After all the talking and stuff they're walking back to the apartment until they hear someone screaming. ''What was that?'' Riley asked curious. The screaming became louder and louder when they came close by. Riley runned towards the screaming sound and found a little girl on the ground, still screaming and crying. Riley sat down on her knees in front of the girl. Her hand on the girl her shoulder. ''What happened?'' she whispered to the girl, ''I.. there was some little boy in front of me'' she couldn't get over the words she said. ''Can you please tell us? We want to help you.'' Jamie was standing at the side of Riley, looking around for safety. ''It was so rare, I mean that 'little' boy transformed like a devil.. and almost attacked me.'' The girl almost stopped crying because of the talking. ''I don't know why but he scratched me and then disappeared''

''Can I look at it?'' Riley said with a little smile on her face, a feeling of trust. The girl took down her shirt so she could see her shoulder. ''Scratches everywhere.'' She also pointed to her neck, everything was on one side, which was rare. ''Jamie?'' Riley looked at him. ''Yes?'' he answered. ''Do you know something against those scratches? It's toxic'' Riley said. ''I don't..'' he said, looking down to the ground. ''But.. no, you can't let her die like this! There MUST be something you or someone else can do about it'' Riley sighed. ''I guess there's not.''

The girl closed slowly her eyes, sitting there as nothing. Riley looked at her, no sign of living.''This must be a strong one'' Riley said. ''I just.. I let her die here, and I couldn't do anything!'' she almost screamed. ''Shush!'' Jamie said with his finger on his lips. He walked straight to Riley, helping her to stand up. ''We need to go..'' He said, ''No we can't.. we, NO! WE CAN'T!'' Jamie grabbed her wrist and he teleported them to the apartment. ''Don't you.. YOU JUST LEFT HER LIKE THAT!'' she said angry. ''We couldn't do anything, don't feel guilty about it, it's sad I know that but I'll keep saying that you couldn't do anything about it.'' Jamie said. ''I'm done, i'm absolutely done!'' Riley wanted to leave ''Wait!'' Jamie said. ''That shapeshifter is still around, you can die too.'' She sat down on the ground, the cold floor. ''I don't even care about that, wanted to die anyway'' she said. ''And you think I let you do that? After tonight?'' Jamie said calmly.

Riley stood up and walked to the bathroom. ''You'll see'' she smirked when she said that, Riley picked some medicines and some water. Jamie stormed into the bathroom and hits the medicines out of her hand. She picked everything up and does it fast into her mouth. ''Spit it out!'' he screamed. He turned his arm onto her neck. ''Spit it out or I will choke you!'' she swallowed it without the water. ''You don't have the guts to choke me bitch.'' Riley said. Jamie hits her so hard that she got unconscious, laying there on the ground. ''I'm sorry..'' he mumbled. He picked some abrasives and opened her mouth, he puts the abrasives into her mouth and let her swallow it. ''Now wake up please..''

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