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Dit verhaal is volledig in het Engels. Ik hoop dat jullie het leuk gaan vinden en laat een comment achter wat je ervan vind:)

The final war had settled in between the Volturi and the Romanian coven. The final battle of this century during war. The war was finally coming to an end and the winner would shortly be known. Every member of the Volturi was there, excluding the wives and a small bundle of blankets which held a beautiful baby girl. Athenodora held the little girl close to her as she was feeding it some milk. The electric color of the babies eyes looked up at the female vampire, that she saw as her mother. The two wifes where worried for their husbands and their coven. Athenodora didn't wished for her to live without her mate and for her just found daughter to live without her father. Sulpicia rubbed Athenodora's back and watched the small baby with a smile. "Everything will be fine Athendora. Caius will be fine." "I am not sure Sulpicia. The Romanians are strong and out for revenge." Athenodora replied, hugging the baby close to her chest and patting her small back as gentle as she could. The little baby girl let out a small burp and Athendora layed her back down in her arms. 
Suddenly Corin busted into the door. "We have to leave! Some Romanians are making their way up here!" Athenodora pressed her baby girl closely to her chest. Corin quickly grabbed their emergency bag and opened the door to their room, but it was too late. Corin was thrown out of the window by a Romanian vampire. Sulpicia glared at the three vampires infront of her. "Go take her to safety Athenodora. I will take care of these leeches." Sulpicia said, her crimson eyes glaring at the three men infront of her. "But-" "Just go!" And with that Sulpicia started to attack the vampires, tearing their bodies apart. Athenodora fled down the stairs, holding her baby girl close to her. She was almost by the entrance door, from there Athenodora would run to England, where she could stay with some old friends. They would both be safe there. But another Romanian vampire grabbed her. "Not so fast my dear Athenodora. A second vampire ripped her baby out of her arms. "NO! Give her back!" Athenodora pleaded and tried tonfree herself from the vampire his grip. "I don't think so." The second vampire said. A third vampire suddenly bursted through the entrance doors. "We lost! We have to go now!" He shouted. The second vampire nodded. The vampire holding Athenodora quickly ripped her arms and legs off, so she couldn't follow them and let her go as the three vampires sped away, taking her baby with them and Athenodora pleading and screaming them to give her babygirl back, but to no avail.
Hours later the Volturi returned and immediately smelled the other vampires their scent. Aro and Caius sped inside. Caius saw his wife and rushed to her, helping her put her bodyparts back on her. "They took her Caius." Athenodora whimpered at the thought. Caius gently stroke his mate's cheek. "Whom did they take darling?" He asked, affraid for her answer. "They took Melody." Athenodora replied, looking at her arms heartbroken. Caius rage, that had raged through his body during the fight, suddenly returned almost ten times stronger. They took his daughter. "They will pay my love. Even if I have to kill everything on this earth, we will get her back. No matter what."
And so the search for Caius and Athendora's daughter began. Caius, whom once showed mercy, had now gone completely cold. He made sure the Volturi worked according to never give second chances. Athenodora would never leave her tower again, holding Melody's favourite teddy bear close to her anytime. They both missed their daughter dearly. Yet, centuries went by and still there never had been a sign from their daughter. Slowly, the couple started to give up as did all the other vampires. Melody Volturi was slowly being forgotten and no vampire believed in her being alive anymore. But deep in Caius and Athenodora's cold hearts, there would always be hope for their daughter to return home.

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