Foto bij Just tell her || Spencer Reid

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Taal: Engels
Vorm: Reid x Reader
Samenvatting: As the reader falls asleep on Spencers shoulder on the plane, Morgan decides to give him some much needed advice.

This case had gotten under your skin to such a degree that the others noticed the pep missing from your step. Usually you'd be all smiles and giggles but not today. You were worn out and even the six hour plane ride home didn't bother you as much as it would on other days. All you wanted was a hot bath and a good book to take your mind of the images that had been swerving behind your eyes every night. "You okay, Y/N?" Hotch inquired. He looked concerned. "Yeah, I'm fine. This one just kind of got to me. It happens, I guess." Hotch shot you another look. It had only been six months since you started working with the team. This case wasn't the first one to stick and it sure as hell wouldn't be the last one. You tried to look brave in front of your boss as you walked into the plane and settled yourself in the seat next to Spencer.

You liked the whole team of people you worked with. You could listen to Gideon for hours and never minded a little friendly flirtationship with Morgan or talking to JJ for hours on end. Yes, you really did feel at home with these people. But Spencer, he was different. He became your best friend the moment you asked if anyone wanted to watch the latest Doctor Who episode with you. He took you to readings and you taught him the beauty of the new Star Trek movies - something he still preferred not to see but refused to tell you-. It was perfect, in every way. Until, one day, you caught yourself staring at the glances of sunlight on his face, how it enlightened his features, how he would lick his lips before he softly bit down on him and you realized you wanted to do the exact same thing. To him.

"Y/N??" Your head shot up as someone, rudely, broke your stream of thoughts. "Yes?" Reid looked at you, studying your face and maybe it was just your imagination but his gaze seemed to linger a little longer than necessary. You cleared your throat as you felt heat rising to your cheeks. "Are you okay?" You noticed Hotch and Morgan looking at you too. "Yes. Why?" Spencer chuckled. "Well, I did have to ask you trice before you even seemed to notice me." You tried to replicate his chuckle. "I'm just tired, you know. This one didn't leave us much room for sleeping, did he?" The team seemed to sigh in unison. Spencer obviously didn't buy it but decided to ask you later, without the others near. "Well, I'm going to take a nap. I suggest you do the same. God knows we deserve it." Morgan mumbled across from you as he plugged in his headphones and closed his eyes.

Sometime during your nap, your head ended up on Spencer's shoulder. Your hand casually resting on his thigh. The unexpected touch made Spencer look up from his book. He cautiously put the armrest between the two of you down so you would be more comfortable before he tucked your hair back behind your ear. You slept like that for a while with your head tucked between his shoulder and neck and your arm wrapped around him. "You should tell her kiddo." Reid's head shot up. "What - what do you mean? I - I never - She - What?" Morgan snickered, taking off his headphones. "For such a smart man, you really have no clue, do you?" Reid looked at him with a puzzled expression but Morgan just waited, leaving the genius to figure it out himself. "I mean,-" He looked around, searching for other awake team members but it seemed it was just him and Morgan. "I like her but,-" he shook his head. "Look at her Derek. She is the epitome of perfection. She is beautiful and smart and kind and I'm - I am me. Just, me."
"Woah, hold it there Genius. You are all those things too, you know. Just tell her, man. I think her answer might surprise you." He concluded with a wink. "Thanks Morgan but I doubt it." A rather sad smile appeared and disappeared fast enough to go unnoticed to the untrained eye but Derek Morgan did not have untrained eyes and it made him rather sad to see his friend think so lowly of himself.

You were still fast asleep as the plane landed. Spencer nudged you softly to wake you up. "Spenceeee. Don't. Let me sleep." Suddenly very aware of where you or better yet, who you were asleep on. "Omg! Spence! I'm so sorry. You should've woken me up." He timidly smiled at his feet. "I don't mind Y/N." Earning himself a big, fat smile from Derek. "Oh, okay" Your cheeks flushed red. "You want to share a cab doctor? We're going the same way if I remember correctly." He laughed out loud at that remark. Of course you remembered correctly, you had been there more than he had lately. the sound of his laughter sounded like heaven to you.

You said your goodbyes to the rest of the team, different cabs already waiting to take each of you home. Finally. you slid in after Spencer and carefully placed your head on his shoulder again. "So, Doctor Reid -" You smiled up at him. He looked back at you, confused by your sudden use of 'doctor'. "We have a little problem." He was still completely perplexed. "Yes?" You chuckled. "You like me -" His cheeks started to get a deep red colour as he tried to interrupt you and explain himself. "So where's all the kissing?"
"Y/N" He whispered your name. A voice full of deep and long detained desire. "Are you sure?" You nodded, unknowing if you would even be able to speak right now as he cupped your cheeks with his big hands and pulled you closer. He stared into your eyes for what seemed to be an eternity before his lips finally found yours.

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