She danced for an hour, perhaps even more, before fatigue started to settle in her muscles. Sweat dripped down her back. She was glad that she wore a loose tank top to conceal how hot she was right now. The hair near her temples was dripping wet and her tongue rough like sandpaper.
Amber made her way away from the crowd, leaving the big dance floor when a song came on she didn’t like. The first thing she did was find a bathroom and splash some water in her face and in her neck. When she looked in the mirror, she found that her face had reddened from the heath on the dance floor. The water drops dripped from her face into the sink. She swatted some away with the back of her hand, but left those in her neck; it cooled her down.
She left the restrooms and decided to spend the rest of the evening on the smaller dance floor. It was a lot more composed than the big one and the music was also tuned a little bit softer to a normal ‘I-can-still-talk-with-you-without-having-to-yell’ volume. It soon became clear that this one was used rather to sit down on the few lounge couches than to dance. If you wanted to party, the bigger room was the better choice. But Amber was tired now after actively dancing for more than an hour. A break was much wanted.
The first thing she did as she came in, was get to the bar and get a drink. For a change, she sat down on one of the bar stools, leaning with her lower arms on the wooden bar. The bartender asked her what she wanted and she told him to surprise her. The young man grinned widely at that and nodded, eventually giving her a cocktail, glowing bright blue.
Even though she was a little bit wary due to the color, it turned out to be very good. Blueberries and vodka was quite a match. Amber gulped it down a little too eagerly, ordering a second one soon after that.
Amber decided to stay seated at the bar until she finished her drink so she could cool down. After a few sips and after having exchanged a few friendly sentences with the bartender, she noticed a white ghost appearing at her right. Amber didn’t look up, but when she noticed it closing to her, she couldn’t contain her curiousness.
It was a girl, dressed in a short, white dress. It was rather endearing. Not just because of the way it ended halfway her thighs, but mostly because her back was bare and it showed parts of her belly plus just a little bit of her belly button. The girl was taller than her, she noticed immediately, although she wore heels. Long, brown, wavy hair rolled down her shoulders in loose ringlets. Her eyes were wide-set and weren’t made up heavily like most other girls; it was a natural look with a little bit of mascara, a little bit of eyeliner and pink, thin lips. It somehow seemed to suit her, or perhaps she was just a natural beauty.
Her eyes were dark and neutral, despite of the bright lights from the bar. The way her chin was stuck up high in the air and her straight back gave her something static, something untouchable, almost. She looked like someone who could pull off the Business Women look. The way she bent over the bar almost looked predatory and it took a few moments to realize that she bowed in her direction.
Two deep, almost black eyes focused on her and a small smile grew on her lips. Amber looked back and couldn’t help it to keep staring. The brunette placed a hand in her neck and raised her eyebrows a little bit, causing a faint wrinkle to appear on her pale forehead. It seemed to be the only crack in her perfect appearance.
“You don’t come here often, do you?” was the first thing she asked her. Amber had a hard time concentrating and immediately blamed it on the alcohol, despite not having drunk much.
“No,” she answered curtly, which caused the young woman to chuckle. It was a sparkling laugh. Her eyes squinted together into an adorable eye smile.
“I guessed so. It’s your first time here, I’m sure,” she said. Amber raised an eyebrow.
“Yes…” she confirmed warily. “Why would that matter?”
“It does matter, in fact,” she replied. “What’s your name.”
“Amber,” she answered immediately. “Yours?”
“I’m not telling.”
Amber rose her eyebrows. “Why not?”
The girl smiled almost smugly.
“Don’t you think that’s a bit dull?”
“I told you my name,” Amber immediately replied defensively.
“So? Does that oblige me to tell you mine?” she chuckled. “Doesn’t that take the mystery off of things?”
Amber stayed silent for a moment then nodded, already guessing that this girl wouldn’t be swayed so easily once she set her mind to things.
“What do you want me to call you, then?” she eventually asked her. The brunette thought for a moment.
“Jane?” she suggested. Amber rose her eyebrows questioningly.
“As in, Jane Doe,” she laughed. Amber had to chuckle too, shaking her head for a moment.
“Fine. You can stay anonymous if that’s what you wish,” she said. “But why would you even approach me if you want to stay incognito anyway?”
“I came to ask you to hang out with me and my friends,” the girl said confidently, without any hesitation. Her eyes seemed to turn a little bit darker as she leaned in a little bit closer. She stared at Amber with her gleaming gaze, claiming her, causing Amber not to be able to look away. It felt so powerful that it was almost scaring. At the same time, there was this huge attraction that Amber hadn’t felt towards anyone before. It was like she was automatically pulled towards the nameless girl.
“Fine,” she heard herself answer. “Why not?”
The brunette grinned again and took her hand. Amber was too surprised to take it back and could just grab her drink in time before she got dragged away from the bar. Even when she walked alongside with her towards the small group of friends in the corner of the room, the girl didn’t let go of her hand. Only when they arrived and she stopped walking, she loosened her grip around her hand.
“You know, I honestly had no faith that you could pull it off, but you keep surprising me,” one of the other girls said. She was a tad smaller than the brunette, her hair also a little lighter. Besides that, she looked almost the same like the anonymous young woman who had recruited her. Another beautiful princess.
The brunette winked.
“You have seen nothing yet, my friend.”
Amber rose watched the exchange a bit weirded out. When the girl saw her looking, she smiled apologetically.
“It was a dare to get you here,” she confessed. Amber frowned.
“Suppose I’m allowed to go now, then?” she answered off-handedly. She already wanted to turn around, when she felt a hand grab hers again, keeping her from walking away.
“No, you’re not allowed to,” she heard her say. Amber looked at her unimpressed and slowly took a sip of her drink.
“And why not?”
“Why do you think I chose you?” the beauty said.
“I thought it was a dare,” Amber answered, rolling her eyes.
“It was,” she chuckled. “Don’t you want to know why it was you? I could’ve picked anyone in this room.”
“I suppose you just did it at random.”
“No,” the brunette laughed. “I’m not someone who puts my life in the hands of risk.”
Amber rose her eyebrows skeptically, not amused at all.
“Then why did you pick me?” she asked. The other girl laughed and looked away. Amber sighed.
“I suppose you’re not going to tell me, just like your name?”
“Correct,” she grinned.
“And I’m just supposed to stay here with you, a person who won’t tell me anything, for the rest of my night?”
Amber was met with a cheeky grin.
When Amber rolled her eyes, the girl unexpectedly grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to her. Her breath got caught in her throat for a moment when she moved her mouth to her ear.
“It’s not like you have anywhere better to go, so just stay here, I’ll make it worth your while,” she muttered, just loud enough for Amber and only Amber to hear. With difficulty, she pulled herself back together and stepped away, her eyes widened and her throat raw. She took her hand back from the smugly smiling brunette and nodded curtly, trying not to mind the fact that four other pairs of eyes were currently focused on the two of them.
“Have you all lost your tongues? How will she feel welcome if you all stand there gaping?”
The group of friends shifted uneasily at the stern gaze of the anonymous girl. A man, who seemed to be the eldest out of all of them, with wavy, shoulder-length hair stepped forwards and introduced himself as Heechul. It didn’t last long before the others joined as well: the tall, blonde girl with bangs was called Moonbyul; the short, muscled man introduced himself as Jonghyun; and the dark-haired beauty who had the same kind of air around her as the nameless young woman was named Irene.
Amber shook all of their hands and introduced herself as well, even though that seemed to be kind of needless.

