"Well, miss Odin, I hate this place more than ever. That's what I want to whine about. The girls that fake an injury, or an illness, I even had some Slytherin who claimed she was hungover! Hungover, at Hogwarts! That's just insane," begon Malfoy zijn woedeaanval.
      "I'm sorry to disappoint you, Draco, but the hangover girl is one from my year. I gave her multiple warnings, she can't hold her liquor at all. Sorry about that."
      "You are telling me that Slytherins drink in their spare time instead of studying?" Draco's ogen werden groter en hij kwam steeds dichter bij Odin staan.
      "I am saying that we know how to throw a party, something you apparently never did. Poor Malfoy, was your time at Hogwarts so boring? Studying, bullying that Potter guy, teasing Parkinson? Or did you do naughty things as well?" Odin bracht haar gezicht op een paar centimeter afstand van Draco's gezicht. Gemeen keek ze hem aan, wachtend op een gevat antwoord terug.
      "We were good students. Slytherin is starting to turn to crap, isn't it?" Hij duwde haar terug op het bed.
      "Of course it's not, we just know how to have fun," antwoordde Odin nuchter en ze haalde een hand door haar haren. "Now, get to your point about the annoying girls that come to get medical aid. I love to hear the pain and misery of others."
      "You're one of those. Tell me, do you enjoy pain in bed too? If you guys are so wild, I'm pretty sure none of you are still a virgin," grijnsde Draco.
      "How dare you, you little maggot! I am the Slytherin princess, I have always been the Slytherin princess! Those men bow down before me and beg me to get laid and I never give it to them! Do you really think I'd lower myself to that level? I'm not a Gryffindor," snauwde Odin.
      "A feisty one, aren't we? Relax, princess. I was just messing with you." Draco nam plaats op het bed naast Odin. "It's just so annoying. The mudbloods that try to tease me. Everyone knows my family and everyone knows what they did in the war. The mudbloods hate me and I can't say anything back when they make a comment, because I represent an organisation and not just myself. Even halfbloods and purebloods judge me. You're the only one who hasn't judged me or tried to get into my pants. How does one deal with this mess I'm in. I hate it here! I just wanted to help society, I wanted to calm myself down, but I'm getting all worked up over basically nothing here."
      "You are in a wizarding environment, you've always been. Go live in the muggle world for a bloody month without a wand, without any way to contact the magical world, without anyone to even talk about wizardry! I dare you, Malfoy. Do that and come back here again, then we talk about your shitty problems again. Some filthy mudbloods that make comments, is that all it takes to make Draco Malfoy furious? I thought you were better than that, I thought you stood above that, but I guess even the great Draco Malfoy can't handle some weak comments of kids. If you don't have anything serious to whine about, I want to go to bed now." Odin geeuwde voor het effect en wilde het bed verlaten. Draco hield haar pols echter vast en trok haar terug.
      "You're not going anywhere. You insulted me too! Do you have any idea how hard it is to restore your family's reputation? I had no choice than to become a healer! Helping the weak is the one thing you can do to restore honour! I have to cleanse a name drenched in blood, death, betrayal and darkness! I don't think the Umare-Salazana family had to do anything like that in its entire history!" brulde Draco.
      "As if you know my history! My parents, the wealthy, well-known Umare-Salazana couple, are getting a divorce! Everyone knows about their struggle, everyone knows about their perfect daughter, and you tell me that my family is still as pure as a virgin? Merlin, I have to participate in the Triwizard Tournament while maintaining my perfect scores and passing this year. If I fail to win the tournament or fail to get a perfect score, the entire wizarding world will know. All eyes are on me! The gossip papers are full of things about wealthy families, I hope you're familiar with the bullshit they tell. Sadly, my bullshit is ninety percent of the time true! Don't fucking lecture me about restoring a family's honour, because if I fail, I have failed my family and the entire world will know!" schreeuwde Odin terug voordat ze kwaad naar de deur stampte, de hal op liep en de deur met een klap achter zich dicht trok.

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