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Every vampire was in the large open field. Melody was standing in the back along with her coven. She felt slightly nervous as to what might happen. It was quiet for what felt like a long time, while in reality it might have been just a mere 30 minutes. Suddenly a Garrett was slightly jumping up and down in excitement. "The redcoats are coming! The redcoats are coming!" Melody took a deep breath, filling her lungs with fresh air as she saw the Volturi making their way onto the field. Siobhan, Liam and Maggie where standing infront of Melody, slightly blocking her view. Why everyone wanted to keep her in the back she didn't know. Probably because her gift wasn't that usefull in a battle. The oldest vampire with dark brown haor and milky red eyes looked over the crowd infront of him. The vampires made a halt and removed their hoods, showing their angelic faces and blood red eyes.
Carlisle took a few steps foreward, away from Esme. "Aro, let us discuss things as we used too. In a civilized maner." Carlisle's voice was calm and polite. The dark haired vampire had a small smile on his face as he replied. "Fair words Carlisle. But alittle out of place given the betallion you have assembled against us." the man's voice was soft and smooth. As if he had done confrontations like this before. "I can promise you, that was never my intent." Carlisle replied. Aro looked at Bella and Renesmee. "No laws have been broken." Carlisle continued. Melody slightly stepped aside to have a better look at her foes. "We see the child. Do not treat us as fools." a blond vampire male said. he was standing next to Aro and he had a bitter look on his face. Like a man who was out for revenge. "She is not an immortal! These witnesses can attest to that." Carlisle replied, raising his voice slightly so every vampire and werewolf on the field could hear him. "You can look. See the flush of human blood on her cheeks." "Artifice!" the blond vampire replied, not believing a thing Carlisle was saying. Melody stepped away alittle bit more from her coven. She was intrigued by these vampires. They all wore the same crest around their necks, the ame crest Melody had laying in her pocket. The crest she has had since she was found. Aro held up his hand towards the blond vampire. "I will collect every facet of the truth, from someone more central to the story. Edward. As the child clings to your newborn mate, I will ask you." Aro said as he held out his hand. Edward slowly made his way towards Aro while every vampire watched him.
The wind changed slightly and a delicious smell hit Melody. It was a vampire, she knew for sure, but normally vampires do not smell so tempting. So luring. Melody had to find out whom smelled so incredibly good. Melody let her eyes wonder down the vampires, but she didn't dare to go any further away from her coven than she already was. Instead, she concentrated back onto Aro and Edward.
Aro grabbed Edwards hand and I believe started to read his thoughts. A creppy smile slowly formed on Aro's lips. "I'd like to meet her." he told Edward, looking at Renesmee. Edward looked back to his wife and daughter. Bella nodded at Renesmee assuringly and started to make their way towards Aro, Jacob the werewolf close behind them. Emmett followed too, making sure Renesmee had enough protection. "Ah. Young Bella." Aro said, looking at Bella. "Immortality becomes you." his smile never leaving his face. Aro suddenly laughed and pointed at Renesmee. His laugh was one of a crazy person. "I can hear her strange heart." Aro held out his hand for Rensemee as she slowly made her way towards him. "Hello Aro." Renesmee said politely. Renesmee gently placed her hand on Aro's cheek and Aro seemed amazed by her talent. "Magnifico." he said before pulling away. Bella quickly pulled Renesmee back to her arms safely. "Half mortal, half immortal. Conceived and carried by this newborn, while she was still human." he continued, speaking mostly to the Volturi. "Impossible!" the blond vampire replied. "Do you think they fooled me brother?" Aro asked the blond vampire. "Bring out the informer." the blond vampire said, his voice cold. Melody knew he was out for death. He seemed to be the one of the three to be the most mercyless. A blond female vampire with gold eyes was brought towards him. The blond vampire pointed at Renesmee. "Is that the child you saw?" The female looked at Renesmee and looked down. "I-I am not sure." she replied. "Jane." the male said. Alot of vampires around her tensed up. Melody couldn't quite understand why. Clearly she should have done more research to this coven, but Melody had been to scared. She didn't wanted to be found, or known around the vampire world. Truth be told, only her coven and Carlisle knew of her excistence before all this had happened. She liked living in the shadows, no one knowing about her and she not knowing about any one else. "She has changed." the female quickly continued. "This child is bigger." "Then your accusations where false." the male still spoke with that icy voice. "The Cullens are innocent. I take full responsibility for my mistake." the female vampire said. She turned to look at our group. "I am sorry." she whispered slightly.
Suddenly a torch was lit and the tension rose. "Caius no!" Edward yelled at the blond vampire. The female got her arms ripped and head ripped off by two Volturi vampires while Caius set her body on fire, an evil smirk plastered on his porcelain face. Tanya and Kate let out a scream of pain and tried to get to Caius, but they where held back by the allies. "Blind them." Edward told Zafrina. Zafrina quickly blinded them and Edward tried to reason with the sisters. The sisters calmed down quickly.
