Amber had heard her colleagues talk about body shots. It was… sensual, to say the least. Alcohol, often tequila or another strong drink, was poured in the belly button of the person who laid down. A few grains of salt were sprinkled on the skin a little above. Eventually you had to move up to take the lemon out of the mouth of the person who laid on their back. It often resulted into a kiss.
It was a game that was best played by drunk people who didn’t know each other. Playing it with a group of friends was risky and not at all a good idea. Most of the group was female as well and she didn’t know if she was willing to participate that easily.
But before she could object, Irene was back with a tray of shots. There were easily fifteen different glasses, most of them contained the clear, yellow liquid that was unmistakably tequila.
“We couldn’t have the whipped cream – that would’ve been even better – but I got the shots and a box of chopped limes. He lent us a bit of salt as well, although it’s not much,” Irene said, as she placed the tray on a small table nearby. Heechul came to inspect the tray with tequila shots. After lifting one up, pouring the liquid into his mouth and putting the empty glass down, a huge grin consumed his face. He gave Irene thumbs-up.
“I think we’re all set, then,” he laughed. “Should we first explain the rules, Byul?”
Moonbyul stepped forwards, with the same cheeky, devilish grin on her face as Heechul, and nodded eagerly.
“Since we have a newcomer, I suppose it’s nothing but fair,” she said. “Do you want to pair up?”
Heechul nodded and grabbed her hand only to press a kiss on the back of it. Moonbyul let it happen as she rolled her eyes.
“Well, get me something comfortable to lay on then.”

They were lucky that the small dance room had a long table that they were able to use. It wasn’t very crowded here so they only had to ask two people to leave to another spot so they could use the table. It was a table which was rather high and meant for people to sit at like they’d sit at a bar; with their drinks, on a bar stool. They took all of the bar stools away and put them aside, except for one, which was meant to help Moonbyul up the table.
As soon as the other people in the room noticed what they were up to, they either joined the group or moved away, so that they had more space.
Within a few minutes their group of friends had doubled and everyone was introducing themselves to each other. Amber awkwardly shook hands, trying to mind her own business as much as she could. She wasn’t very fond of the idea of doing body shots but her curiousness won it over her uncomfortableness and she kept watching, with the risk that she would be chosen.
Heechul managed to get them all silent. Moonbyul laid down on a high table, meant for bar stools, with a few pillows under her back to make it less painful. Irene was busy getting Moonbyul ready for the shot. She placed a piece of lemon in her mouth and sprinkled some salt under the bridge of her bra. Finally, she poured one of the shots in her belly-button. Moonbyul gave her thumbs up.
Heechul quickly explained the rules – as if everyone didn’t already know – and demonstrated how the game operated. He bowed down over a giggling Moonbyul – which caused the tequila to spill over her belly before Heechul had even started – and licked the alcohol off her body. He moved on to the salt and with a big grin he snatched the piece of lemon out of her mouth. Moonbyul, being her playful self, had tried to snatch the lemon away out of Heechul’s reach but he had been too fast for her.
Heechul bowed back and showed everyone the lemon in his mouth. Loud cheering erupted from the group. Irene handed Moonbyul a hand towel, so she could wipe her belly.
“Who’s next?” Heechul called. Immediately, someone got pushed forward. It was a brunette with bangs who had introduced herself as Momo. Her seven other friends giggled as they chanted that a girl called Mina should come forwards too. With red cheeks, a smaller girl with shoulder-length dark hair stepped up next to Momo and let Moonbyul help her up the table. Momo was being slapped on the back why two girls with short hair, laughing loudly.
Irene prepared Mina and a few moments later, Momo stood bowed over the belly of her giggling friend. They didn’t share a kiss in the end, because both girls were too flustered but their red cheeks told they wouldn’t have minded. The next pair, though, two youngsters called Yeri and Joy did manage to sneak in a kiss, which was as playful as their grins.
With every pair that came up, the crowd started to scream louder. Amber stood at the front, together with Heechul, Irene, Moonbyul, Jonghyun and the brown-haired beauty. Sometimes they caught each other’s gaze, but Amber was quick to look away. She hoped that if she looked away, she could avoid getting called out.

