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Fandom: MARVEL
Personage: James "Bucky" Barnes
Vorm: Hij-zij
Setting: Geen idee, maak er wat moois van

WARNING: implied smut :')

The girl was throwing punches at the boxing bag with such fury that it seemed like it had wronged her personally. The normally chilled room was heated from the anger radiating off her body. She must've been in there for hours now. "Wo-woah, steady now, short stuff. You might hurt yourself."
"Oh, bite me, Barnes." The super soldier stopped the bag with one hand and smirked from behind it. "Well, if you say it like that - I just might. How long have you been in here anyway?" Y/N gave the bag one last punch. "A few hours, tops." Bucky grinned. "So what has this poor bag done to you?" She muttered something under her breath as she grabbed her water bottle and emptied it in about two big gulps. "You know, Y/N, you look incredibly hot doing that." The remark was rewarded with a little smirk, barely noticeable. "Did you just smile at me Ms. Y/LN?" She couldn't contain it anymore and smiled as widely as her cheeks allowed her to. "There it is!" Bucky took a few big leaps towards her to hug her tight. "It wasn't your fault, you know. Nobody could've known that mission was a trap. We're all fine. Seriously, stop blaming yourself." No matter what the situation, he always seemed to find the right words to get her to calm down. She turned around in his arms, now facing him, just so she could give him a light peck on the lips. "Want to spar, old man? I'll go easy on ya." She winked, jumping out of his grip and playfully holding up her fists in front of his face, pretending to punch him.

"Excuse me, short stuff? Did you happen to miss the iron arm? The height difference? The years of experience?" She snorted, shaking her head, jumping around, pretending to punch him again. "Y/N..." He almost fooled her into thinking that he wouldn't do it, almost. He charged forward, tripping her to the ground and pinning him underneath her. He knocked the breath right out of her. "Still sure you want to do this doll?"
"HA!" She yelled as she successfully managed to turn them around. His head bouncing forcefully on the mat, a sly grin plastered across his face. "C'mon grandpa, that all you got?" Y/N jumped up, giving him the time to get up himself. They stood like that for a while, calculating their moves and wondering what the other one would try next. It was Y/N who made the first leap, kicking up in the air trying to knock him back down but faltering when he grabbed her leg right out of the air and turned her around. "Who says I'm not letting you win?" She regained her balance quickly, quicker than he could've ever imagined. He was on his knees before he even realized what happened. She was good. "Ha, you wish, grandpa. But hey, we can stop now. If you're getting tired?" Bucky could just hear the laughter in her voice. He was never going to live this down if word got out.

With a last effort, he ducked forward bringing her out of balance. Pulling her over his neck, he pinned her beneath him. "Do you ever - ever shut up?" She threw her legs around his waist but instead of throwing him off, like he expected, she only pulled him closer to her. "Only if someone makes me." His eyes grew dark, he licked his lips. "Well then, doll, guess I'll have to take on that task." She grinned seductively. "Like you mind."
"What did I just say woman?" He didn't give her the time to answer, kissing her fervently. A soft moan escaped her lips as their tongues fought for dominance over the other. He pulled her upright against him to deepen the kiss. It made her melt in all the right places.

"Buck! Can you- EW GROSS, get a room guys." Bucky didn't even bother looking up to flip Natasha off but Y/N did, her cheeks flustered and still a little out of breath. "You're trouble, you know." He laughed out loud. "You want to go looking for trouble, doll?" She shook her head cautiously.
"Nah, but I wouldn't mind fucking it." If she had shocked him with her sudden bluntness, it didn't show. He picked her up off the floor and carried her towards the locker room, convinced he wouldn't be able to resist her long enough to get to either one of their rooms. "Bucky! What are you doing?" She tried hitting his back to get his attention, all in vain. He pushed her up against the back wall, planting kisses on every inch of bare skin he could find. "Bucky..." She pleaded. "Shut up." He mouth found the soft spot on the back of her neck and oh god, she did.

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