Amber felt a little uneasy amidst the group of friends. Especially when the brunette flurried away from her side to pull Irene closer and whisper in her ear with a grin that meant nothing but trouble, she felt quite alone. Heechul, Jonghyun and Moonbyul stayed close together and she had trouble to connect with them.
The only reason she stayed was for the mysterious woman whom, despite the fact that she talked more to Irene than to her, still had some sort of thing about her that caused Amber to be attracted to her more than ever.
It was almost like she was the sun, and Amber merely orbited around her. Her gravity was heavier than anyone else’s and Amber was pulled towards her without being able to help herself.

It made her feel strange in her stomach. Never had she been this attracted to a woman, or any person, really. She wanted to know more, a lot more. A name wasn’t be enough; she wanted to know everything about her. Her views on the world, her dreams, her future plans, her deepest secrets and filthiest desires.
It felt like this girl was special, even after having known her so briefly.
The weird thing was that this girl made her feel more alive than any man had ever made her feel. If she didn’t know better, she’d call it romantic attraction. But that would be impossible, she had precluded long ago that she was into men only.

But a name to refer to her to would be the best present she’d get this night. She had hoped that one of her friends would call her by her real name, but it was too much to hope for, she noticed rather quickly. It was strange that none of them mentioned her name. Amber had hoped that they would accidentally let it slip out, but none of them did. On the other hand, it made her wonder if they even knew her name as well. Perhaps she was just Jane Doe to all of them. An anonymous ghost that had them all in her orbiting field.

After half an hour of sipping her drink restlessly, Heechul called them all together. Amber had long noticed that he was a guy with humor. He liked to joke around, even with the quieter Irene and the more composed brown-haired stranger.
“Guys, I have just got the best idea-” he started, as he clapped in his hands once. Moonbyul immediately jumped forwards.
“You mean, my idea!”
Heechul shushed her. “Our idea, Byul. Anyway, let’s do shots!”
Irene rolled her eyes, placing her hand on her hip.
“Wow, Heechul, you’re so smart,” she said sarcastically. “We’re in a club, we already did shots when we got here.”
The group chuckled softly, Amber as well. Heechul turned towards Irene and grinned. His dark eyes seemed to turn a little darker.
“You didn’t let me finish, my dear Irene,” he said whilst walking in her direction. Heechul threw his arm around the thin shoulders of Irene and pulled her closer. She pulled a disgusted face, but couldn’t hide a hint of a smile.
“I was thinking about…”
He whispered something in her ear and her expression immediately shifted. She first looked at him with utter shock, but then started to grin.
“Kim Heechul, you really are smart. Let’s get going, I’m in!”
“I already thought you would,” Heechul said as he gave her a wink.
“Don’t keep the rest of us in tension, what’s your idea?” Jonghyun asked, as Irene walked off towards the bar.
“Body shots. And every single one of us is going to participate.”
Heechul let his gaze to each of his friends, lingering a little longer at Amber. She didn’t dare to look back.

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