Her hoping turned out to be in vain when Heechul called out her Jane Doe, pulling her at her wrist towards the table. Irene wiggled her eyebrows playfully.
“Really, guys, I don’t think-” she tried to object, but Heechul hushed her immediately. The big grin plastered on her face betrayed that she didn’t mind getting up that table.
“Your dress is simply made for this game,” Heechul said. “And you know what? You can choose your partner yourself. Who’s it going to be?”
Her dark eyes wandered over the crowd for a moment. Amber looked down, but even then she felt the girl’s gaze point in her direction. She didn’t even have to call her name for Amber to get the hint.
Heechul’s chuckling confirmed it. “Okay, Amber, come on! Let’s spice it up a little!”
Amber sighed and put her drink down, under loud cheering of the group. The anonymous woman laid down on the table and Irene poured a shot in her belly button. She chuckled when the alcoholic beverage made contact with her skin. Salt was sprinkled on her belly and a lemon put between her lips. Amber slowly neared the table, her hands shaking a little bit.
Their eyes met for a moment. Daringly, the beautiful stranger looked back at her. I will make it worth your while, she could still hear her say.
Heechul slapped her back and forced her to bow down a little. Amber took a deep breath and sucked and licked the tequila off the brunette’s skin. As she placed her hand on her hip to keep her steady, she could feel goosebumps appear over the brunette’s body.
Her tongue trailed upwards and she licked up the salt. Amber pulled a face when the leftover drops of the liquid came in contact with the spice. She bowed back up and moved upwards until she was close to her face.
Amber cupped her cheek with her hand to keep her steady. Slowly, she bowed down and tried to pick the piece of fruit away from her lips without their skin touching. She managed to get it.
But as she bowed back away to show the crowd that she had successfully managed to get the piece of lemon, the brunette shot upwards faster than the speed of light and snatched the lemon back from her mouth. With her hand, she took it out of her mouth, placed it away and grabbed the back of her head. She got pulled forwards and their lips connected roughly. Eyes fell shut, even if it was just for a few seconds. Amber froze, being too shocked to pull away or object. She didn’t even notice the crowd applauding and cheering.
Eventually, the mysterious girl pulled back, a smug smile on her now dark pink lips. Amber opened her mouth to say something, but all she could do was stare at her. Her mind was empty and clouded at the same time; she didn’t know what to do.
Luckily, Heechul snatched her away to make place for the new couple – two guys called Baekhyun and Chanyeol – which made her come to her senses. She quickly stepped away and searched for her drink. Once she found it again, her eyes immediately searched the crowd for a sign of the girl in the white dress, but she couldn’t find her anymore.
Amber pressed her lips together, trying to contain the electric sparks that seemed to radiate from them. She let her tongue run over the place where only a few moments ago, the other girl’s lips had been. The kiss had been too short to feel something, but the after waves crashed into her body like a tsunami.
“Are you looking for me?” she suddenly heard behind her. Amber jumped and turned around, only to look in a pair of the self-satisfied, dark eyes. A little smile played with the corners of her mouth.
“Why did you do that?” Amber blurted out, as she awkwardly placed her hands in the pockets of her jeans. The girl lifted one of her perfect eyebrows questioningly.
“What did I do?”
“I mean, pick me. Why did you pick me? And... why did you-” Amber stuttered, not being able to get the word ‘kiss’ over her lips. She turned away in shame, causing the girl to chuckle softly.
“I can conclude from that that you didn’t like it, then?” she asked, as she placed her hand on her hip. Amber looked up and bit down on her lower lip. She stayed silent.
The girl kept staring at her but when it became clear that Amber wasn’t planning on answering, she laughed disdainfully.
“I already thought so,” she grinned as she took Amber’s hand. The short-haired woman made the mistake to take it. As a result, she got pulled closer. Amber tried to keep her distance but the taller girl was stronger than she looked. Their faces neared each other’s and she could feel her breath upon her lips. Amber swallowed audibly.
“Are you afraid of me?” the girl asked her teasingly. Amber immediately shook her head.
She wasn’t scared at all. In fact, now that they stood so close again, she felt an incredible force pushing her forwards, wanting them to get closer. She wanted to get to know more about her and why she acted like this. She wanted to know what kept her up at night and what made life worthwhile for her. What song did she sing in the shower and what got her up from bed on a lazy Sunday?
But a club wasn’t the kind of place to talk about things like that and it didn’t seem an interest of the mysterious stranger to talk about spiritual stuff. That didn’t take away Amber’s attraction towards her.
When she thought back about the kiss, she noticed that she wasn’t at all mad or grossed out. It had been her first time kissing a girl but it hadn’t felt weird at all. In fact, it had been a pretty good kiss, despite the fact that she had been too shocked to respond and kiss her back.
“You’re not afraid of me but you neither want me close…” the brunette speculated, half a grin on her face. “What is it that you want, Amber? You know that I have nothing of value to offer you. Why are you here?”
Because of you, Amber immediately thought. Her mind kept her from blurting that out, though and instead she just looked down to her shoes.
She felt how the girl intertwined their fingers and pulled her with her.
“Let’s dance,” she smiled. “Since we both know you won’t leave and these body shots are boring if we aren’t participating in the game, I want to dance.”
Amber had no reason to object and walked with her back towards the bigger dance floor. The music was hard and loud, the base immediately infiltrating her body. The room was even more crowded than before, but that didn’t stop the brunette from pulling Amber right into the sweaty mass of bodies to dance.
Somewhere halfway she stopped and pulled Amber closer towards her. A remix of Ed Sheeran’s The Shape of You was playing. The enchanter started to sing along to the words, curling her arms in the air, a permanent smile on her face. She swung her hips along to the music and Amber did the same. It didn’t last long before her arms also curled around Amber’s neck, pulling her even closer. Their bellies touched and the pressing crowd didn’t allow Amber to step backwards anymore. When she saw the smug, cheeky grin upon Jane Doe’s face, she reckoned that it had been her plan all along.
It didn’t last long before they had even closed the few gaps that were left between them. Right now, Amber was able to smell her sweet perfume, mixed with the strong scent of alcohol. Their faces were not far from each other, but that was inevitable when their bodies had almost accreted into one. Their gazes never left each other’s. Amber stared in the deep, dark, mysterious eyes song after song and she never got tired of looking. There was a whole world hidden away between that brown color and she was certain to explore every last inch of it.
It took Amber longer to get comfortable than it took the girl in the white dress. At least a good fifteen minutes of dancing. But once she started to trust her more, she also dared to do more, mostly because she knew in the back of her head that this girl would be gone in the morning and that there would be no consequences whatsoever. The thought saddened and enlightened her at the same time.
Amber eventually dared to lay her arms around the other girl as well, running them over her bare back to her hips and back up. It didn’t even feel strange to do this with a girl, which surprised her.

