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Fandom: Criminal Minds
Personage: Spencer. Just pls
Taal: Engels
Vorm: eerste persoon
Setting: okay so, emh, tijdens een Case brengt Spencer ze eigen leven weer een keer in gevaar omdat hij zichzelf wil bewijzen. Reader wordt hier boos om omdat ze van hem houdt, maar Spencer heeft dit niet door tot ze het letterlijk zegt.

A/N: Okay, so, maybe I overdid it a little. Warnings for self inflicted pain and just general pissiness.
I kinda, mighta projected my shitty day on this one.
Also; deze versie is zolang dit bericht staat niet nagelezen: fouten zijn dus meer dan mogelijk.

"Spencer! What the hell?!" I pushed him back, my anger suddenly rising at an alarming rate. "Jesus, Y/N, calm down. It's nothing, seriously!"
"Nothing? NOTHING?!" I was yelling now, barely able to contain my temper. It was a bloody miracle that I wasn't breathing fire. "You're a fucking moron, Reid." Spencer flinched at the unexpected use of his last name and with that he knew that she was, capital P, pissed. He tried holding his hands up in defense but it only landed him another push. "Y/N -"

"You tell me to calm down one more time and I swear to god, I will kill you PERSONALLY before you finish that sentence! You could've died in there! Have you got any idea what that-"

I stopped myself right there and shook my head. He wouldn't understand anyway. In his head he was the hero of this case, running in a house holding no less than three unsubs and no backup whatsoever. When I saw him standing there, at gunpoint, trying to talk his way out of the situation he so recklessy ran into, my heart had stopped. "We all lived. The victim is safe." I desperately tried to regulate my heavy breathing. I was positively panting. Only after - finally - succeeding at that was I able to look back up. Where there was anger radiating of my body before, there was now only a bleak coldness. "Y/N? Are you even listening to me? We're all fine. I saved that woman's life!" Spencer hopelessly threw his hands up in the air. "What do you even-" I rolled my eyes and noticed that my temper had completely subdued and a certain air of indifference had taken it's place. “Twenty bucks to the person that can get him to shut up. Legally or illegally, I’m not picky.”

With those words I got in one of the big pick up trucks and slammed the door as hard as I possibly could. It didn't take long for Morgan to climb behind the wheel. I refused to look up at him, just knowing that he was watching me. "You know, -" he chuckled. "Remind to never get on your bad side girl. I mean, I thought boy wonder was going to drop dead just by the death glare you gave him." I shrugged, not completely trusting my voice after that, very public, scene. "It'll be okay, kid." He voice was full of sincerity and something - something I couldn't exactly lay my finger on. Suddenly the door on his side bursted open. It was spencer, heaving and a face bright red with rage and disbelief. "OUT" He snapped. Morgan raised a single eyebrow at him, asking a silent question. "Do not make me ask twice." Spencer's voice was low, thick with held back frustration. It was more of a grumble anyway. "You didn't exactly ask me -" Who knows what else he was going to say. Reid had already grabbed him and dragged him out of the car. I shrieked in surprise by the sudden outburst of violence.

Before I knew it I was yelling again. "What the hell Spencer?" I was reaching for the handle, trying to get out of the car. My efforts proved futile, Spencer had already thought of the possibility and locked the doors. By the time he started driving, I was absolutely furious. My insides felt like they where burning up but even then, I couldn't help but sneak a look at Spencer. His profile looked hard and rigid against the evening sky, his knuckles were white from clutching the steering wheel and his eyes never left the road ahead. He took a few deep, uneven breaths before he made an attempt at speaking; "That was totally unnecessary you know. Nothing happened and I truly don't understand why you're making such a fuss out of it Y/N." I dug my nails into my arm, the sharp jab of pain giving me the much needed stimulus to keep me grounded.

The car screeched to a halt. "Don't" His voice was soft, almost begging. I looked up, confused by the sudden change in atmosphere. "That thing you do when you're mad or anxious, don't." I looked down at my hands, slowly releasing my arm. "Why are you so mad, Y/N? Please, I don't understand. What happened back there?" He looked absolutely out of his element clueless. "Look at me Y/N" He snapped again, trying to force me to look up. It didn't work. "You seriously don't get it do you? You ran into a house with three unsubs. Unsubs who YOU profiled to be extremely violent and trigger-happy. YOU RAN IN THERE WITHOUT ANY FUCKING BACK UP! DO YOU HAVE A FUCKING DEATH WISH REID? IS THAT IT?" He tried to interrupt but I was only just getting started.

"Enough." His voice was calm and steady. Only the slight quiver in his undertone gave him away. He was shaken by my outburst. "NO! I refuse to sit back and watch you -"
"Enough!" Spencer held up his hand. "I did what -" He stopped for a moment, regaining his fragile calm. "I did what needed be done. You had no right and absolutely no reason te yell at me like that. Our victim -"
"Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. You really have no idea, do you?" I slowly shook my head. This was it. There would never be a better nor a worse moment to tell him. "Of what?" I scrambled every last bit of strength and courage I had inside of me to meet his eye.
"I'm in love with you, Spencer. Have been since the moment I laid eyes on you and I swear, today when I saw you running in there, my heart stopped. It literally stopped. I - I wouldn't even begin to think - I couldn't live - What would I do without -" I was rambling, stuttering like a bloody idiot. "I'm sorry, just open the door. I'll walk." Defeat flooded my body. "Y/N..." He was flustered, completely out of it. "It's okay, we don't have to mention this ever again." I averted my eyes. This couldn't be happening. "No. Nonono, please, Y/N. I - I love you too." It was nothing more than the faintest of whispers but it was all I ever needed.

And then he did the simplest thing in the world. He leaned over and kissed me. And the world cracked open.

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