The next morning, Amber woke up due to a killing headache and the sound of ringing church bells in the distance. The first thing she did was groan. Not only did her head ache, but her body was sore as well. She felt awful; the lack of sleep mixed with a hangover didn’t do her much good. Her bad condition didn’t keep her from immediately noticing that the spot next to her was empty though.
The longer she managed to keep her eyes open, the more memories of last night crashed over her like a wave. She was naked under the covers, which meant that the mysterious girl hadn’t been a dream. Still, she would be lying if she said that she wasn’t disappointed that she hadn’t stayed.
When she looked around the room, it became clear that she didn’t leave any traces. It was like she had disappeared completely; vanished into thin air. She guessed it was fitting after all.
Yet, the longer she looked, the more she noticed that certain details didn’t add up. Amber didn’t remember turning of the light last night, yet the lamp in the corner of the room wasn’t shining anymore. Her dishes of last night that she had been too lazy to clear and had left on her kitchen table were gone. The clothes she had worn were folded and were positioned in a neat heap on her desk even though she knew one hundred percent sure that the beautiful stranger had thrown them somewhere in a corner last night.
There was a glass of water on her nightstand with two little pills next to it. Amber guessed they were painkillers by the look of them. There was a little, yellow note sticking out from under the glass.
Getting the note was the first thing Amber did that morning. She unfolded it, knowing it just couldn’t be accidental. Without getting her hopes up, she opened the note, revealing only a phone number. A small smile formed on her lips and she looked at the elegant handwriting.
Amber managed to find her phone in the back pocket of her jeans. The first thing she did was make a new contact and save the number. She doubted for a moment when she had to enter a name, but eventually saved the number as ‘Jane Doe’.

Despite the agonizing headache that caused her to prefer death over anything right now, Amber managed to get up and take a shower. She smelled like sweat, alcohol and sex and the scent was enough to make her gag.
When she was done – and felt a bit better – she opened her fridge to silence her rumbling belly. Sadly, her fridge was as good as empty. With a sigh, she started to get dressed to go to the store. She took her most comfortable clothes out of her drawer: an oversized, black sweater, her favorite jeans, a snapback to cover her messy hair and her fake Ray Ban sunglasses to hide the dark circles under her eyes.
Amber took her skateboard and left her apartment. When she skated to the supermarket a few blocks away, she noticed how tired she actually was. By the time she arrived, she was panting slightly.
Amber got some fresh groceries and was on her way back home when the church bells rang again. On her way back, she passed the church and longingly let her gaze go over the impressive building. It was Sunday morning and normally she would have attended the service but she had woken up too late this morning. She reckoned it wouldn’t be that bad to skip one, but she still felt sad she couldn’t go.
A stream of people was leaving the church and blocked the pavement, causing Amber to be forced to jump off her skateboard and walk until the mass of human bodies would scatter off. She walked until there was enough space to skate again. As she let her board fall on the ground again and got on, she noticed a flicker of long, brown hair in the corner of her eye. Amber didn’t pay any attention to it, until she felt someone bump their shoulder hard against hers.
A little irritated, she looked up into an angry pair of eyes. They belonged to a man, with sleek, light brown hair, black eyes and full lips. The male wore a shirt that looked like it cost as much as all of her clothes together, tucked in a beige pantalon that ended just above his calves. With his hair pushed back, he looked like a common rich guy. He was the definition of handsome, although his angry appearance took away that effect.
He was the last one of a group of friends to leave the church, walking in the way Amber needed to go too. They all had the same fancy, wealthy-looking style and the straight backs of people who had never known anything but fortune.
“Don’t block the pavement, girl,” he hissed towards her.
Amber was ready to bark something back, but the young man already turned around and walked away. His friends joined him, all of them with their heads held high. He threw her another filthy look and grabbed one of the girls by her hand, pulling her along. Amber sighed and shook her head, watching them go.
Right when she wanted to get on her board and skate off, the girl who was holding hands with the rude passer-by turned around. For a moment, their eyes met but Amber looked away, only realizing a few seconds later that those dark eyes were strangely familiar.
Amber immediately jerked her head up, her mouth already opened to say something. The beautiful, mysterious stranger smiled to her with the same smug smile she had showed so many times yesterday evening. Their eyes locked and she winked, causing Amber’s mouth to fall open a little bit more. Before she turned around again, she mouthed words that Amber unmistakably recognized as ‘call me’. The brunette flashed another smile before turning around and hooking her arm around the man.
All Amber could do was stare at her, dazzled about her sudden appearance. She stared until the girl was nothing more but a dot in the distance, eventually disappearing around the corner, her long, brown hair waving in loose ringlets around her shoulders.
The most remarkable thing was that she looked like she didn’t stay up all night, let alone spent the night with someone else. There were no signs that she had spent yesterday evening drinking in a club, doing body shots or hooking up, except for a small red spot in her neck that Amber recognized as the spot she had bitten down upon in the heat of the moment.
Her tight dress of yesterday was replaced for one that was looser around the legs, more of a summer dress, that ended around the knees. Her heels had become ballerina’s – which immediately turned her a lot smaller, probably even shorter than Amber herself. The way she had her fingers intertwined with the rich adolescent made her toes curl with jealousy.

When Amber came home, she didn’t even care to unpack her groceries – she simply shoved the entire bag into the fridge – and immediately got her phone. During her ride home, she had thought that it had vibrated, indicating that there was a message, and she hadn’t been wrong.
It was the number she had saved this morning. Jane Doe.

I had fun last night. I don’t say this to everybody.
You have something about you that’s special, Amber. Don’t be fooled about my appearance at the St. Paul’s Church, a girl has to get by in this world, doesn’t she?
Be sure to contact me.

Krystal Jung.

Amber started to laugh. She laughed aloud, shaking her head, reading the message over and over again until her eyes got stuck at the name at the bottom. Krystal Jung, she was called Krystal Jung.
Had a name ever fitted a person better? She guessed not. Krystal
She indeed shone like crystals and was even more stunning than one.
Amber immediately changed the name of the contact and started to type back.

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