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Alexis Sanchez

'Jeez, you look like you got hit by a bus!' grijnsde Theo naar me de volgende morgen. Ik rolde mijn ogen en richtte me op mijn sporttas.
'You're right Theo, what has gotten into him?' Oh fijn, nu kwam Aaron ook nog helpen.
'I just couldn't sleep, okay.' zuchtte ik en hoopte dat ik er daarmee vanaf zou zijn, maar het tegenovergestelde was waar.
'Why? What happened?' vroeg Aaron. Theo wist het al dus keek me even aan en liep toen weg naar het veld.
'What didn't happen? Let's just talk somewhere else..' Ik nam hem mee naar de gang waar niemand was en zuchtte. 'I found drugs in Anne's bag yesterday.' Aaron's ogen keken me verward aan.
'You found what?!'
'I found drugs in Anne's bag, but it was right after Sidney stepped by for the fundraiser.. Anyway, to make a long story short, I obviously had a talk with her after which Nadieh came and they both tried to convince me it was Sidney who put the drugs there.'
'Sidney?' vroeg Aaron toen ook, nog steeds even verbaasd. Ik knikte.
'Yeah, to be honest, it does make sense. Every time Anne got ill in a club and stuff, Sidney was there. Sidney was everywhere and she knows too much about Nadieh's past.. They don't know the motive and to be honest, I'm quite confused myself.' Aaron knikte.
'Does Hector know this?' Ik schudde mijn hoofd.
'No, I think it's best if we keep it a secret for now. Nadieh and Anne didn't want to say anything to Sidney either as long as they don't know what her motive is.' Aaron knikte weer en zuchtte, waarna hij over zijn hoofd wreef.
'Will this drama ever stop with my sisters?' Ik moest lachen en klopte heme ven op zijn rug.
'This is not their fault.. be glad there aren't any drugs in your house.'
'Shut up!'

Nadieh Ramsey

Later die middag hadden Anne en ik afgesproken om naar Aaron te gaan. Anne had van Alexis te horen gekregen dat hij Aaron had ingelicht, waarop Aaron ons beiden had gesms'd. We konden hem moeilijk buiten sluiten en bovendien was het makkelijker om alles face-to-face uit te leggen.
'So you really think Sidney is behind all this?' vroeg Aaron toen we ons verhaal hadden gedaan. Anne zuchtte en keek weg.
'Well, I told Anne about everything and it just doesn't add up, you know. I even did a social media search but nothing turns up.. This Sidney Fields came out of nowhere.' zuchtte ik. Aaron keek even op.
'Fields? She is called Sidney Fields?' vroeg hij toen. We knikten. Hij liep naar een kastje en haalde een tas eruit, waarna hij een paar papieren eruit haalde en ze aandachtig bestudeerde.
'What are you doing?' vroeg ik niet begrijpend.
'This might be a long shot, but... okay, you have to promise me not to use this against our parents.' zei hij zuchtend en keek ons allebei aan. 'Dad had an affair.' Anne en ik keken elkaar verbaasd aan.
'An affair?! Dad?! When?' vroeg Anne meteen en keek Aaron weer aan.
'A long time ago. I was just about going to school. Anyway, mum forgave him, but later on when i was a teen, they still fought about it. You guys were too young but obviously I asked and they told me. The woman's surname was called Fields as well..'
'Oh my god, Sidney said she took her mother's name!' riep ik. 'But this is a stretch though, I mean, wouldn't have dad known if he were to have another child?' Aaron haalde zijn schouders op.
'I don't know.. There are a lot of secrets. You guys should know.' Hij keek ons nadrukkelijk aan en sloeg toen weer zijn ogen neer.
'This is good that you know this Aaron, but.. how are we going to use this? She'll say no or deny it if we ask her straight away. We need a masterplan.' vond ik. Aaron zuchtte nogmaals.
'Yeah but can we do that another time?' vroeg Anne toen. 'I'm having dinner with Alexis and would like to go home.'
'Yeah sure.' zei ik toen.
'But girls, please don't say anything to our parents, okay? It took them long enough to get over it.'
'As long as they'll get over Theo and me breaking up.' zuchtte ik, waarna Aaron me nog een keer streng aankeek en ik zwichtte. 'Fine!'

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