"Ah, Alice." Aro suddenly said. The ally group turned around and saw Alice and Jasper make their way towards Aro. She held out her hand to Aro and he glately took it. Clearly what he saw scared him. Melody had slowly dared to look at the vampires again. At the blond vampire Caius. She wondered what made him so cold, so vile. Then she noticed a woman in the back, protected by many guards. She looked exhausted, even though her features where beautifull, she looked like she was guilty of something and tired of feeling that guilt for a long time. "That is what your future holds, if you do not change your course." Alice said, removing her hand from Aro's. "We can not alter our course. The child still poses a great threat." Caius said to Aro. "And what if you can be assured that she can be concealed from the human world? Could we leave in peace?" Edward asked. "Ofcourse, but that can not be known." Caius replied. "Actually it can." Edward replied and with that a male and female vampire made their way onto the field.
"I have been searching for witnesses on my own." Alice said. "Among the Tacuna tribes of Brazil." "We have enough witnesses-" Caius wanted to say but was cut off by Aro. "Let him speak, brother." "I am half human, half vampire. Like the child." the male vampire started. "A vampire seduced my mother, who died giving birth to me. My aunt Huilen raised me as her own. I made her immortal." "How old are you?" Bella asked, interrupting his story. "150 years." the man replied. "At what age did you reach maturity?" Aro asked intrigued. "I became full grown, seven years after my birth. I have not changed since then." the male replied. "And your diet?"Aro asked. "Blood. Human food. I can survive on either." "These children are much like us." The, what melody assumed, third brother spoke in amazement. "Regardless, the Cullens have been consulting with werewolves. Our natural enemies!" Caius spoke. Aro put a hand on his brother's shoulder and turned to his coven. "Dear ones. There is no danger here. We will not fight, today." Aro spoke. all the allies relaxed. All of them except one.
Aro turned back around. "However, I would like to invite Renesmee to stay with us for a while, I would much like to study her gift." Aro said smiling. "Absolutely not." Edward replied. Aro frowned. "You did have an offer in mind though, Edward?" Aro asked. Edward nodded. "My daughter will stay with us. In exchange we will return Caius and Arthenodora's daughter." Many vampires gasped. Caius froze where he stood, rage in his eyes. Athenodora quickly made her way foreward. Never had she interfered with the Volturi, but this vampire claimed to have her daughter. Caius gently held Athenodora's arm to prevent her from running towards the Cullens. "Is this a cruel joke? Who might it be then?!" Caius said.
Suddenly Melody felt two hands on both her arms. Melody's eyes grew wide, and she struggled. However, Edward and Emmett carried me towards the Volturi. If Melody's heart could beat, it would be racing now. "What are you doing?!" Siobhan asked. Melody was a part of her coven and she would protect her. Liam and Maggie rushed foreward along with Siobhan, but Zafrina blinded the three vampires. Caius glared down at Melody. "And why would you think this girl is my daughter?" Caius spat. Melody felt alarmed. If the Cullens where wrong they would all be killed. Melody didn't know much about Caius, but he did not give second chances.
However, Athenodora examined her. She slowly got out of her husband's grip and made her way to the girl. "Forgive me, but could you remove your jacket and show your left shoulder?" Athenodora's voice held hope. Melody sighed and slowly removed her leather jacket, leaving her in her black tanktop, her left shoulder bare. Athenodore ran her finger gently across Melody's birthmark. it was shaped as a small, imperfect heart. "Impossible." Caius mumbled. Melody felt like shaking, but she held it together. "Melody?" Athenodora whispered. Melody's eyes grew wide and she quickly took a few steps back. Caius still couldn't believe it. He was scared to believe it. Edward grabbed Melody's jacket from her grip and took out her necklace. Caius eyes grew wide at the sight of the necklace. Edward threw it towards Caius, whom catches it. "How did you get this?!" Caius yelled at Melody. Melody flinched back alittle. "The woman who found me said she founded me with that necklace around my neck. I have had it for as long as I can remember." Melody replied, looking at her shoes. "When where you born?" Aro asked.  "Well my mother found me around 500 AD." Athenodora walked towards her husband. They looked into eachother's eyes as she nodded her head slightly. Caius held out his hand to Aro whom took it, eager to know his answer. "Very well. We will accept your offer. However-" Aro was interupted my Caius. "However, if it turns out that she is not my daughter I will kill her and your whole family." Edward nodded in agreement. Melody suddenly felt rage inside her. "Thanks for giving me a headstart, Edward." Edward avoided her gaze. "You will be fine. Renesmee deserves her parents and you deserve yours." Melody glared at him as Felix grabbed her arm, letting her know they where leaving. Melody looked at Siobhan, Liam and Maggie. "I will miss you." Siobhan nodded her head, even though blinded she knew Melody was talking to their coven. "If you ever can escape, feel free to rejoin us. You will always have a spot in our coven." Siobhan replied. Melody nodded gratefully and turned his piercing gaze back at Edward. "If they end up killing me, Edward Cullen. I will find a way to kill you and your little family." and with that she turned around, leaving her so called allies behind.

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