Second chapter.. don't go to reveal much.

Riley woke up, her lips broken from the cold. She was inside a house, she had a pillow and a blanket. It was warm but she didn't even know where she was. She was really confused, she stood up and she even had some other clothes on that weren't hers. She looked around and walked out if the bedroom but then she saw HIM. He was watching TV in his pajamas with his hair all messed up. Riley sighed, then coughed a little. He turned his head from the TV to Riley. She shaked her head. ''Why?'' Jamie sighed. ''You really thought I would leave you there in the cold? Look at your damn lips, they're broken, you're skin is pale and your eyes are looking terrible. I just wanted to make sure everything you were going to be alright.''

He touched her arms. ''Atleast your body's warm again'' Riley was looking at the ground. ''You still have to tell me something.'' Riley said. ''And what is that thing I have to tell you?'' He pulled up his eyebrow, still looking at her. ''You said you know me, but I don't know you... so how do you know me?'' Jamie swallowed ''You really want to know that? I never had to tell you that I know you.'' He sighed. Riley walked away but Jamie grabbed her arm on time, ''Don't leave, I'll tell you... soon.''

''Did you sleep next to me?'' Riley asked. Jamie was instantly quiet, ''What is your name?'' Riley looked at him, confused. ''J-Jamie.'' he mumbled quietly. ''Well Jaimy, DID you sleep next to me?'' she asked again, ''Yes..'' he mumbled, again quietly. ''But it was only because I kept an eye on you, how you were... that's all.'' he said. Riley laughed while she shaked her head. ''I don't believe you.'' She takes his hand and he takes hers. ''I'm not lying, but I'm also not telling youthe whole truth, I will explain everything later this afternoon.'' he said.

''You told me that earlier, when are you actually going to do that?'' Riley said frustrated, ''Fine.. I saw your poster hanging in the streets once, and not like a celebrity photo, you must have done something to get hanged like that. Besides... I thought you were dangerous at first, and our fight we had at the pub. But when we apologized to one another I truly saw you weren't that evil like I thought, you know? That's why I didn't call the police, if you know what I mean. I like to give people a second chance and I truly believe you are a good person, and yes I know you're under 18, I did some research on you, but don't worry.. It's all safe with me.'' Riley got some tears in her eyes, she didn't know what so say and just closed her eyes.

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