When he opened his eyes within seconds, she figured that he had been awake all that time. Ugh. He could've saved her the trouble from halfclimbing into his bed. God knows what kind of stuff he had done in there. His sudden opening of the eyes also startled a bit, causing her to almost fall of the damn bed.
      "I think I'll take my bath tonight instead of this morning, because of the gathering, that would be smart, wouldn't it?"
      Aly merely shrugged. She didn't care much if he took his baths in the morning or the evening. As long as he didn't start to small. Thinking about baths... God, she already missed her long, flowerly smelling baths. Maybe.... if he prince was away from the castle for a while, she could take a quick bath. So tempting...
      "If you could grab my morning ropes, i would be very grateful."
      A soft scoff left her lips upon seeing the smile on his face. He probably thought that cheeky smile of his charming. Well, it kind of was, but she wasn't about to admit or show that. Without uttering a single word, she handed him the robe, with a tight smile on her face.
      He started to ramble about his mother and that she usually woke him up.
      She had to refrain herself from raising her eyebrows. His mother seriously woke him up? Well, that was interesting to know. Her mom had stop waking her up since she was about five years old. "Well, you are supposed to become king, right? You shouldn't lay around all day, as a king." Her nonchalant tone wasn't really how you were supposed to talk to a royal, but he already worked on her nerves. Besides, if he was as bratty and arrogant as her parents' stories let her believe, he could use a good dosis of that. She's was his personal maid, and he didn't even care about her name. Hmpf.
      "And of course, I'll arrange for your breakfast to be in the garden." She curtsied, ridiculously low, on purpose. After that, she hurried away. Not necessarily because he dismissed her, but more so because she didn't have any desire to see him naked.

      About half an hour later, Aly was waiting in the garden, a letter in her folded hands that one of the other servants had given to her, to give to the prince. She was curious about the contents, but as the other servant didn't seem in a hurry, it probably wasn't that important. Otherwise he had given it to the prince immediately. So, when the prince finally arrived, she hid the letter behind her back first, only for a few minutes.
      "Oh, apologies, your highness, I forgot about this letter." She gave him an apologetic look as she handed him the letter.

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