They slowly faded into one, Amber and the mysterious beauty. Their bodies were pressed together so that almost every inch was covered; their faces were only inches away; their hearts beat as one on the rhythm of the baseline. The alcohol had kicked in and Amber felt dizzy with energy and the perfume of the brunette. It wasn’t sweet, like you’d expect. It was more of a woody scent, of wet earth after a summer rain. The scent reminded her of being alive. This whole evening made her feel alive.
Their only indication that time passed was that songs started and eventually ended again, being followed up by a new one. How long had they danced like this? Five songs? Ten? Perhaps it were even twenty, Amber didn’t know.
And at a certain point, the very last part of their bodies that wasn’t connected yet, touched each other. The kiss was different from the one they had shared during the shots. Back then, Amber had been too shocked to even reply and the kiss had been one-sided and not as fun as it could have been.
This time, however, Amber was even the one who closed the gap first. With her arms curled around her neck and Amber’s hands on her hips, they swung on the beat, their lips connecting in the heat of the moment.
It was as pleasing as it was confusing. Kissing the beautiful stranger felt somehow like a victory. All night she had been teased but now that the moment was finally hers, she was able to set the situation to her own hand.
But the fact that she liked the feeling of kissing her and that with every kiss she wanted to be indulged more and more also confused her, mainly because it was another woman she was kissing.
Amber knew it didn’t matter. Nowadays you could be whoever you wanted to be without too many drastic consequences and after tonight she would never see her again, but having to discover that you aren’t attracted to men at all in one night after having thought that for twenty-three years wasn’t just anything. Perhaps she still liked men, because she didn’t recall every feeling more for a woman than platonic feelings, but this girl beat everything and everyone. Perhaps it didn’t matter what gender she was; she had this huge attraction that made everything and everyone focus on her. It was hard to ignore especially for someone who had been lonely for most of her life. Kissing her, being around her, feeling loved felt better than anything had every felt.
Even though their lips were connected most of the time, she couldn’t gauge whether the young woman liked her too or if she was merely a toy she played with because she was bored. At a certain point, she even stopped caring. Even if she was, she wouldn’t have minded.

“Let’s get out of here,” she eventually whispered in Amber’s ear. Her voice was hoarse of the untamable hormones racing through her body and Amber knew exactly how she felt. Her throat got even drier, if it wasn’t already dry enough from all the dancing.
“Where do you want to go?” Amber managed to get out. The girl looked at her with a twinkle in her deep brown eyes and laughed like she had just made a very funny joke. She took Amber’s hand and freed them from the human mass that was still dancing around them.
When they left the dance floor, they managed to get a look of Heechul and the others of the group, dancing. They were quite a lot more drunk than they were and Amber had to admit that she herself was quite tipsy too. They didn’t say good-bye to them, which she was glad for. The only thing she cared about now was the brown-haired beauty and her fingers intertwined with hers. The only thing she wanted now was to feel their lips connect again.

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