This was the story for so far, I'll keep writing with this one, not finished yet.

It was 5AM in the morning, Riley wakes up this early. Her head laying on his legs ‘’Good morning’’ Jamie said, looking at the TV ‘’You talk a lot in your sleep.’’ Jamie giggled a little ‘’Did you even sleep?’’ Riley mumbled, she was just awake so she could barely talk ‘’No, but I’m not tired’’ Jamie said. Riley stands up and walks to the middle of the living room, starting with a workout. Jamie looked behind the couch. ‘’What the fuck are you doing?’’ Jamie looked confused at her ‘’Workout, every damn morning’’ she said. ‘’Wow, really?’’ Jamie said ‘’That’s why you got so much condition’’ Riley stopped about a hour with the workout and stretches herself for a minute.
‘’How can you even act like nothing has happened’’ Jamie said ‘’I’ve learned that, because if you keep thinking about it, It will destroy you from inside.’’ She said ‘’It also wakes me up’’ Riley walked to the kitchen for something to drink, she picked a glass of water and walked back to the living room ‘’And nothing for me?’’ Jamie said with puppy eyes ‘’You have hands and legs, go get it yourself’’ She giggled a little, drinking a little from her glass of water ‘’Maybe.’’ Jamie said absent ‘’But I’m still wondering, why are they chasing after you?’’ He asked ‘’Long story, but they never seen the truth of it, only because I murdered some people.’’ She said. ‘’Wait what? You murdered some people?’’ He looked shocked ‘’Erghm, yes’’ She became insecure when she said that ‘’What did you do? What did even happen!’’ Jamie became angry, she could see it at his face and his voice.
‘’Enough happened’’ Riley said and she became silent. It looked like Jamie became more and more angry ‘’You better tell me now, because I’m not going to be a victim target against you’’ Jamie said. Riley also looked shocked in front of Jamie ‘’I’m out here.’’ Riley said, she walked to the door and smashed it behinds her. Jamie also smashed the door behind him and he grabbed her by her wrist ‘’I’ll give you ONE chance to tell me what happened, or else you can leave’’ Jamie said furious, taking her inside the apartment.
They both sat down on the kitchen floor, Jamie signed at Riley she could begin talking ‘’Um, yeah.. I got attacked, a year ago by multiple people, you know our people. They were invisible like you can do that, and once I had them in my sight I murdered every piece of them because if I didn’t kill them, they killed me. One ran away on time and I still don’t know who it was’’ Riley said this in one breath. ‘’It seemed like he couldn’t do it, like he felt sorry for me’’ Jamie sighs and smashed his hands on his forehead ‘’No, this isn’t happening. Is this karma?’’ Jamie said like he was freaking out. ‘’This is karma..’’ he whispered to himself. Riley saw now that every puzzle piece became on the right place.

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