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First lesson of the year was with a certain Professor Moody. I've never heard about him before. He was weird and I didn't trusted him very much. Because of the curse I had a certain sixth sense. Something wasn't quit right with this guy. Oona and Juliette sat next to each other, Harry and Ron sat together. So I went to Hermione and asked: "Uh, would you.. " I swallowed my words. "Just sit, Mila." said Hermione with a smile. I smiled back. Moody came in, stood before the blackboard, looked around and said: "Alastor Moody. I'm your teacher defense against the dark magic. Because Dumbledore asked me. Goodbye the end. Any questions?" After that I knew it, professor Moody wouldn't be my best friend. "Let's start with the unforgivable curses. How many are there?" - It was silent in the classroom. Deathly silent. "Three sir." said Hermione while her voice cracked a bit. He asked why they call them unforgivable. In my eyes a bit a stupid question. Moody wrote something on the blackboard that I couldn't read. But he kept on going with the curses. Suddenly he pulled out towards Seamus Finnigan and said something about his chewing gum. Everybody was surprised, how could Moody see that? Just like mom.. she also sees everything that I do behind her back. When he threw a piece of crayon at Seamus, you could feel the atmosphere change. Hermione was shivering, Oona and Juliette were livid. "Let's start with the first curse. WEASLEY!" he yelled. "Yes?" said Ron a bit shaky. "STAND." he demanded. "Please." I said a bit loudly. "What did you say?" Moody looked at me. "I said, please", I repeated calm. "Explain yourself", he said. I stood up and corrected him: "Please. Explain yourself, please." He looked at me a bit confused. "You think you're funny aren't you?" - "No, I think I'm polite", I said while looking him straight into the eyes. He locked his eyes and yelled at Ron. "WEASLEY STAND UP!" he demanded. "Please. Weasley stand up, please" I said again. "Mila, shut up." I heard Juliette whisper. "Well Miss Mosswish, let's see each other again in detention, please." Moody said while articulating that last word. "Yeah, whatever." I replied and left the classroom.

∞ ∞ ∞

After my detention, I saw Oona and Juliette. "Come on Mila." - "Yeah, Mila hurry up!" - "Hermione is waiting for us." - "Will she be there too?" I asked. "Yes, just like Harry and Ron will be. And please be a bit nice to them?" asked Oona. I sighed. "By the way, was it necessary to act like that by Moody. You got detention and it's like the first day." said Oona - "So? He can't act like that? He's not the king or something." I replied - "And you aren't a princess." said Juliette. "Some people of our class think you're crazy Mila. I mean you stayed looking at each other. It was a bit scary.." muttered Oona. - "I don't trust Moody. I feel it and I can't help myself. My emotions are just very.. " I said. - "It's the curse isn't it?" Juliette said. - "Yes, I can't control myself. I have a lot of mood swings and most of the time I feel irritated by everyone." - "In two days, there will be full moon again.." whispered Oona. - "I know." I said.

Together we walked to the great hall. Hermione sat on a bench with a book in her hands. "There you are!" said Hermione. "Yes, we had to wait for Mila." answered Juliette. - "Sorry", I said while smiling innocently. - "Well, did we miss something?" I asked Hermione. She was a bit surprised. "No, not yet. But I've heard that Fred and George, you know the older twin brothers of Ron, will try, throwing their name in the cup by using ageing potion. I can't believe they think it will work. Dumbledore is smart, he knows all this tricks. Do you see that? He has drawn an age line around the cup." she explained. The four of us looked at the glowing circle on the ground. More and more boys threw their name in the cup. Ron and Harry came also in the great hall. Harry waved and for a second I thought he waved at me, but it was to Juliette. I chuckled, she was fancying him so hard. "I really can't believe that the ministry support this tournament. Especially now, after everything that happened at the Quidditch world cup", Hermione said with disgust. Suddenly we heard cheering. A dark haired guy with the age of 17 - I guess - came in the great hall. In his hand he had a piece of paper. He waved with it and went straight to the cup. In no time the flames made that piece of paper disappear. "It's Cedric Diggory, Hufflepuff. " whispered Hermione. In the meantime Harry and Ron came towards us. "So ladies, what are you doing?" Ron asked. - "Fishing." I said sarcastic. Juliette tapped on my head. "What?" I said a bit irritated when I turned around. "Be nice", demanded Oona. I rolled my eyes and decided to stop talking. Not much later Fred and George came in, again there were a lot of people cheering. Hermione sighed. "It's not going to wo-hork." she said with a singing voice. 'Oh yeah?" said one twin, standing on one side of Hermione. - "Why's that, Granger?" asked the other one, standing on the other side of Hermione. She sighted and pointed again to the glowing circle. "You see that? That's an age line. Dumbledore drew it himself." - "So?" said the two twins in unison. "So? A genius like Dumbledore couldn't possibly be fooled by a dodge as pathetically dim witted as an ageing potion", sighted Hermione while closing her book. The twins shrugged and drank their potion. For a few seconds it was quiet. Nothing happened, and de twins cheered. They jumped over the age line. Again nothing happened. They threw their names into the cup. When the flames burned their names, everyone started to cheer. But in a few seconds the fire got bigger and both Fred and George got pushed onto the ground. Their hair turned white and they grew a beard. Everybody started to laugh. When they started to fight all the boys in the great hall formed a circle around them. Hermione, Oona and Juliette stayed at the bench, I stood up because I loved fights. I pushed myself a way through the crowd and stood between Harry and Ron. Suddenly everyone stopped cheering. "What the..." I said. An then I saw Victor Krum entering the great hall. "Oh, Victor Krum" I heard Juliette squeak. "We all know that if he's been chosen, no one has a chance to win." I mumbled. Harry turned around and said: "True." Viktor left the great hall and Fred and George started fighting again. The fun was a bit over, so I went to them, took them both by their collar and said: "Okay guys, stop it. It's not funny anymore. You had your five minutes of fame. Two advises: Go to Madame Pomfrey and ask if they can get you back to normal. Hmm, maybe normal isn't the right word, because I don't think that there exist a spell to get you normal. Anyway maybe she can help you by giving your looks back. Second advice, always listen to Hermione. She knows what she's talking about." I let them go and went back to the bench where Oona, Juliette and Hermione sat. "Wow, you talk much today." said Ron surprised. Harry punched him. "It's not an insult! Not at all. I mean most of the time we're used to only hear you say one word or something." Ron said quickly after getting punched by Harry. Oona, Juliette and Hermione started to laugh. "Thanks I guess." I said a bit dry.

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