Dear friend,

Today I entered a restaurant for LGBTI+ only. I ordered a beer and sat down near the wall, to watch a match. In a few moments, a girl sat down at the other place on my table. She was very pretty, so I didn't mind in the slightest. She said:

'This is an LGBTI+ restaurant.'

I nodded and downed my beer. She had that voice that people always have when they say something and expect an 'obvious' reaction. When I didn't give it she said, after a while:

'What category are you?'

I answered:

'Are heteros not welcome here?'

A few people were kissing and as I watched, the match ended with a strong push and someone falling out of the ring.

'They are welcome, if they don't bother the other guests.'

She was getting up, clearly not interested anymore.

'You are very pretty.'

Immediately, I wondered whether I said that out loud. Apparently, I had. She sat down again.

'Lesbian, then?'

'No. Trans.'

I didn't look at her, choosing instead to watch a female employee getting kissed on the mouth by a drunk man. Clearly, she did not like it at all, so I got up, walked up to them, and tapped the drunk on the shoulder. He turned, ready to take me on but not ready enough. In a moment, I had his face pulled down on my knee, kicked him on his knee, released him, performed a massive combo on his face and kicked him in the stomach when his screaming became too much for me. Normally, I would have asked for context first, but the employee's screams made it clear even to me she did not like it one bit. Even so, I was a bit unsure when everyone stared at me. I turned around for someone to explain why everyone stared, but in the end, I resorted to asking.

'Dude, you just beat up someone three times your size,' said one of them with something like disapproval.

'I am sorry,' I said. 'I thought she didn't like that he kissed her.'

I had no desire to get arrested for assault, which would be likely, as this hasn't been a life-threatening situation, and most of the time, an apology and an explanation avert that.

'I don't suppose you could look the other way and let me go without bringing the police into this?' I added, before getting my stuff and getting out.

I was out of the door when someone ran after me. I made a run for it, hoping to get away before the police came, but when I could hear her yelling that I did nothing wrong, I figured I was okay and waited for the pretty girl who was the first to sit next to me.

'Why did you think you did something wrong?' she asked. Her voice was a bit purple.

'Everyone stared,' I answered.

'Come back inside, it's raining,' she said yellow. Due to stress, it took me a while to figure out what yellow stood for in normal words; amused, friendly.

I nodded and went back. To avoid the stares, I bought a glass of whiskey and sat down on the bank against the wall at the table I used before I went out. The employee, and the pretty girl sat both next to me. I noted they were both pretty in their own way.

'I don't even know your name,' said the girl who I decided to call first girl.

'I don't know yours,' was my reaction.

'My name is Sarah,' she said.

'My name is Miyax,' second girl added.

'Call me Will,' I told them.

I took a sip of my whiskey. There was silence in our corner. I remembered that in all movies I had seen, people seem to offer drinks to each other, if they have the money for that. I supposed that it couldn't hurt to try and see if that was accepted.

'Can I offer you ladies a drink?' I asked.

They looked very surprised. Miyax wanted a beer, Sarah wine. They have very good tastes in their drinks, going for quality stuff. I only remember that, not the exact names of the drinks. We drank a lot. The first was on me, the second on Miyax, the third on Sarah and so on. We paid our rounds direct when ordering and I kept track of the money. Sarah gets drunk easily and drank a lot. Miyax drank a lot too, but she has a lot more muscle than Sarah so it took longer before she got drunk. After the third, we chatted about their jobs and favorite bands and games until they became too drunk to utter a single coherent word. So I sat and read.

'Will, do you think me pretty enough to kiss?' Sarah asked suddenly.

'Yes,' I said. 'But not when you are drunk.'

She laughed then, and fell asleep. Miyax said I should meet up with her, Sarah and a few friends (Sherlock and John?) again. We settled a date, and as she was trembling I put it into her phone, along with my number and name and did the same with Sarah.



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