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''It's fine'' Riley said, opening her eyes. ''I mean.. I'm fine.'' she repeated. ''Are you sure about that?'' Jamie said, looking at her. ''I think I need to go.'' she didn't even blink and tried to walk away. ''You really sure?'' Jamie said. ''Yes, I am, because if someone finds out I'm not going back there, they will look for me and will find out soon enough that I'm not completely human.'' Jamie became invisible and Riley turned around when she saw nobody was here anymore... at least she thought. She didn't have a clue why he disappeared. She was walking in a fast pace towards the door when she crashed into Jamie (who was invisible) and because they touched, she too was invicible. The police came in, and thats how she knew he was invisible, they could see each other but the world outside couldn't. He grabbed her hand and moved to the bookcases.

''Please be quiet...'' Jamie whispered to Riley. The police was searching everywhere and came close to the bookcase. At that moment they were so quiet. Then the agent walked away from the bookcase. ''We know you are here Riley Adams, so please come out! We won't hurt you.'' Riley looked a little bit scared. 'Ofcourse you won't' she thought sarcastically, Jamie read her mind and smirked a little. Riley frowned at him, questioning his smirk. He tapped his own forehead to let her know he could read it. She understood. ''If you don't come out now, we're going to make the magic fade away!''

Riley let loose of Jamie's hand and became visible. There were five of them. ''You really need so much help?'' She asked them while shaking her head and smirking. ''You thought I would give up this fast?'' She looked pretty pleased. She reached her hand at them and said: ''Come at me.'' Still smirking because she was totally pleased. The agent wanted to walk at her and so he did but at that same moment, her hand reached at a vase and let it float! In the meantime the agent was in another world, full of empty things, and nothing else. Riley let the vase break on his head and he fell down on the ground, no reaction. ''Anyone else?'' She looked at them with a big smile on her face. More police agents came inside ''Well shit...'' she said with a scared tone. Jamie became visible and ran towards Riley, grabbed her arm and teleported them out of the house. ''Goddamnit, NOT AGAIN!'' A police agent screamed. ''GO LOOK FOR HER! SEARCH ANYWHERE IN THIS DAMN CITY!'' Some other agent said. ''Where does she get help from, everytime?''

They were outside the city, in a forest. ''Dangerous much?'' Jamie said. ''Told you.'' Riley had a vague look in her eyes. ''I know that look, and not only from you.. I recognize it, so you better sit down.'' Riley sat against a tree, feeling a little bit out of the world. 'They are still looking for me, they can see where I am throughout my very own eyes.' She was quiet for about five minutes when finally Jamie asked: ''Riley?'' she didn't react, ''Come on...'' Riley fell down on the other side on the ground. It looked like she wasn't even breathing, and he saw that... shaking her body trying to wake her up, fifteen minutes passed by until she coughed, because she didn't even breathe when she was out of nowhere. ''I'm not going to let you walk by yourself, close your mind, It'll help.'' Jamie said ''I can't right now, too weak'' she mumbled. ''Rest a little, we'll walk when you're ready.''

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