Oh bloody hell.Two weeks ago it had seemed like a good idea to runaway, well it still seemed a good idea, but she hadn't actually intended to end up at French court. Then again, it probably was a good hiding place because who on earth would expect her to hide here? As a maid, nonetheless. Her friends back home would die laughing, seeing her as a maid. The crownprince's personal maid, even. She thought her fake letter of recommendation would be handy, but she didn't expect ending up so... high. She kind of knew what maids were supposed to do, but... it was going to be interesting. She had to keep up a good act, if she didn't want to be thrown out. And her first day was about to start.
      Feeling a bit nervous, she knocked on the bedroom door, after which she opened it. First just for a few inches, so she could peek around the edge, making sure the man wasn't walking around naked, or whatever he usually did. Luckily, he was still lying in bed. She stepped in the room, looking around in awe. Her room back home was already big compared to her friend's rooms, but his... You could set up a maze in the room and get lost in it. She stared around for a few seconds, only to realize that she was supposed to do something. Right. What did her maids usually do? She glanced at the curtains. Maybe start with that.
      After she opened them, she hesitantly looked at the bed. Should she wake him? Hers usually did, but was it normal? God, she was already horrible at this. She didn't even know if he ate his food in his room or in the dining hall. Taking a leap of faith, she decided to just wake-up him up.
      Alyssandra walked to the bed. Of course, he was lying in the middle of the bed so she had to climb in a little bit in order to reach him. She placed her small, soft on his shoulders and shook him carefully. "Goodmorning, er, prince. It is time to wake-up!"

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