I woke up with a sore back and a dry throat. Normally I reveled in the first few minutes after waking up. Half in a state of blissful ignorance and half in one of growing consciousness. Within seconds a pounding headache began forming behind my eyes and I groaned in disbelief. A hangover? While I was trying to recover from the hammer that was pounding in my head I felt movement behind me. Huh? I froze. As quietly as I could I turned around and before long I was facing a young man. In his thirties it seemed. Oh god. I looked down. Both naked. Ugh. In a hurry I turned around, nearly falling of the bed in the process. Oh boy this wasn't good. This was not good at all. The shutters were closed so I fumbled my way around the darkness in a hurry. Skirt, bra. I put them on. The headache increasing again. I wanted to puke, but I knew I had to be out of here before the man woke up. I didn't even know his name, not that I wanted to know anyway. I had utterly and royally fucked up this time. Literally. What had happened last night anyway? As I searched for my panties and shirt I tried to remember. Where was I anyway? Was I still in my own city? Maybe Roxette was around here too. I'd need to find my phone and call her. She probably got me into this mess in the first place anyway. The apartment was big, I noticed as I crawled around on all fours trying to find my possessions. Priorities. I needed to find my phone and shirt first, the panties were easily replaced. Seconds later I hit my head against what seemed like a wooden table. Great, just fantastic. No honestly I could do this all day. I tried to keep quiet as I rubbed my head before moving to stand. Ha! My phone. I unlocked it and immediately put it on silent. Three missed calls, several texts. The man groaned again. Shit shit shit! I slid my phone in the pocket of my skirt, and then found my wallet too. Shoving that in the other pocket. Great. Now only my shirt. I stumbled into the kitchen, where it was significantly lighter. I tried to focus, blinking against the light. Shirt. I eventually found it on the kitchen counter and hastily pulled it on before shuffling to the front door. Almost there. Seconds later I shut the door quietly behind me and eyed my surroundings. Okay, this was definitely not my home town. I started walking, unlocking my phone again. I dialed Roxette's number and waited. She answered with a groggy voice.


'Roxette, where were we last night?'

'I eh...'

I heard some rumbling and background noise followed by a throaty gasp. I couldn't help but giggle.

'Jane. I slept with an old guy. Like fifty at least. Oh god.'

I couldn't help but laugh loudly after that, but quieted down as Roxette followed nearly the same path I had just minutes ago. Before long I heard a front door close on the other side of the line.

'So, Coffee?'

'Hell yes.'

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