I waited a little more, just in case. You never know, he could just be late from work. But minutes became hours and I became hungry.
      I didn’t doubt a second about it. I packed my bag and I went for a walk. That’s what it was going to be. Just a simple walk.
      But it turned out to be an endless walk. And I enjoyed it so much that I started doubting about ever going back. If Alex could just leave me like that, then so could I. I didn’t met anybody, nor a zombie, nor a person. Just nobody. It was me and my bag. And we wanted this to be forever.
      But ever after the enjoyable walk, I remembered that I was still in a world full of shit. That every place I went to, every step I took could end my life. So I had to go back. Because whatever I was telling myself, I needed Alex like a zombie needed brains.
      The walk back wasn’t really a walk. It was more like a run. And the more I told myself to slow down, the faster my feet were moving.
      As I was going back, I figured out that I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t pay attention while I was going for that walk.
      I decided to walk straight. I might not know what way to go, but it’s not that I had been walking like a drunk person or something. No, it couldn’t be much different from right ahead. So I would just go back that way.
      Suddenly, I heard something. I heard... I don’t know, it sounded like a girl who was crying. It could be just distraction. Someone who wasn’t really sad, but who just hoped that I would care. And once I was there to comfort her, she would wait for her moment to shoot me.
      Forgive me for being such a naïve person, but I had to go. I’m not heartless and I won’t pretend.
      I followed the sound of her voice, trying to call for help. But she couldn’t say the words. She was just not able to.
      I went into the woods. It didn’t took me long to find her. Because that was something I could do. Something I was good at. Hearing something and finding it promptly.
      The girl was crying over a body. She had placed her elbows upon his chest. They were slumped into the body which explained why she was crying so hard. She didn’t only had to lose someone, she also had to kill him because he had turned. I felt sympathy for her. I needed to help her. Or else, someone bad would hear her and she would have to join her friend. Well, at least that would make her die in his arms, which she would probably like more than talking to me. But I just couldn’t let her.
      I sneaked closer to her. I didn’t wanted to scare her. But just like always, I made just enough noise for her to hear me. She didn’t looked scary at all. If we had met before all this, we would be friends. I mean, she looked like someone who could possibly be my friend. I should learn not to trust people this easy.
      She gave me her gun. ‘This is all I have,’ she said. ‘Take it.’
      ‘I don’t need a gun, I wouldn’t even know what to do with it’, really? Why did I say that out loud? Now she knows I’m weak. Perfect Melanie. Totally perfect.
      ‘You... You don’t know how to use a gun?’ she asked. I could still get out of this. I could just say that I didn’t know what to do with it because I already had too much guns. But I’m not a liar, that’s not what my parents would want me to be.
      ‘I don’t,’ and yes, I was scared of what would happen next. But at least I could die without hating myself for this conversation.
      ‘I’ll learn you,’ she tried.
      ‘Oh believe me, you wouldn’t be the first one trying to,’ I think that I started to blush because I was ashamed. ‘It’s hopeless,’ I added.
      ‘It’s not,’ she was quiet for a few seconds. It looked like she was considering if she would really say what she was going to say. I didn’t dare to interrupt her.
      ‘You shoot me,’ I shoot her? No. I’m not a killer. She could probably see that on face.
      ‘You have always been practicing shooting on zombies haven’t you?’ I nodded. ‘I don’t move, so I’m perfect to catch your first shot. I have no purpose in life anymore, so you can do it without feeling guilty about it.’
      She handed me the gun. I don’t know. Am I responsible for her death if she asks me to?
      ‘Do it!’ she said. She almost commanded me to. I pointed the gun at her. I knew I was not going to do it, but I wanted her to think that I tried. Does she know that I’ve never touched a gun before?
      The next thing I heard was a shot. Did I... No. I didn’t, the girl in front of me got herself up. Took the gun back and pointed it at me. ‘What did I...,’ she interrupted me. I hated her for that because I didn’t interrupted her when I knew she didn’t want me to. ‘Turn around,’ I did what she said immediately. I turned and... I saw a man. He could be her father or someone else who takes care of her. A gun was laying right next to him as if he had been holding it before he got shot.
      ‘Who of your men did this?’ My men? Was she kidding me?
      ‘I have no men,’ I said easily.
      ‘You do,’ she yelled furious. ‘Who else would save you?’ Who would save me? I could only think of one person, but Alex was miles away from here.
      ‘I did,’ a voice said.

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    Dus je gooit een cluffhanger op me af ey?
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      Hihi het komt er zo snel mogelijk aan (:

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