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They managed to get their jackets – hers being a beautiful beige coat that looked like it cost more than Amber made in a whole month – and get out of the club, never letting each other’s hands go.

They had decided that it would be Amber’s place since the girl had given away that taking someone home whilst her sister was sleeping in the other room wasn’t very sexy. Since Amber had her own place – even though she had thin walls – it was quickly decided that they would go there, just to be safe.
She knew it was normal to feel nervous before sex but she had never felt so utterly panicked. Even though this girl made her safer than anyone has ever made her feel in such a short period of time, the thought about showing off her body for her made her feel insecure.
Amber had been all of her life ridiculed for her fashion sense and her boyish appearance. She felt like a woman but wearing revealing clothes was already a hard thing to do, let alone get naked.
But during their walk home, the brunette kept squeezing reassuringly in her hands and it made her feel a little less like freaking out.

They entered Amber’s apartment complex and moved upstairs. As soon as they had entered their apartment, one pair of beautiful chocolate brown eyes were pointed in her direction. It made her a bit uneasy.
Now that the music was gone, they had gone oddly quiet. The amount of alcohol that ran through her veins had been already broken down a little by her liver and it made her head feel less clouded. The mysterious girl smiled knowingly, already guessing what was going on in her mind.
“You can still send me away,” she offered, as she closed the gap between them slowly. Her glances reminded Amber of a predator on the hunt… slowly nearing their scared prey, ready to rip out their throat or open their belly with one flick of her wrist. Her heels slowly clicked on the floor. Each click made her tense her muscles more.
Amber had trouble to answer. As the girl stepped towards her, she tried to step away. The problem was that her apartment wasn’t big and sooner rather than later her back bumped against the wall. She was forced to stay put whilst the brunette came closer and closer, watching her thoughtfully, still expecting an answer.
“I-… n-no, just stay,” she stuttered, when they were belly-to-belly again. With her heels, she was just a little bit taller than she was, meaning Amber had to tilt her head a bit upwards. Her hand was cold when it slid into her neck, cupping her cheek. Amber watched how she let her eyes dwell on her lips. Her breath got stuck in her throat.
“Good, I was already worrying you would send me away,” she said, with half a smile on her face. Amber swallowed audibly. She had to refrain herself from pulling her closer roughly and kiss her again. But without her little helper called alcohol, it was more difficult to let herself go like that.
Amber shook her head though; the desire to keep her close and unravel all of her mysteries was still bigger than the uncomfortableness of doing something like this for the first time. She wanted her to stay until she could read her as if she had known her for years.
The brunette suddenly closed the gap between them, causing Amber to step backwards in surprise until her back was entirely against the wall. It had no use, though, because the girl pressed her belly against hers. She kept one hand on the wall, to support herself. Amber was trapped between her and the wall and she wasn’t entirely sure if it was a bad thing.
Amber felt her stroke with the tips of her fingers over the delicate skin in her neck, eventually pulling her closer when she couldn’t stand it anymore to just look at her lips and not touch them. Amber kissed back but it immediately felt off. The only sound in the room was their lips moving over each other and it made her painfully aware that she was about to have a hook-up with a woman.
Back in the club she had still felt really tipsy and the music had drowned every other sound. It had been easier to kiss her when she had been lost in the moment. Now, that moment was over and she couldn’t get the feeling back anymore.

