Riley looked surprised ‘’I have dreams, right?’’ she asked. ‘’Ofcourse you have, everyone has them’’ Jamie said. ‘’Why is it all black then?’’ Riley asked, still confused ‘’Maybe, because your dreams already came out?’’ Jamie stepped closer to her, strikes her hair and puts his hand on her waist. ‘’Remember, don’t say the words’’ Riley whispered in his ear. ‘’I won’t, I’ll show you’’ He gives a small kiss on her forehead. ‘’Must that be done?’’ she asked. ‘’Yes, because I love to do it’’ Jamie said ‘’YOU SAID THE WORD!’’ she screamed. ‘’FLUMMERY! YOU SAID IT!’’ She hits him at his shoulder. ‘’OUCH!’’ he said. ‘’You hit pretty hard for a girl’’ Jamie said, striking his arm from the pain. ‘’I know’’ she laughed hard. ‘’Which dream came true?’’ Jamie asked spontaneous. ‘’Guess what.’’ She smirked. ‘’I am your dream?’’ He guessed it. ‘’Yeah, you are.’’ She smiled lovely. Jamie hugged her like a way he never wanted to let her go, he lifts her up and throws her on the couch. ‘’You deserved that hug, but you also deserved to be punished.’’ Jamie said smirking.
‘’You’ll get your payback!’’ Riley said with some evil fake laugh. ‘’How old are you again?’’ Jamie asked. ‘’Seventeen, why?’’ Riley sighs when she said that. ‘’I see, you’re acting on your age, playful is fun sometimes’’ Jamie said smiling. ‘’Fine, fine I get it’’ Riley stood up from the couch and reached her hand to a glass of water. She moved it with her telekinesis and the water was above Jamie, letting it down on his head. ‘’Now you’re going to get it!’’ Jamie said, his face and shirt wet from the water. Riley runs away as soon as possible, she came to a bookcase and searched for something.
She felt something in the bookcase, she went to it and turned it around. There was a door in the bookcase and she hides in there, closing it. ‘’Oh Riley! Where are you?’’ He said playful. Still searching for her but she couldn’t find her. He stood closely at the bookcase and heard a little breath came by. He opens the bookcase and sees her standing straight like she was completely as stone or something. ‘’Riley?’’ He waved with his hand to her face. She runs quickly away from the bookcase and Jamie grabbed on time her arm and pushed her down on the ground. ‘’Come on!’’
Jamie had a glass of water in his hand and throws it over her head. Riley screams a little bit because she was scared. ‘’Fine, you got me.’’ She said, her face all wet from the water, same as Jamie. ‘’Urgh.’’ She said. ‘’Now you got what you want, happy now?’’ she said frustrated. ‘’Yeah, actually I am happy with this’’ He giggled. Riley rolls with her eyes and looked pretty angry at him ‘’Look, you started so don’t blame it on me’’ Jamie said honestly ‘’True that.’’ Riley said convincing.

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