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Suddenly Professor Dumbledore came in the big hall, followed by Snape and all the other students . "Sit down please." I sat down beside Harry. "Don't mind Ron, sometimes he just says things without thinking about it", he whispered. "I know." I said and smiled a bit. He smiled back. "He wants to thank you for standing up for him in Moody's lesson. But he doesn't know how to say it", Harry kept on talking. I sighed a bit. "I will keep it in mind", I said. Suddenly Dumbledore started to talk again: "Now here's the moment you all waited for. The champions selection !" Everyone looked to each other. "Betting, Viktor Crum will be chosen." I whispered to Harry. He nodded. "If it is so. I'll treat you a Butterbeer," he said while putting his hand out. I looked at it and shook his hand. "Deal." I said while looking to Harry's eyes. Dumbledore went to the cup and reached his hand out. The fire changed from blue to red. A piece of paper flew in the air, Dumbledore caught the piece and read the name. "The first champion is ... VIKTOR CRUM!" I looked at Harry. "Bring me the Butterbeer." I said to him. He started to laugh. Soon there followed a second paper: "The champion from Beauxbatons is Fleur Delacour." - Fleur, oh yeah. Fleur ! It's not that I liked Fleur, but I didn't hated her. She's always been nice when she had to and she left me alone when no one else did. Fleur would be a good champion for Beauxbatons. Before I knew it, the third champion was known: "The Hogwarts champion is: Cedrig Diggory." Everyone started clapping, so did I. "Excellent ! We know have our three champions!" yelled Dumbledore. "But in the end, only one will go down in history, only one will have the chance to win the Triwizard cup !" By being this said the Triwizard cup was being revealed. Suddenly the cup which was used for throwing your name in, started to light up again. Two cards flew out of the cup. What the hell was happening?

∞ ∞ ∞

"Tell me, did you both put your name in the cup?!" yelled Dumbledore at Harry and me while pushing us against a wall. "No Sir!" we said in unison. "Did you let someone older put your name in the cup?" - "No Sir!" we said again in unison. "You're absolutely sure?" - "No Sir!" I said. Harry looked at me. "Uh, I mean. Yes sir!" I corrected myself. He sighed and let us go. "I just had to be sure." he said. I looked at Harry and he looked at me. "They are lying." said headmaster Olympe Maxime. "Excuse me? I'm not lying. Why would I ever throw my name in the cup? Why would I even want to represent Beauxbatons?" I said to her. She sighted and lay her hand at my shoulder, she knew it didn't make sense that I was in this game. "What should we do know?" she asked. Harry and I were brought to another room so the headmasters, teachers and Barty Crouch could consult. Harry and I stormed to the door and listened to what they said: "The cup has chosen their champions. Even if they are under age, they have to take part. That's my final word." said Barty harsh. Harry and I looked at each other, we knew that we both fell the same.

Harry and I went back to the common room. "Harry, someone put our names in the cup. Is there no one you can think off?" I asked him. "No, Mila. For the umpteenth time, I don't know. Do you know someone?" - "Hmm, the only ones who can done it are some girls from Beauxbatons. The older ones always had to prank me even when I was at Beauxbatons. So I set my money on: Willow Woodplume and Oreal Roseriver." - "That would be a bad prank." - "I know. They aren't really funny. A bit sad actually, because they think they are." Harry and I walked further to our common room. No one was in there. "Well, guess they all must still obtain from what had happened." I sighed. Harry and I stood a bit awkwardly in the common room. "Well.." I said. "I'm off to bed Harry, see you tomorrow." - "Yeah, see you tomorrow." he said.

∞ ∞ ∞

When I lay in bed, I heard a knock at the door. "Mila, open that goddamn door!" I heard Juliette yell. I stood up and opened the door. Juliette stormed in my room, Oona walked after her inside my room. "The hell Mila? What are you thinking? How did you do it?" Juliette yelled. - "Juliette, calm down and stop yelling at me." - "I will stop yelling if you tell me why you've done it ! Is it because of Harry? So you could spend more time with him ..." - "Whut?" I said. "Are you crazy? Juliette, I didn't put my name in the cup! I don't even know how I must do it. And besides you two would have seen it? I'm always hanging out with you two?!" I said. "Mila, that's not true.." said Oona carefully. "We're not taking every class together.." she kept going. "Oona? I didn't do it. I promise." I said while taking her hands. "I know I say it several times that I'm tired of living this life, but that doesn't mean you know... I'm not crazy!" - "But, how is it even possible that your name is in the cup?" she asked while looking down. "Well.. I suspect two persons.. you know them.." I said a bit quietly. "WHO?" said Juliette - "Willow Woodplume and Oreal Roseriver.. You know I told you about them.. those girls from Beauxbatons that always teased me. Those girls that once offered me to do my hair for the ball.. Those who put chewing gum in my braid.." I explained. "Oooooooooooh." said Juliette. For a moment it was silent.. "No, I have no idea." said Juliette after a while. Oona and I sighed. "They also ruined your pink, shiny heels that I borrowed from you.." - "Oh shush, don't say a thing ! I know who you're talking about", interrupted Juliette. She thought and said: "Yeah, you're right. They would definitely do something like that!" - "Now, Mila. What are you going to do?" Oona asked a bit worried. "I'm afraid that there's just one thing that I can do .. " - "And that is ..." - "Win of course!" screamed Juliette in excitement. "No, I'm not gonna win for Beauxbatons. I'm gonna try to survive, that's all."

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