Foto bij Quietly || Spencer Reid

Aanvraag van Phortos

Fandom: Criminal minds
Taal: Engels
Vorm: Personage x Reader, ik vorm
Setting: "Gelieve iets waarbij ik mezelf eigenlijk vooral distancieer van de groep en weinig praat, maar Reid me zover krijgt om misschien toch een keer wat opener te zijn."

It was early in the morning as the call came. Luckily, this time, I was still awake. I pushed my laptop aside and reached for my phone next to me. "Agent Y/LN" It was Aaron Hotchners voice on the other side. "Hope I didn't wake you, there's a case." I nodded my head before realizing he could not see me. "Y/N?" Heat rose to my cheeks. "Yes - Yes sir, on my way." I could curse myself for being so damn stupid and clueless on the phone. Hastily, I threw my hair up in a ponytail and fixed my clothes before splashing cold water at my face. A lot of cold water. This was going to be a very long night.

The greatest part of the team had already gathered in the bull pen, all in varying degrees of waking up. I nodded in their general direction before diving into the little adjoining kitchen. Luckily, nobody was there. The others already seemed to have gotten coffee before I arrived. At least it was silent here. "Can you pour me a cup too?" I tensed at the sudden disturbance. "Ex - excuse me?" The house genius of the BAU smiled sleepily, gesturing towards the coffee can in my hands. "Coffee, loads of sugar please." He ran a hand through his disheveled hair. "Why don't you even look like someone just woke you up at this unruly hour?" Was that supposed to be a compliment or a question? His tone didn't really give it away so I just shrugged and poured his coffee before slipping past him.

I had joined the BAU about just two months ago. It was harding finding my way around them. They were a close group, more like a family to be precise. It didn't really matter, I preferred being alone anyway. I think.

"I'm honestly still trying to figure out if she's just that quiet or if she hates our damn guts." Morgan said and even if he seemed to be laughing there was a look of genuine curiosity on his face. "Nobody is that quiet" Prentiss chimed in. "I mean, boy wonder here was quiet when he first started but she - well, she is a whole new level of silent."
"Maybe she's just scared of us." JJ added to the mix, a look of concern crossing her face. "Of Prentiss maybe. I'm not scary. Nah, I think she just secretly hates our guts. That's why she refuses to talk to us." Morgan pushed himself up on the desk, eyeing Reid from the corner of his eye.
"She's just shy. Give her a break." Reid finally joined in on their conversation, barely looking up from his sugar-induced coffee. He couldn't bear them talking about her like that. Morgan chuckled. "We already know you have the hots for her pretty boy, no need to emphasize." His head jolted upright. "No I don't!" Prentiss and Morgan raised their eyebrows at each other, JJ tried to disguise an obvious snicker as a cough. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, my friend, but I never saw you trying so hard to talk to someone who does less of it than you do." Reid cursed under his breath. Ofcourse they knew. They're trained profilers. They'd be damned if they didn't.

"Erm, hey guys,-" I averted my eyes, not able to meet theirs. "Hotch wants us to give the profile now." I swallowed, hard. When I looked up I noticed JJ smiling at me. "Good to hear your voice, babygirl, I was worried you'd lost it." I felt my cheeks warm up at an alarming pace. "C'mon Y/N, -" Reid put his hand on the small of my back, bringing me back to the break room of the local police office. "The profile, remember?" But, oh god, all I could think about was the lingering feeling of his hand against me, pushing me forwards. Even after his hand had disappeared, I could still feel it. It would send shivers down my spine every time I thought about it.

It had been a tough case from the start. Getting on a plane at 3 in the morning and not being able to sleep for more than a few hours every night while there didn't really brighten the mood on the plane ride home. I had found a place in a corner seat, away from the others and was ready to plug my headphones in when I felt someone sitting down next to me. Reid leaned back in the seat, carefully choosing his next words. "You could join us, you know. We don't bite." He smiled shyly. I turned my head slightly to the side to avoid his gaze but the sudden rosiness of my cheeks must've given me away as he gave me a small nudge. "I don't know, Reid, I - I'm - I'm kind of intimidated by the lot of you. You're all so close and I've never been good at this and - and -" I threw my hands up, partially to make my point, partially out of despair. He seemed to understand. "I had a hard time too when I first started here." His eyes lit up for a second. "How about I sit with you - we don't even have to talk and if you're ready you can come with us for drinks when we land." I nodded, meeting his eyes for the first time since he started talking. "I'd like that. I'd like that very much."

We talked for what felt like hours. About books and poetry and movies and everything and nothing. I liked talking to Spencer, it was like I never wanted him to stop talking to me ever again. Even when Morgan settled himself across from me and joined the conversation, I didn't really mind. It took a while to get accustomed with it all but it felt - good, in a way. it was certainly easier with Spencer by my side. Every time he accidentally touched my arm or leg while repositioning in his chair, it would send jolts of electricity through my body only to settle in the pit of stomach. It didn't feel like butterflies, it felt like a whole goddamn zoo in there.

"So, Y/N, what does your man think about your new job? He annoyed by it yet?" I laughed. My god, it felt so good to just laugh. Derek was a funny, quirky guy. "Derek, please, I am-" I reconsidered my words. "I was barely able to talk to you and I have been working with all of you for two months. In confined spaces no less. Where do you think I would've found someone?" Derek's eyes shot over to Spencer for just a split second, still he managed to get a wink in. "I don't know Y/N, love has a way of coming from an unexpected corner." He gently patted me on the shoulder.

The team considered going out but eventually collectively decided to go home and get some, well-deserved, rest. "Hope it worked, even if it was just a little." I turned around to where Spencer was standing, taking my time to take a good look at him. He stood there with his hands in his pockets, alternately standing on his toes then his heels. The sight of him was adorable. "Yes, actually, thank you Re-"
"Spence." I smiled at my feet. When I looked up Spencer had closed the distance between the two of us. We just stood there for a while. Studying the others face. Both a little held back. "I, erm, I should go." My voice didn't sound like my voice. It sounded deeper, a little hoarse even. Stupid, I thought. Incredibly sexy, Spencer thought as he took the last step forward and crashed his lips into mine. His plump lips tasted like coffee and sweetness. My hands wandered over his chest to his neck and eventually settled in his hair, pulling him even closer into me.

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  • Ascian

    I'm in love, just a little

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    Oeh wauw, wat schrijf jij heerlijk zeg.

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    • Caricia

      Aw, dankjewel! Wat lief!

      3 jaar geleden
  • Long

    Ik leef voor Spence die de actie onderneemt though.

    3 jaar geleden
    • Caricia

      Haha, jij niet alleen!

      3 jaar geleden

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