do with all of it. When he reached his best friend’s house it took him about three seconds to open the door with only his mind and his intuition. At least he still had the decency to be quiet to not wake Theo’s parents and his brother, but when he entered his room, he couldn’t really keep quiet anymore. It took him a lot of effort not to punch the passed-out teenager in the face, so he just grabbed a bottle of water from the desk and emptied it over his head, grabbed his shoulders and shoved him against the wall.
“What the actual Hell is wrong with you?”

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