Foto bij 2 - Lust - Chax Overlord

"Well that was a pleasant conversation", Noah simply states. All I do is throw him a vicious glare and flop onto my bed at home. Yeah you heard that right, I'm a two hour travel away from my college, which means I'll have to wake up too damn early and I'm pretty sure I won't survive. I was 10 minutes, 10 fucking minutes from the student house I live in, but no he had to take me home. A hour carride, to get me even farther away from that place.
To be honest I hate my hometown. Well, my new hometown. I used to live in America, but we moved to England when I was 10, after my mom's death. Right now I live in a small town, where most people know one another. My name's actually Chax Amadeus Overlord, yeah Amadeus, fight me, but people tend to refer to me as 'the cursed Overlord'. Oh did I mention dat 70 per cent of the people here are older than 60? Well yeah, instead of one lurking old lady next door, you have 10 in every street. The old people really didn't help with my reputation of outcast in the town, it got better when I got better as basketball and I got older.
I feel something hit my head, disturbing my train of thought. A plush basketball just hit me square in the face.
"What do you want spawn of Satan?" I ask him. I call him that a lot, it makes me feel better.
"The chihuahua has been trying to call you at least 3 times, get your head out of the milkyway Amadeus", Noah snorts and I glare at him.
"He's not some tiny dog you asshat", I grumble and type message to Arvin:

[CommanderOverlord]: Gimme a sec, gotta find my headset, you traitor.
[WingmanCraig]: K. We playing GTA V?
[CommanderOverlord]: Sure.

"Well, I'd call him your pussy, but we both know you can't get some", Noah smirks. Oh, how I wish my deathstare would hurt him. I connected my headset to my computer while glancing at my demon again.
"That means my plan is working you idiot. Or are you deprived or something? I mean if you want a STD just flick your fingers and I'll get you one, don't worry", I say while logging in and opening Discord. "Yo Arvin. I still haven't forgiven you yet." Right off the bat I get him on him fucking me ten times over.
"Ah shut up. You deserved that one, you tree trunk. " I can hear him shrugging.
Something about Arvin. He's a total wimp most of the time. Hiding behind my back, letting me do the talking and so on. He's that kind of kid that got his head shoved down a toilet when he was younger, but put him behind a computer and I'd think he switched places with Noah's evil twin brother. Or something down that alley, he's one of the best and most aggressive players I have ever seen. We played for a couple hours, until my dad came home from his shift at three. I have class at eight, party.

As I expected, I regret my life choices right now. As usual my alarmclock sounds like a song in my dream and I don't wake. I didn't count on Noah in that little situation though.
"WAKEY WAKEY, EGGS AND SUFFERING," he screams right next to my ear and I make a weird noise as I sit upright too quick for my sleep deprived head, hitting the demon in the proces. Karma. The pillow is reunited with the back of my head and I grunt.
"Shove those eggs into a place where the sun never shines, dickwad," I tell him while giving him the finger and literally rolling out of my bed.
"I can't, you already got your head up into your ass. Also, your dad forgot to bring actual eggs."
I huff at Noah and look up in the mirror only to see that I've a slight stubble. "Let's make that no shave June too for once," I mumble to myself and throw on some clothes and think about breakfast that I will never see today and head out, pretty sure that I'm forgetting something because I'm still half asleep and barely catch the bus to some goddamn peace and quiet. And I'd like a day of that.

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