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∞ General informatie about Mila Cathérine Mosswish ∞

Mila Cathérine Mosswish, born 12 may 1980 in Ottery St Catchpole. Is a halfblood witch, she lives together with her parents Ella Louise Mosswish -Tucker (witch) and Philippe Arthur Mosswish (wizard) and her sister Mary Kristl Mosswish (witch at Beauxbatons).

Mila has always been different. Not only by her looks, but also by her character. Ella and Philippe Mosswish both have blond hair. Mila has brown hair, just like her grandmother when she was younger. Her green eyes are something from her mothers side. When she was twelve years old, Mila already took a tattoo without permission of her parents. At the age of thirteen she took a second tattoo. Her grandparents and parents found it horrible and were disgusted. A member of such a decent family like the Mosswish, having a tattoo? It's a shame!

Mila has a specific character. She isn't really easy to handle, so you need some patience to get to know her. She isn't really much of a talker in the beginning, but she observes. When she's sure about the fact that you're a good person, she will open up to you. From that moment on you have her trust and she will stay loyal to you. But, she also has a jealous side. Sharing friends it's not something she likes to do, but Mila is to stubborn to admit that she's jealous. The last thing I can say about Mila is, that she isn't really afraid of things, she's a daredevil. Behind her back people call her weird or crazy, but she's aware of it.

∞ About the family Mosswish - Tucker ∞

Not every member of the Mosswish family is a witch or a wizard. Mila's grandmother Elisabeth Odette Lilybite fell in love with Albert George Tucker, a wizard. It was a bit of a shock when she found out. But she stayed by his side, because the love that she felt for him was so big. Soon they got a daughter, Ella Louise Tucker (Mila's mother). Mila's grandfather (Albert) comes out of a pure-blood wizardry family, a very rich family and known by a lot of people. They were of course very excited when Ella announced that she would marry a Mosswish. Two rich, powerful and famous families would come together. Most girls of the Mosswish and Tucker family go to Beauxbaton, because the family is convinced that this is the best place for decent female witches. Wizards of the Mosswish family go to Hogwarts.

∞ Mila and Lord Voldemort ∞

Okay, back to Mila ! After Mila was born, the family Mosswish got visit. It was not a cosy visit. It was Lord Voldemort. He wanted the family Mosswish as an ally. Of course the Mosswishes were aware what kind of wizard he was. So it was obvious that they didn't accept his offer. Voldermort was furious but knew that they were to precious to kill them. So he cursed Mila. Every time when the moon shines in his full form, Mila transforms in a black fairy. Being a black fairy includes that you receive more powerful and dark powers, that you can only use if you're transformed. Whenever Mila transforms, she doesn't recognize the people she loves and forget all her happy memories. That means that she's able to murder people for no reason. It's also known that Voldemort can get into her mind and let her do things that she doesn't remember. The curse can't be broken with a spell. But, when there comes a time that Voldemort dies, the curse will be broken. Mila's parents were desperate and looked for solutions cause only a quick look to the full moon was enough to transform her. When she transformed she would stay in that body - day and night - until the first night without full moon. When she was little her parents forbade her to look to the moon, they told her that her eyes would burn and that monsters would come and kidnap her. So she had to let the curtains in her room closed. In the beginning she listened to her parents, because she didn't wanted to be kidnapped! At the age of six she was asleep and the curtains weren't very well closed. The light of the moon got in her room and shined upon her, that was the first time she changed into a fairy. For days she was unmanageable, she threw with plates, drowned her favorite cat Pebbles and poisoned her little niece. Her parents were in shock and decided to board up her window, the curtains weren't save! And every time when the moon came, she had to stay in her room until the first night without full moon. Her childhood was a nightmare and she hated her life !

The family Mosswish was of course aware of what had happened to the Potter family, it had happened a few months after Voldermorts visit. The family Mosswish knew that the rumors about Voldemorts death were untrue, because Mila still transformed in a black fairy. The family didn't say a word about it, because it would be a shame if people knew what kind of child Mila was.

∞ Mila and Beauxbaton ∞

When she was eleven Mila received her letter for attending Beauxbaton. She didn't want to go, because her best friends Oona Hunt and Juliette Pickerin would go to Hogwarts. Her parents had to tell the principal Olympe Maxime about Mila's secret. She promised the parents that everything would be okay with Mila, that she would be safe at Beauxbaton and that they would keep her away from the moonlight. Mila stayed exactly three years at Beauxbaton, but left. She couldn't handle all those girls, the rules and all the decent manners. She received letters from Oona and Juliette and craved to go to Hogwarts, because it was so much better there. On Beauxbaton she didn't really had friends, she felt lonely and misunderstood. She couldn't talk about the curse, so people didn't understand why she stayed for days in her dormitory. Her grades weren't really good and every time her parents blamed her for not trying enough. Mila said that her grades would be better if she got the chance to go to Hogwarts. It wouldn't be a waste of money ! So it happened. Olympe Maxime contacted Albus Dumbledore. He accepted but because of her grades she would have a different traject. For certain lessons she would be a third-year, for other lessons she would be a fourth-year. Mila didn't really care about that. She got green light to go to Hogwarts !

And that's how it all began ...

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