It didn’t take long for the beautiful stranger to notice that Amber was having a hard time and she eventually stepped back. Amber immediately looked down, knowing fully well that it was her fault.
“This feels very one-sided,” the girl said as she placed her hands on her hips, shaking her head. “If you don’t want me here, just tell me and I’ll leave.”
“N-no,” Amber stuttered. “It’s not one-sided… It’s just that.. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain.”
“I’m listening,” she said icily. Amber took a deep breath and looked up. For a moment, she was mesmerized by those deep, dark brown eyes. The coldness in them made her bite her lip softly.
“I…” she started. She stopped again, not able to find the right words to express what went through her well. Amber refrained herself and decided to just throw it out, knowing that if she didn’t, she’d probably lose the mysterious girl.
“I have never done this before…” she muttered, almost inaudible.
“What, sex?”
“No- I, I mean, yes. I have had sex, just not with a woman,” Amber elaborated clumsily. “I just don’t know what to do…”
Her hard eyes softened immediately and a small smile formed on her lips. It grew bigger until it eventually couldn’t contain a light chuckle anymore. Amber looked down.
“You thought I hadn’t noticed that already?” she asked, crossing her arms in front of her chest. With a slow strike, she closed the gap between them again. She placed her hands upon her cheeks, lifting her head so she was forced to look at her. The brunette sighed for a moment and bit sensually on her lower lip.
“You’re so cute,” she muttered, before she closed in to kiss Amber. Clumsily, she placed her hands upon her hips, still a bit uneasy in this position. The kiss didn’t last long and when she pulled back, her mouth moved over to her ear.
“I guide you,” she whispered. A quiver ran down Amber’s spine. Her eyes fluttered shut.
“Just tell me what to do to make you more comfortable,” the brunette muttered.
“Music,” Amber immediately answered. She found that her voice had become thick of sensation. She felt the other girl smile when their cheeks brushed together.
“I suppose you have a speaker here, then?” she asked, as she bowed back. Amber nodded and immediately ducked underneath her arm to go and find it. As she set up the speaker, the girl plugged in her phone. She searched a playlist that fit the situation – obviously Spotify had a playlist that would settle down someone who’s nervous to have sex – and put it on. The song that filled the room was not one Amber knew but she immediately felt more in the mood. The instruments played a low and dark tune, accompanied by the heavy voice of a woman, hitting the base notes every once in a while. She pictured the singer singing the song in a velvet, bordeaux red dress and blood red lips.
When she turned around to face the young woman, it seemed that her eyes had turned a shade darker, from chocolate to black. She walked over to the light switch and dimmed it, causing her small one-bedroom-apartment to be enveloped in semi-darkness. Amber was just able to see the contours of her body. The white of her dress seemed to glow.
“Better?” she asked. Her voice had dropped a few octaves. Amber’s breath got caught in her throat.
“Y-yes,” she stuttered. A small, smug smile formed on the brunette’s lips as she stepped closer again. Her heels clicked rhythmically on the wooden floor. With every click, Amber’s muscles tensed up more. When she was finally close enough to touch, it was almost unbearable to handle.
Amber was the one to place her hands around her face and pull her closer. Their mouths connected in a wave of lust. She could feel the girl smile triumphantically against her lips.
Suddenly, the sound of their kisses wasn’t at all so bad. Amber could feel a knot tie in her stomach, tickling her heart and her abdomen.
Her apartment wasn’t large and within seconds they had found the bed. Amber was pushed onto her back as the brunette crawled on top, immediately kicking off her heels. The mattress creaked under the pressure of their weight. Amber had her arms wrapped around her small waist, keeping her close. With every movement of her hips, albeit just a small adjustment, a jolt of electricity ran through her body. Their heated breaths mingled in a way that turned her on even more.
Eventually, she felt the tips of her fingers crawl underneath her shirt, stroking the soft skin underneath. They were cold and Amber gasped for breath, causing the other girl to chuckle. They moved upwards, her fingers trailing paths over her belly ever so lightly that it made goosebumps appear all over her body.
Amber was naturally a bit awkward during foreplay, but the mysterious girl made her feel even more insecure. Not only was she a beauty unlike she had ever seen before, she also seemed to know exactly what she was doing. There was little that wasn’t completely controlled and whenever Amber responded by gasping or moaning, she smirked shamelessly.
There was little the girl had to do to get Amber to the point where she didn’t want anything more but to make her unbutton her jeans, but that didn’t keep her from extending the foreplay until it almost physically hurt.
Because Amber was still rather helpless, she had gotten rid over her own dress – not even needing Amber to pull down the zipper, because she was that impressive – leaving her in her black lingerie. It was nothing special, just a normal bra with hipsters, but on her they looked better than anything had ever looked on anyone.
Unlike having sex with guys – who just wanted to bang as much and as soon as possible – the brunette paid a lot of attention to the small details; the touches; the little flick of the tip of her tongue around her hardened nipple. It all created so much more tension that by the time she had worked her way down, Amber was already panting and had accepted the fact that having sex with a woman was so much more better than having sex with a man.
Her long fingers fumbling with the buttons of her black jeans were almost agonizing, even that little friction made her buck up her hips. It made the beautiful stranger smile even more smugly. She knew damn well what she was doing and Amber couldn’t even be mad at her for teasing her so much.
Right before she was able to take off her shorts, Amber grabbed her wrist.
“What’s your name?” she asked, for the third time that evening. The brunette raised her eyebrows for a moment, then grinned devilishly.
“Why do you want to know? So you can moan it when you come?”
Amber’s cheeks turned dark red and she let her go. The girl laughed and shook her head, pulling down her underwear with one simple movement. Amber didn’t lay long exposed under her gaze. Sooner rather than later, she had her back arched, a pair of fingers inside her and a grinning dark-haired beauty hoovering over her, placing feather light kisses in her neck.

When Amber was done, she knew it was the young woman’s time to lay back and enjoy. The only problem was that Amber had no idea what to do. She had tried to pay attention to what the brunette had done to her but It had been incredibly difficult to note down what felt good and what felt less good. Basically, everything she had done had made her moan and had brought her closer to the edge. Amber had been too busy to pay attention and now she didn’t know what to do.
Luckily, there was very little the brunette didn’t notice and it didn’t take long before she pulled her into a kiss and whispered in her ear that she’d help her – guide her. The thought only turned both of them on more and Amber was eager to start.
Within a few more minutes, she could hear her own name escape from the brunette’s mouth in hot, breathy moans. Nothing had ever been so extremely satisfying and arousing as hearing the young woman mutter her name through gritted teeth as she squeezed her eyes shut, arched her back and tensed her body in pleasure.

