It began to rain heavy outside. Jamie looked outside watching to the rain, it began to look much bigger like the rain was going to overthrow itself. ‘’Maybe we have to escape’’ Jamie said pretty loud, Riley was behind him. ‘’We can do that.’’ Riley came standing next to him ‘’Look it already stopped. ‘’ she said. ‘’Yeah, but it’s not a little bit rain you know’’ Jamie said a little bit worried. ‘’It’ll be fine, when the sun is back it dries’’ Riley said neutral rolling with her eyes ‘’Use your brains dumbass’’ she giggled a little. ‘’I will, smartass’’ Jamie also rolled with his eyes. ‘’Who ‘s there?’’ some older man asked outside by the door. Riley recognized the voice ‘’Hide, now!’’ Jamie took Riley to the bedroom and they both crawled under the bed where it was very dark. Other police came inside.
We call them Flerys, an other term of police for supernaturals. ‘’It’s left, track the user of the house.’’ Our Head-Flerys said. ‘’Here it stands, Jamie Greystone’’ the Flerys looked at the picture of the owner. ‘’That’s him! Who traveled with our very own Riley Adams’’ they said. Riley heard it obviously and she crawled away under the bed. ‘’HEY!’’ She shouted. ‘’Damnit Riley’’ Jamie mumbled. She walked towards them and she began to sit on her knees. ‘’Give up so easily? How come?’’ They asked. ‘’Do it.’’ She said with a lot of confidence. ‘’I will prove you that you guys are wrong. ‘’ She said.
Finally they took her, Jamie was all alone and he didn’t understand why she did this. He found a note on the floor. You will understand, just don’t leave my side. He stared at the note for hours and hours and still he doesn’t understand the situation. He rescued her couple of times and then she does this. His mind was fuzzy and uncontrollable and the worst of all he didn’t know what to do. Frustration but also angry in his mind, he could throw himself for a bus or something. He completely lost it.
Riley was sitting in prison, waiting for her moment to prove herself. ‘’Unlucky you, you have to wait a couple more hours or maybe a day more.’’ The jailor said. She grabs the rails of her prison space furious ‘’They don’t want proof do they? They just want me to rot here!’’ She said like she was the angriest person on earth. ‘’Back off.’’ The jailor said calmly and she did. The jailor walks away with some creepy laugh. ‘’Ugh, I hate this place’’ She said when she looked around.
She moved her hand at the rails and tried to change them so she could get out of here. It actually worked ‘’Huh, no magical protection?’’ she was confused, Riley moved herself through the rails and she takes her uniform out, her normal clothes were behind it. Her hair was all wild from running and her face is red like a tomato. She keeps running until she saw some guards. She concentrates on her view and that was the guards. They were looking around like they are in an other place. And she passed by them slowly. She’s still running but outside of the prison, some big huge wall was around the prison. ‘’Well shit.’’ She mumbled. First thing she could to is running towards it and climbing on the wall. She slips a little bit away but she keeps going until she reached the other side and she did. Riley jumped from the wall to the ground and she stopped, she must breathe and she did. She was in a forest, she didn’t even knew where she was.

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