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One month. Within one month I would be a student of Hogwarts. I had to buy a lot of things before I could start. So Oona and Juliette proposed to go to Diagon Alley today. I was very excited, because I always liked it to have new stuff. Suddenly the doorbell rang, Libby - our house elf - opened the door. I heard the voices of Oona and Juliette. "Miss Mosswish is upstairs", said Libby. The two of them took the stairs and came to my room. 'You ready Mila?', asked Oona. I nodded. "Okay, do you have the list Hogwarts sent you?" asked Juliette. I nodded again. "Do you have money?" asked Oona. "Girls, it's not the first time that I went shopping for school. I mean, when I went to Beauxbaton I also had to shop!" I said. "Come on, let's go!"

We went downstairs to the fireplace. First it was Oona who took some Floo powder and disappeared in the fireplace. After Oona it was Juliette and finally it was my turn. "Okay, what do you need first?" asked Oona. "I don't need a wand, because I already have one. Maybe we can start by buying my books", I said. "Okay, let's go to the bookshop!" said Juliette. We walked through the bookshop and collected our books. Suddenly I heard Oona's voice. "Hey guys!" I turned around and saw Oona and Juliette talking to two girls and two boys. One girl had long brown - slightly curled - hair, the other girl was a ginger. One boy was also a ginger, so I guessed that the ginger girl and the boy were family, the second boy had dark messy hair and wore glasses. They kept on talking but I didn't spend much attention on it. I went further looking for my books. I checked every book with the list and when I was sure that I had everything, I paid. I thanked the seller and turned around. Oona and Juliette were still talking. I sighed, the last thing that I wanted to do was to introduce myself to them. I hated talking to people and I wasn't really good in making friends. So I took the Hogwarts list back and read it again. - Wand: check ; books: check ; an animal... in my condition it was better that I didn't have an animal because sooner or later I would kill it. Oh, a cauldron ! I didn't had a cauldron. Oona and Juliette already had one, so it wasn't necessary that they came with me. I went to Oona and Juliette. Juliette was telling a story about her holiday - it was something that I already had heard -. I tapped on Oona's shoulder and whispered: "I'm going to buy a cauldron okay? I see you there?" Oona nodded and let me go. Suddenly Juliette yelled my name: "MILA! WAIT!" Oh no. I turned around: "Yes?" - "Mila, let me introduce you to some people." - Shit. - "Juliette, I don't think that ..." - "Oh shush Mila, come here!" she said while pulling me to them. "Guys, this is Mila! She's also coming to Hogwarts. Mila that's Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Harry. You will see them often, cause they're also in Hogwarts", explained Juliette. I nodded. "Okay", was the only thing I could say. It was silent for a while. "Mila went to Beauxbatons. Actually she didn't wanted to go at that school, but it's a thing in her family. All the girls must go to Beauxbatons and the boys to Hogwarts. Mila wanted to go to Hogwarts from the beginning but ... " - "Juliette ...' I interrupted her. "Why don't you just go to the Daily Prophet and ask them if you can write a column about my life. So will everyone immediately know who I am", I said a bit harsh and with a sarcastic tone in my voice. Juliette has always been a good talker, sometimes she doesn't know when to shut her mouth. Most of the time I can handle it, but I hated it when she talked about my life to strangers. No one has business with my past, present and future. She looked at me a bit confused and started to blush. "Sorry Mila. I did it again, didn't I?" she said. "Yes," I replied. It was quiet for a while. "Did you guys heard what happened at the Quidditch World cup?" Hermione asked for breaking the silence. Oona, Juliette and I looked at each other with confuse. "No?" Juliette replied. Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Harry came closer.. I could say they would tell us a secret. "There were death eaters. They attacked some spectators and terrorized the match", Hermione whispered to us. Juliette gasped. "What? But how?" I asked. - "We don't know where they came from. The ministry acts like nothing happened. They're not even searching for them", Ron said. "There's something more.. in the air there was the dark sign", Hermione said. "The what?" asked Oona. "The Dark Mark takes the form of a skull with a snake coming out of the mouth in place of a tongue. The mark is cast into the sky by whenever they have murdered someone", explained Hermione. No one didn't really reply. But we all thought the same: 'This isn't a good sign'. I broke the silence by saying: "You're the smartest of the group, isn't it?" Hermione looked at me and started to blush. "Well.." she mumbled. "Yes, she is", replied Ron. Everyone started to laugh.

∞ ∞ ∞

Oona, Juliette and I were back home. My mother had made some limonade for us. We all sat in the grass on a blanket enjoying the sun. "So, do you have everything?" my mother asked when I went to the kitchen to fill our cups. "Yes!" I said with a smile. "Good, I'm happy that you're happy." - "Aren't you mad anymore that I didn't stay in Beauxbatons?" - "Oh child, I thought about it. Life isn't easy for you, if you think that you can be happy in Hogwarts.. then so be it. You deserve it to be happy! Your grandparents will also change their mind, just like your father. Don't worry about it!" - She kissed my forehead and smiled. I smiled back, took the cups and went back to Oona and Juliette. "So. What do you think about them?" asked Juliette. "About who?" - "Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Harry of course!" said Oona. - "Hmm, I don't know. They look nice", I said. - "The boys look hot!" said Juliette. "Especially Harry, isn't it Juliette?" asked Oona teasing. "Oh shush", said Juliette while blushing. "Oooh tell me more!" I said.

- Little time jump -

"WHAT?" I asked. "The Harry that you like is THE HARRY POTTER?" - "Yeah, but it's not such a big thing if you get to know him," said Juliette. "He's very normal. I mean he plays Quidditch , drinks butterbeer and likes to party." - "That's true", agreed Oona. Maybe they're right, but for me everything changed. Maybe it wasn't safe for me at Hogwarts. What if there comes a time that I transform in a black witch and Voldemort gives me the command to kill him. There would be nothing that could stop me. I sighed and didn't notice that Oona and Juliette yelled my name. "Huh what?" I said. "You were dreaming", said Oona. - "So, are you and Harry dating?" I asked to keep the conversation going. "No. I mean not yet." said Juliette with a smile. "I know that he's not really seeing anyone, but that he has his eyes on Cho. So Mila if you feel the need to kill someone .. you know who." - "Uh.." - "Just joking! Harry will be mine, I get everything that I want." she said. We all laughed because it was true.[/face]

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