Getting her name had been a victory. Krystal Jung…
But as time went by, Krystal Jung slowly changed back into Jane Doe again. Amber tried to uphold the contact with her mysterious beauty, but it turned out to be harder than expected.

Amber went to the St. Paul’s church every Sunday after that, trying to catch a glimpse of those deep, dark eyes and the smug smile. She wasn’t there though and she never showed her face at the church after Amber had spotted her hanging out with a group of loaded adolescents again. Amber knew she had never returned, because every service she spent her time looking for her in the crowd. Every Sunday again, she was disappointed.
And even though she had Krystal’s number, it wasn’t helpful. The first few days after their hook up, they had still texted occasionally. Eventually, the conversations died out because none of them had anything more to say. Krystal had told her that she wouldn’t be able to visit often and she shouldn’t wait for her. Amber, on the other hand, wasn’t able to get the brunette out of her head and moving on was therefore harder than expected. She desperately tried to uphold the conversation but eventually her pride got in the way and prevented her from doing so. The only thing she could say to make Krystal stay was to tell her that she needed her, that she wanted her, that their hook up had meant so much more to Amber than it had to her. But her self-respect restrained her from doing so and therefor she kept her mouth shut. Hadn’t Krystal made clear that what had happened between them was merely a one night stand?

Their conversations didn’t happen as frequently anymore and eventually they didn’t even bother to text anymore. There was little to say when they didn’t want to appear weak in front of each other. Amber didn’t want to admit her feelings and Krystal didn’t want to open up about herself.
That didn’t mean Amber’s heart didn’t ache. It felt like she lost a long-life friend, a lover, someone she knew through and through. Only that she didn’t. Krystal Jung was still as much of a mystery as she had been that day in the club. And perhaps it was meant to be that way, Amber thought bleakly. Maybe Krystal was right. There was beauty in that what was left undiscovered. It turned it mysterious and perhaps made it appear better than it was. Amber told herself that she should be glad this experience had happened to her at all.

So slowly but surely, she went on with her life. Amber got a new job: this time she was a customer service employee at a cinema. She wasn’t paid as much as before but she at least had clear working hours and therefor time to enlist herself in a cursus that allowed her to get a following up education. Slowly but surely, she was going to achieve her goal to become a musician if she studied and worked hard enough.

Amber didn’t expect the bell to ring late at night on a Thursday evening and therefore looked up from her laptop a little startled. She pushed Jack Jack from her lap – giving the small dog a quick pet to compromise that he had lost his sleeping spot – and got up wearily. It was almost midnight and she couldn’t remember ordering anything. She neither expected any company.
Slowly, she opened the door, sneaking a glance through the small gap that appeared to see who had rung her bell before she opened up further. Her mouth fell open when she saw who it was and she immediately opened the door more.
The beautiful stranger stepped into her apartment before she had time to step to the side. Amber watched her with large eyes as she turned around, flashing her a mischievous smile.
“Long time no see, hmm?”
“I- I.. But- You..?” Amber staggered foolishly. The girl’s grin grew wider and she stepped towards her. Krystal’s arms swirled around her neck.
“Did you miss me?” she breathed, never turning her longing gaze away. Amber was caught in those beautiful brown eyes and was unable to look away, but her mind was still racing. She couldn’t believe that Jane Doe – Krystal Jung – stood in front of her again. Her fingers played with the short hairs in her neck and it felt exactly how she imagined it would feel.
She hadn’t changed a bit. Long medium brown hair that fell over her shoulder in loose ringlets, a smug smile and fingers that trailed all over her body. The only difference with their first encounter was that she now had to stand on her tippy toes to reach her, because she didn’t wear her heels anymore, but somehow that was even more attractive.
And God, yes, she had missed her. Amber had missed her so much that it hurt. And she wanted her, she wanted her to stay close and to never leave her.
Amber had always been someone who was guided more by her heart than her mind, but right now even her heart had to admit that it might not be smart to go through with this. Wouldn’t it result in another heart break? Endless nights without sleep, thinking of her? Wouldn’t she fall deeper for the mysterious woman, the one who had managed to snatch her heart away with a single smile, a single kiss, a single night? Hadn’t she just managed to get her life in order again?
“Why are you here, Krystal?” Amber forced out. She wondered how convincing it sounded, with her hands on her hips and her back almost pressed against the wall.
The brunette tilted her head slightly, giving her this innocent look.
“Don’t you want me to be here?” she asked with half of a smile. Amber looked away, but wrapped her arms tighter around her waist as well.
“I want to but I don’t think it’s smart if we…”
Her voice trailed off, but Krystal knew exactly what she meant. Her hands cupped Amber’s cheeks, forcing her to look back up to her.
“You’re afraid I’ll leave,” she said. It was more a statement than a question, but Amber still nodded to confirm it, although she was not very proud of it. She let her forehead rest against Krystal’s and sighed.
“If you build your whole life on ‘what if’s then you cannot live to the fullest,” Krystal muttered, her lips almost touching Amber’s. “Get that idea out of your head. Enjoy tonight, live in the moment, we’ll see what happens tomorrow. I might stay tonight.”
Krystal bowed forwards and kissed Amber tenderly on the lips. Her eyes fluttered shut. The harsh, honey-like scent of her perfume clouded Amber’s head. For a moment, there was nothing else on the world but the feeling of Krystal’s body pressed against hers, her hands at the base of her neck and their lips sliding over each other. Amber kissed back with a strange melancholy in her stomach, already dreading the moment she was going to leave her.

