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'I can't rest, we need to go and for real'' Riley said, ''No, I know we are in a hurry but you need seriously rest'' Jamie looked worried at her. Riley looked back at him ''You seriously need to shut down your emotions, I can see it at your face'' Riley stood up carefully but then she dropped down again on the ground ''That's enough, I'm going to carry you if you want it or not.'' Jamie said. He picked her up on his arms and dragged her through the forest and Riley already slept into his arms and her head on his shoulder. Jamie could enjoy every second of this moment, he can't deny his feelings for her.. but he doesn't know if it's the same as her. Finally he reached another city behind ours. After some hours Jamie walked some other apartment inside who was also his. And puts her down on his bed.

It was afternoon and she still wasn't awake, Jamie walked inside the bedroom seeing her sleep but wondering why she didn't wake up, at that moment she did wake up. ''I can feel someone's presence..'' she mumbled softly. ''I've got enough rest'' Rileys eyes hanged low and her eyes turned yellow, she immediatly stands up and grabs him by his throat. Jamie looked scared and she pushed him on the ground with her hand very tight on his throat. Jamie threw himself over so he lays on her, he grabbed her both arms and pushed it next to her on the ground, his legs over her legs so she couldn't do anything. Now her eyes turned really black and she did nothing, laying there and not even a blink, she was shaking as a idiot.

''What did those idiots do to you?'' he mumbled, she stopped with shaking and her eyes turned back to normal, bright blue. ''What was that Riley?'' Jamie asked, Riley looked at him because he was completely over her. ''Huh, what?'' Riley asked. ''Wait what? You attacked me!'' Jamie looked confused ''You feel so cold, almost like a vampire.'' He puts his vingers at her wrist and looked at her heartbeat ''It's slow.. very slow'' he said, ''Why are you all over me?'' Riley asked ''Because you tried to kill me, I don't even know what that was but you tried, I had to do this so you couldn't do anything to hurt me'' Jamie helped her stand up.

''Why are you so pale and cold?'' Jamie asked. ''I don't know, I don't remember anything!'' Riley said scared but also confused, she dropped some tears. Jamie puts him to her to hug her and strikes her hair, ''We'll going to find it out'' he said softly. ''I just.. I feel so weak now'' Riley said. ''It'll be alright'' Jamie said ''They found a way to scare me off so they can get me, crawling into my mind'' ''Who?'' Jamie asked ''Who do you think? those bastards from last day'' She already stopped with crying but she kept him, holding her.

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