Dit is mijn eerste Engelse verhaal, dus de kans is redelijk groot dat ik wel eens een foutje maak tegen de schrijfwijze. Wees niet bescheiden om me daarop te wijzen. Enjoy!

      I opened my eyes, because that’s how every story starts right? Waking up, as if there is nothing to be afraid of. Well, in this world, there is. I shouldn’t be worried, because Alex knows how to fight them. And with ‘them’ I don’t mean those terrible, dull creatures who’ve decided to take over the world. No. I mean people. Human beings.
      When I dream, I imagine the world as it was before all this. I imagine sleeping in my own bed, with my sister I used to hate right next to me. I imagine eating bread, vegetables and fruit instead of recently killed animals. I imagine people, caring about one another, instead of using each other as their dinner.
I looked at my right and saw the empty place where Alex used to sleep. No surprise that he just left me there. A sleeping girl, all by herself. A prey couldn’t be easier to catch. Luckily for me, I survived it, just like I had survived all those other lonely nights.
      I laid my head back down, looking at the sky. The only thing I could see were clouds, finally ready to drop the water they had hold for weeks. I had always loved the rain. It were like the tears I was not able to cry.
      Suddenly I jumped up, because I heard some leaves moving. It could be possible that the wind just blew them away, but in this world you should always assume the worst. That’s what I did.
      I took out my knife, ready to kill whatever was making that noise. I still heard it coming my way, so the wind was not an option anymore. It was or a zombie, or just a living person.
      Whatever it was, I was ready for it. I was ready to rip out its eye, to cut off its arm and to finally kill my first ever creature. Dead or alive, I would kill it. Just like Alex taught me to.
      But that was not exactly how it happened. The one I had heard finally dared to show himself and turned out to be one of those bad smelling creatures.
      I could just yell, but in this case, yelling could turn out in 3 different ways. Alex could just return and save me. More zombies could come and join their friend. Or... and that would probably be the worst case, someone else could hear me. I would definitely trust that person – just like I trust everybody else – and I would end up just as dead as this motherfucker right before me.
      I thought about my options just long enough for Mr. Dead to catch my arm and to drop my knife. But not long enough for him to actually bite me. That must have been his plan all along right?
      I’m really getting tired of this. Everything in this world just looks at me as if I’m food. ‘I really don’t taste as good as you might think,' I said, trying to get rid of him. Me talking to him must have made him upset, because now, he was even harder trying to eat me. ‘Really, stop it,' I yelled. Pretty loud actually. I might as well have yelled 3 minutes ago, my lifesaver could have been already here. But no. I decided to just shut my mouth and let this thing get as close to me as it wanted to be. ‘Ok, fine, you better listen to me now,' I told him as if he would understand any of the words I said. ‘Alex is coming back soon and he will not be happy if he sees you hanging around at this place. So, you might as well go and then I will act like none of this has happened.’ I winked at him. Anyone who could see this would be laughing. I think that might be a good thing. It would at least stop them from trying to kill me.
      Pushing my hand against his head wouldn’t hold him back much longer, so I should find a new plan. I looked around, but none of the things that could possibly help me were close enough for me to catch. I could just run if I wanted to, maybe he would get distracted while following me and I could just find my way back, right up to here.
      My endurance isn’t that good, but I might at least give it a try. I would end up dead anyway.
      I pushed him right in his stomach, hard enough for him to stumble and fall. I looked at him one more second and noticed how fast he was able to get back up.
      Before I ran away I tried to pick up my knife again. I might’ve need it. But before I could even touch the grip of my knife, he touched me again. He grabbed my shoulder and I was unable to hit him one more time. I just waited for the moment that he would bite me and I would turn into something as rotten as him. But as I was waiting, I heard a shot. And one second later, Mr. Dead decided to let go of me. ‘I told you, you wouldn’t make it’, I grinned at him.
      I looked up. I wanted to see who saved my life. ‘Alex?’ I looked him right in the eyes. ‘Why did you do this? I could’ve handled this myself. You...’ he interrupted me. ‘No you couldn’t. You’re just... weak,' and that was all he said before he left me alone again.
      I took my knife and put it back in its place, hoping never having to use it again. Sometimes it scares me how I even dare to think about killing someone. Even those zombies have ever been just like me. Afraid.
      I settled myself, too tired to follow Alex. I’ve always been curious about what he has been doing in the woods ever since I’ve met him. But I don’t care that much either. Besides, I wasn’t strong enough to go after him. Or like he likes to call it, I was too weak.

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