‘’First of all.’’ Jamie said ‘’You need to concentrate and focus only on yourself and nobody else.’’ Riley sighs, standing straight to a wall. ‘’I need to get rid of it, but do I need so much training?’’ She said. ‘’Yes you have to, or else they will control you forever’’ Riley sighs again. ‘’How do you know so much about this stuff?’’ She raised an eyebrow. ‘’I’ve been in a practice for that.’’ He smiled vague. ‘’It also helps to be immune for shapeshifters’’ he repeated. ‘’Seriously?’’ Riley asked. ‘’Yes I am serious, as long you’re strong enough, but I’ll teach you to do that’’ When Jamie said that they heard some noise outside. ‘’Must be the cats’’ he mumbled. ‘’Ignore them, they are just innocent animals’’ Riley said neutral. ‘’Cats are creepy’’ He smirked. ‘’They are not, you stupid idiot.’’ Riley said, she tried to concentrate on one thing and she looked dreamy out of her eyes. ‘’What are you doing?’’ Jamie asked, Riley didn’t respond and was still concentrating. ‘’I’m guessing they are gone, must be shapeshifters’’ Riley sighs.
‘’You sure about that?’’ Jamie asked. ‘’I am pretty sure about it, the noises were from the cats, but when I just focused on it.’’ She stopped with talking and watched at the window. ‘’Yeah, and?’’ Jamie was also looking at the window. ‘’I don’t know, something happened like some light appeared in my head.’’ She said. ‘’How?’’ Jamie asked. ‘’It just happened, I don’t know how.’’ Riley said confused. ‘’You’re more powerful than I thought’’ he said still looking at the window. ‘’People need at least a month practice, every day.. and you just did it?’’ Jamie said also confused. ‘’Yeah’’ Riley stepped away from the window and takes a seat on the chair behind her. ‘’I’m surprised, literally’’ Jamie smiled vague. ‘’You underrated me, obviously and what I already thought’’ Riley said happily, she stood up and walked to the door. ‘’I’m going to eat something, do you want something?’’ she asked, he really could see at her she was happy.
‘’No thankyou, not really that hungry.’’ He said absent. ‘’Too surprised to be hungry?’’ she began to laugh. ‘’Shut up, it’s not that’’ Jamie said playful. ‘’Well, I’m not even hungry but I didn’t eat for three days so I have to’’ Jamie looked behind her. Riley did also ‘’What’s wrong?’’ she asked. ‘’Nothing, I daydreamed a little, thought I saw someone but it wasn’t’’ Riley frowned ‘’You absolutely sure?’’ she asked. ‘’Yes I am.’’ Jamie said, taking her hand and walked with her to the livingroom. ‘’What are you doing?’’ she asked confused. ‘’Watch.’’ He left her hand and makes a bowl of his hands, everything became incredibly cold. He let his other hand doing all the work and there it was, A glass of ice, like some mediums bowl. ‘’It’s amazing, isn’t it?’’ He smiled a little. ‘’Yes, it is’’ Riley looked surprised of what he could do. ‘’It’s for you, look at it and you see your biggest dreams’’ He said. ‘’Wait what? Is that even possible?’’ she asked. ‘’Yes, you saw it with your own eyes, ofcourse it’s possible. Look at it’’ Jamie said. Riley was full of concentration on the bowl of ice and everything became black, like she didn’t have a dream. Jamie looked confused. ‘’Rare..’’ He said.

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