Riley finally wakes up, but not in the bathroom. She was chained around her feet when she was laying onto the bed. There was a bucket next to her, she feels ill and she was pretty white in her face, her stomach ache became at his worst and she picked the bucket next to her to puke in it. Jamie heard that and raced to the bedroom, seeing her puke. ‘’It worked..’’ he mumbled really low, he picked a chair and sat down next to Riley. ‘’How do you feel?’’ he asked, she didn’t gave an answer and puked again in the bucket. ‘’What the heck did you do’’ she said and she puked again. ‘’I feel really sorry for this, you were unconscious because of me, I didn’t had a choice because you got out of control.’’ Jamie said. Riley was still vague ‘’Well, you are the first one who can actually handle me.’’ She said. ‘’I fed some abrasives so you can get rid of this stuff, that’s why you were puking.’’ Jamie said.
‘’I am chained.. why?’’ she looked at her feet ‘’because I didn’t knew how you would react if you woke up, own safety’’ He said. ‘’Can you free me from those stupid chain?’’ she asked. ‘’Only if I can trust you not to attack me.’’ He sighed. ‘’I promise.’’ Riley said. Jamie opens the chain and Riley held her feet back. ‘’You really look like a drug addict.’’ Jamie said, a little bit smirking. ‘’I’m not, you stupid idiot.’’ She said frustrated. ‘’And that’s why I love you, I like girls who play hard to get’’ He said. ‘’How many girlfriends did you got then?’’ Riley asked curious. ‘’Enough, and too soft.’’ He said. Riley was laughing a little bit vague ‘’You know, I’m looking very good for a 23 years old boy’’
‘’Oh yes here it is, maybe I think different about it? Who knows?’’ Riley said smirking at him. ‘’Well at least I’m a good kisser’’ he puts out his tongue. ‘’Keep that tongue inside of your mouth, it’s childish’’ Riley said ‘’Not for long’’ he smirked and bent over her giving her a huge lick over her cheek with a lot of saliva. ‘’Ew! Don’t be so nasty!’’ she said and Jamie was laughing really hard. ‘’Now it’s time for the real work’’ Jamie kissed Riley again, this time she doesn’t back off. He stopped eventually ‘’We don’t have to say anything about it because it’s obvious.’’ He said. ‘’What is obvious? That I also kissed you?’’ Riley said neutral. ‘’Yes and that we are together.’’ He said back. ‘’I believe it, just don’t say the words out loud because then i’m going to puke again’’
‘’Actually, this is the worst timing to get together, you know that?’’ Riley said pretty serious ‘’Yeah I know, but I can’t deny it forever’’ Jamie said. Riley’s eyes became instantly bright yellow, Jamie saw it directly and chained her back on her feet. He knew the last time what happened, she tried to kill him and this time he tries to avoid it. Some other voice came up as in speaking by Riley ‘’Next time we’ll bring her to the bureau at herself’’ the voice said and her eyes became normal. ‘’We are training this bullshit of them, so you can be immune’’ Jamie said. ‘’Is that possible?’’ Riley asked. ‘’Yes but you need to work hard on it.’’

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