As their kissing heated up more and Amber was pressed against the wall, she couldn’t help to keep wondering what’d happen as soon as the first rays of sunshine would lighten the apartment the next morning. Would she indeed still be there? Amber had a feeling she wouldn’t be and even though she loved to spend another evening wrapped up in the brunette’s arms, she couldn’t handle another break up.
“Prove… it…” she managed get out in between the kisses. She felt Krystal smile against her lips.
“Prove what?” she asked, bowing back a little, to watch her.
“That you’ll stay. Prove it,” Amber demanded, panting slightly. The girl’s smile grew bigger and she bowed down to press a kiss in her neck, just below Amber’s jawline. It was feather light, but sensual at the same time. Amber had to suppress the urge to let her eyes flutter shut.
“Has it ever occurred to you that I needed saving as much as you did?” she whispered, as her lips trailed down Amber’s neck, towards her collar bone. “We might come from different families, but you needed me as much as I needed you. Isn’t that enough?”
Amber lifted Krystal’s head, so their eyes met. She wanted her to see the desperation, the need in her eyes. She wanted her to know what she felt without words having to be spoken out loud.
“Then tell me everything about you. If you’re here to stay, then tell me everything.”
Amber’s voice sounded hoarse, which caused Krystal to smile weakly. She let a sigh escape from her mouth as she placed her hands in Amber’s neck.
“You’re adorable,” was all she muttered, before kissing her again. Before Amber even had the chance to adjust herself, Krystal already bowed back. The quick ending of the kiss caused Amber to look away from the girl, guessing that she had spoiled the mood by her demand.
Instead, she felt the brunette’s hands curl around her waist, slowly lifting up the base of her T-shirt. The tips of her fingers ran over the sensitive skin, causing a shiver to run down her spine. Her breathing speeded up a little and her muscles tensed automatically.
Amber looked up confused, only to see Krystal looking at her. Her eyes had gotten something cheeky, something mischievous, that caused Amber to swallow audibly.
“Very well, then,” she answered, with a voice that was thick with lust. “I will tell you about myself, but I’m going to do it on my way.”
Amber nodded almost immediately, which caused the girl to chuckle softly.
“Good,” she murmured. “Very good.”
Krystal’s eyes moved to Amber’s lips, staring at them shamelessly. As she bit down on her lower lip, Amber felt her fingers fumble with her jeans. The brunette looked up when she opened the button and pulled her zipper down.
“My favorite fruit is mango.”

And that’s how she told about herself to Amber. With every piece of clothing, a new piece of information was brought to the light. With every kiss she planted on Amber’s body, a new fact unraveled. It was not the conversation Amber had imagined they’d have, but it sure spiced it up.
At the end of the evening, they laid entangled in each other’s arms. Amber had her arm wrapped around her waist, pulled her close and nuzzled her face in her neck, breathing in her sweet scent.
By now, she knew a little who she was. Amber knew about her favorite fruit – mango – and that she liked hats, but hated it when they were too itchy. Cucumbers were disgusting and she likes the British accent. Blue is the Warmest Color is her favorite movie and she wanted to learn French because of that.
But eventually, Amber had ran out of clothes and the information turned into hot breathy moans. Now that they laid next to each other again, their conversation resumed.
Her family is rather wealthy; she is the daughter of a successful lawyer but she doesn’t necessarily like the prosperity. She wanted someone who could distinguish love from wealth, which her family couldn’t. She wanted love that was true and she’d rather have a common romance than one that resembled a romance on TV. Amber had chuckled at that, since there was nothing common about what was going on between them.
Krystal admitted that she wanted to travel, either alone or with someone whom she liked. They talked about faraway places they wanted to visit. Pompeï. The Maya ruins in Mexico. The Alps in Switzerland. She wanted to see bright blue lagoons and swim with sea turtles or get in a cage with sharks. New York City, Rome, Paris and Amsterdam. Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney.

They talked until deep in the night. They talked until their enthusiastic and rapid way of talking slowed down until mutters. Their muttering died eventually when they were both too tired to speak. Before they fell asleep, Amber pressed a kiss in the beautiful girl’s neck – the girl whom she now knew a little bit. But she knew that this information was only the tip of the iceberg.
“Are you going to stay ‘till the morning?” she asked her. Krystal chuckled softly and intertwined her fingers with Amber.
“Who knows?” she answered teasingly.
Amber knew she referred back to their first night together. She wondered if she’d leave or not. Her heart told her she’d stay, but even now she knew her a little bit more, it still felt like she was a person that was still so unexplored. She was unpredictable.
But that created that special sense of mystery; that gravitation that kept pulling Amber towards her. Perhaps she was better left undiscovered, just like the ocean. Maybe it was better to just leave her be, because she’d never be tamed anyway. Her deepness was as well beautiful as dark and there were as well sharks as beautiful colored fish hiding beneath the surface. Krystal Jung was still a mystery, even now that she knew the small details of her life.
They fell asleep, Amber still wondering whether her lover would stay with her. Up until the moment her eyes fluttered shut, she still didn’t know what to think.

But the next morning, she was still there. Their fingers were still intertwined and Krystal had only pressed herself closer to Amber’s body. They woke up because of the first morning sunrays had lightened up the room. The short haired girl opened her eyes and she was met by a sea of brown locks covering her pillow. At that very moment, Amber couldn’t recall a time where she had been happier.

Krystal was still there, in Amber’s arms.
And she would stay. She would stay.

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