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Never underestimate the love between a mother and daughter.
Never underestimate the love between a father and daughter.
And surely never underestimate the love between two mates.
Love comes in many forms,
But all is love.
No matter what you are,
Love is important to all.

The Irish coven reached Forks in just three days. On their arrival, the Cullebs where there to welcome them with open arms. Melody liked the Cullens, even though she found their diet to be odd. How they could resist their nature of feeding on humans? It was odd but at the same time Melody had quite respect for the vampires. Carlisle made his way towards the coven woth a smile on his face. "I am glad you could come, my dear friend." Carlisle spoke to Siobhan. Siobhan responded his smile with one of her own. "We would like tobsee the child Carlisle." she replied. "Ofcourse. Come inside." Carlisle said as he led them inside his house. Once inside, Melody was hit with the stench of wet dogs. She scrunched up her nose in disgust. "You will get used to it." Edward replied seeing Melody's facial expression. "I sure hope so." Melody replied. She looked around the room and saw atleast 18 other vampires standing in the room along with some werewolves. The eye color of the vampires where ranging from gold to red and some even had black eyes. Clearly they had forgotten to feed before they reached the Cullens. Melody let her crimson eyes scan the room and ket then fall on an unknown vampire. A fair woman with dark gold eyes was standing next to Edward, his arm protectively around her waist. So this must me Bella, Melody thought to herself. Bella had her hands protectively on the shoukders of a young girl who looked to be around the age of 8. She was angel like just like a vampire, yet she coukd hear her small heartbeat and the redness on her cheeks from her blood pumping through her veins. Melody could even smell the child's blood from here. "This is Renesmee. She is the biological child of Edward and Bella. Bella gave birth to her when she was still a human." Carlisle explained as he nodded his head to Bella. Bella slowly removed her hands from Renesmee's shoulders, keeping a good eye on the new vampires. Especially since they all had red eyes. Renesmee slowly made her way towards the Irish coven and gently laid her hand on Siobhan's cheek. Siobhan gasped and soon Renesmee turned to the rest of the coven, showing them all her memories. She finally turned to Melody. Melody never really liked physical contact and was hesitant to let this unknown, hybrid child touch her cheek. "It is fine Melody. Nothing bad will happen." Edward reasured her. Melody sighed and bent down slightly so Renesmee could put her hand on Melody's cheek. Melody gasped as she saw the memories of Renesmee in her mothers womb and the forst thing she saw and thought when she was born. Melody pulled away amazed. This child was extraordinary. "Maggie? What do you think?" Siobhan asked. Maggie was a lie detector and the Irish clan mostly relied on her ability while making decisions. "They are speaking the truth." She replied. Siobhan nodded her head. "Very well then Carlisle. We will whitness for you against the Volturi." Siobhan said. "And fight if we have too." Maggie added. "I hope this will all end without a battle." Siobhan replied. Melody relaxed. If Siobhan wanted the confrontation to go without a fight, it would go without a fight. Siobhan had this gift she could use to manipulate the outcome of many confrontations and situations. Carlisle smiled. "I am gratefull for that. My whole family is grateful for that." 
The next day every vampire was in the woods, showing off their skills. Melody just sat on a rock, watching everyone. Bella tried to expand her shield so she would be able to protect her allies. A few new vampires had arrived, including two Romanian vampires: Stephan and Vladimir whome kept on eyeing Melody the whole time. Melody wasn't sure as to why, but she didn't bother questioning it. After everyone had practiced their skills people started to head back to the Cullens house. "Wait a minute. Our dear wallflower hasn't showed us what gift she posseses." Vladimir said, his bright red eyes piercing through Melody. "That is because I do not have a gift. I am justva regular vampire." Melody replied, piercing her crimson eyes right back into Vladimir's. Vladimir chuckled. "And we should believe that. You agreed to a possible fight, I believe we atleast ought to know your gift so we can use it to our advantage in battle." Melody glared at him, but many vampires seemed to agree with him. Melody sighed. "If she doesn't want to show her gift then that is up to her. We are greatefull she is willing to put her life at risk just to safe my daughter." Edward replied, sensing Melody's discomfort.  "He does have a point though. Hoe can we know her gift isn't going to turn against us." Garrett replied and more agreements could be heard. Siobhan, Liam and Maggie rushed infront of Melody, protecting her from any possible harm. Melody sighed and stood up. "It's alright. It is not like my power is usefull in a battle for anyone else but myself." Melody said, trying to calm her coven down. Siobhan frowned slightly but took a step back. Melody concentrated and slowly felt her body grow lighter and made itself into a dark mist. Many vampires gasped slightly. "I can no longer smell her." Stephan whispered to Vladimir. Melody slowly drifted up but stayed in the shade, where she was no longer visible. Melody crept up a tree and floated above a thick branch, slowly making her body normal again. Many vampires where looking around, trying to see where Melody had gone. Melody chuckled and jumped down behind the group of vampires. "See? It is mainly used for when I don't want to be found or attacked. In my mistform no one can touch me, either physical or with their gift. I can only use it for my own protection." She explained as she made her way back to her coven. Siobhan put an protecting arm around Melody's shoulders. "Have you seen enough?" Siobhan asked Vladimir, spitting venom. Vladinir looked at Melody with a calculating look on his face but nodded his head. 
That evening a bonfire was made. Stories where told and songs would be sung. But everyone knew what the possibility was for tomorrow's outcome. And Melody feared not just for her life, but for the lives of her coven. The vampires whom have treated her as family for over 300 years. She was sure being a nomad was no longer an option for her, as she had grown fondly to the idea of having a home, a family. Yet even het own family never knew her secret. A secret that has been haunting her for years. A secret she didn't even understand. Melody's hand made it's way into her pocket, feeling the necklace still laying securely in there. Melody shook her head slightly and continued listeling to the many fascinating stories of the vampires that where willing to tell their past, trying to push her worries for tomorrow aside.

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