Today was the day. Everything was packed, Libby helped me with bringing my stuff downstairs. Together with my mom and dad we drove to Kings Cross Station. We parked the car, took my luggage and went to platform 9 3/4. I hugged my parents and told them that I would write. My mother cried a bit, because she was happy for me but she still wasn't really convinced if Hogwarts would be good for me. I stepped on the train and looked if I could find Oona and Juliette. Soon I heard the laugh of Juliette, when I came closer and I took a look in the compartment, I saw Oona and Juliette sitting with Harry, Ron and Hermione. I turned around, o gosh. Bad idea, bad idea. I went back to an empty compartment and sat down. I wasn't really in the mood for making friends and especially not with them ! Luckily I had a book with me, so I could kill the time.

∞ ∞ ∞

A few hours later, we arrived at Hogwarts. The luggage from the first years and newbies stood in the hallway. We all got a black uniform. Oona and Juliette had told me that when the sorting head placed you in a house, you would get a uniform with the colors of your house. When everyone got dressed, we were expected in the great hall. Newbies and first years had to stand before the dinner tables. When everyone was ready, Albus Dumbledore welcomed us and soon the 'sorting session' began. I looked around to find Oona and Juliette. Suddenly I saw them. They stood up and began to wave, they wished me good luck by putting their thumbs up. I knew the four houses and I also knew in which house that I didn't wanted to be sorted. Of course I was a bit nervous, because I didn't know how much the curse would be an influence for the sorting hat. "Mila Mosswish!" I heard an old woman yell. After taking a deep breath, I went to the sorting hat. "Hmm, what should I do with you." muttered the hat. "Dark aura, but you're brave, loyal and has a lot of courage. Hmm.. I think Gryffindor will be a good place for you!" I sighed, yes. People from Gryffindor yelled very enthusiastic. I went to the table and took place between Oona and Juliette. They both hugged me. When everyone was sorted, dinner started. Suddenly Dumbledore interrupted dinner with a new message. He explained everything about the Triwizard Tournament. Whenever Barto Krenk Sr, said that you only could participate at the age of 17, I lost my concentration and didn't listen further. But when I heard that Beauxbaton would come over, I felt sick. I had hoped that I would never see those girls again. Suddenly the door opened and there were the Beauxbaton girls. Butterflies, really? Harry and Ron were enchanted by the girls their beauty. Maybe that's another reason why I left Beauxbaton, I wasn't really a beauty. I sighted, Hermione looked at me and nodded with understanding. After Beauxbaton the tough guys of Durmstrang came in. Finally some good looking guys. Oh hey, isn't that Victor Krum? "Aaaah, that's Victor Krum!" yelled Juliette. - "We know honey." Oona said. - I bumped Juliette and whispered: "Have you forgotten Harry already?" - "Oh shush", she said, looked back at Victor and clapped in her hands.

∞ ∞ ∞

The next morning I woke up, in my room, alone. Because of the curse I had a single room. I didn't really care, I liked it when I could be alone. Actually I've never been a morning person, I hate people who are happy in the morning. How can you be happy? Like dreams are so much better than reality? It's the only time you feel really free, everything can happen. Once when I was little I dreamed that I was a princess, I lived in a castle made off all kinds of cotton candy. Every time when I took a bite of my cotton candy table, the piece I had eaten grew back. Like what? Cotton candy for the rest of my life?! I was so disappointed when I woke up and saw a wooden table. But okay, dreams will be dreams. I stood up and went to the bathroom, took a shower and put on my uniform. I knotted my hair up - like always - and went to the great hall for breakfast. When I walked through the common room, Hermione came to me. "Good morning", she said. Ugh, not now. I tried to say a friendly good morning back. "Also going to the great hall for breakfast?" she asked. "Yes", I said a bit grumpy. "Can I walk with you then?" she asked. "Yeah, sure". She smiled at me and together we went to the great hall. "I heard from Oona and Juliette that you know each other for years, you grew up in the same village isn't it?" Hermione asked. "Yes." I said shortly. "You're lucky! I mean, I think it isn't easy for you. You're new in a group of people that know each other for years. So it's good Oona and Juliette are here to help you." - "True." - "You aren't really much of a talker?'"- "No." - "Only in the mornings of..." - "Especially not in the mornings."

We entered the great hall and sat down at a table. Not much later Harry and Ron came in. "Good morning", said Harry happily. I clenched my fists. There was 'happy - morning - dwarf - number -two'. Ron didn't say a thing, good. "Hi Mila", Harry said. "Hi." - Harry looked at Hermione, who shrugged her shoulders. At last Oona and Juliette came in. Juliette was about to say 'Good morning' with a singing voice - like always. But before she could even say it, I stood up and looked at her. "No, just no", I said harsh. I sat down again and ate further. Every one else looked at each other, not knowing what just happened. "I've eaten enough", I broke the silence. I threw a piece of bread back to my plate, stood up and went to my room after my books. "Don't mind her, she's not really a morning person", Oona said. - "No way", replied Ron a bit sarcastic.

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