It was complete new experience to have someone have an orgasm by the things she did. With guys it was mostly their own actions that caused them to finish; the more and the heavier they thrusted, the earlier they came. Amber would, in fact, only need to spread her legs and nothing more was required of her. It was different this time and it was much sexier than it was to just spread her legs.
When the brunette was almost at her climax, Amber finally got the hang of it a little and dared to do a little more, which resulted in the girl digging her nails into her shoulder and tense around her fingers not soon after that.

Amber thought that they’d fall asleep after that, but she was proved quite wrong when she was pushed onto her back again.
“Did you think I was just going to leave it with one time?” the brunette had asked her playfully. She had bowed down and sensually let her tongue run over her earlobe before whispering:
“Don’t you want to make the most out of this night?”
Amber had budged immediately.

It took another hour and a half before they were finally done with each other. Panting, they laid side by side, Amber a little heavier than the brunette because she had been last before they quit. The blankets were twisted and knotted around their legs; it was too hot to pull them up to cover their naked bodies but it was too cold to toss it entirely to the side too. The bedsheet underneath them felt damp with their sweat and somehow that wasn't all unpleasant. The faint light in the back of the room and the moonlight were the only things that lightened the room which caused Amber to just make out the woman next to her. She didn't hesitate to let her gaze wander over her body: sprinkled with little drops of sweat, she seemed to shine like a chrystal with the moonlight falling onto her skin so beautifully. There were a few red stains ruining the picture; places where Amber's teeth had made bitten down onto the delicate skin in a moment of lust. She wondered if it would bruise up tomorrow or whether it would just stay slightly red; a reminder of their night.
“Are you going to stay the night?” Amber asked. She tried to hide the hope in her voice but it was in vain.
The mysterious woman turned her head and smiled. She propped herself up on one elbow and kissed her tenderly.
“If that is what you want,” she said, after they broke apart. Amber looked at her for a moment, knowing fully well that she never wanted her to leave anymore but hesitating to say that, then took the blankets and threw them over their naked bodies. The girl smirked and turned to her side, giving Amber the space to lay down next to her and become the big spoon.
Amber wrapped her arms around her tiny waist, pulling her body closer to hers. It felt like they fit perfectly, like their lips also fit each other’s perfectly. Almost as if they were made to do so, Amber wondered. She immediately pushed that thought out of her head.
If she wouldn’t tell her her name, then there was no chance of them sharing more than a one night stand, was there?
“What’s your name?” Amber muttered in her ear after a while. The brunette looked up to her and smiled weakly.
“You’re persistent, aren’t you? Why, if I may ask?”
Amber shrugged. In the semi-darkness, her dark pupils seemed to have turned black. They weren’t uninviting, though, but rather comforting. The only indication Amber had that made her realize this wasn’t all a dream was that the beautiful stranger had her fingers twisted around hers, holding her hand tightly.
“You intrigue me.”
Amber was surprised that she could answer so quickly and that she was so sure of her case. It made the girl laugh softly; a tinkling sound that she hadn’t heard often that evening. She had seen her smirk, smile and grin but she hadn’t heard her laugh before. Amber found herself dazzled by the sound for a moment.
“What do you think will happen once you know my name?” she asked Amber. “Nothing would happen. It’d only take the mystery away, it’d take away the adventure and the romance.”
“You act as if we’re participating in a drama,” Amber murmured, a little bit disappointed. The girl smiled and took her face in her hands. She bowed down and pressed a soft kiss upon her lover’s lips.
“Tonight, we can pretend to, if we want to. Let me have it my way for once, tomorrow we will have to get back to our dull lives and pretend to like it. I like this and I want this, but it’s a luxury a girl can afford only once in a while.”
Amber frowned.
“Were there more like me, then?”
The brunette chuckled and wiggled her eyebrows playfully.
“Who knows? Does that bother you?”
“Yes,” Amber immediately blurted out. Yes, it bothered her. Yes, she wanted to be the only one. It was hard to deny by now. The girl’s eyes sparkled mischievously.
“Why would it bother you? You don’t even know me.”
“But I want to.”
She laughed, for the second time that evening. Amber noticed that her eyes squinted together in an eye-smile whenever she did that. The girl pressed another kiss against her cheek.
“Cuddle with me,” she said, as she laid back down again, pulling Amber along with her. With a sigh she positioned herself around the brunette, taking on the role of the big spoon. Amber pulled the blankets over their naked bodies – which have grown cold during their conversation – and let herself enjoy the feeling of her skin against the soft material of the sheets.
“Will you be there in the morning?” Amber asked, as she closed her eyes and let her head rest upon one of the pillows. She heard her lover smirk.
“Who knows?”

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