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"Mila! Mila!" - I turned around and saw Hermione. "Yes?" I asked. "I don't know what to do.." she said a bit sad. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Ron.. He's so mad at Harry. He won't believe that Harry didn't put his name in the fire." she explained. "Ron says that Harry always has to be in the spotlights. And hmppfff.." - "Hermione, it will all be okay. They're best friends. Soon Ron will realize that he was wrong. It's better for you to stay out of it." I said. She nodded. "Maybe you're right.." Suddenly Ron came towards us. "Hermione, Hermione", he yelled. "Yes Ronald?" - "You have to come with me. Oh.. Hi Mila." - "Ron." I said a bit harsh. - "What's wrong Ronald?" - "Just come with me !" And then they both disappeared.

∞ ∞ ∞

I wandered through the hall, when I saw Professor Snape. "Mosswish." he said. "Yes?" - "Professor Dumbledore wants to see you." he said. I nodded and went straight to his office. Snape followed me. When I entered Dumbledore his office, he turned around and greeted me warmly. "Mila. Finally we can talk." he said. I looked around and didn't know what to say. "Look Mila. There is something serious that we need to discuss. It's about your curse. There will be days when you'll need to participate at the tournament. Days where the moon will shy upon us. Our dearest professor Snape is aware of your curse and thinks to know how to handle it. I must say miss Mosswish that we aren't capable to break the curse. But we know ways to make it easier for you. Professor Snape is working on a potion. The potion can help to postpone the transformation for two days. Not more, not less. We've never tried the potion and it's the first time that we are in contact with someone who got the curse. So Mila, to make sure the potion works, we have to test it. Soon the full moon will come, from the moment that the night falls and the moon shines upon us. You have to drink the potion. Professor Snape, Hagrid and myself will be there in case of ... you know. If it works we can make more potions that you can use for the tournament." Dumbledore explained. "Okay, what if it doesn't work?" I asked. "I'm convinced that I will work miss Mosswish." - "But if the potion works, then it's simple ! I can drink every day a bottle potion and I would never transform again!" I said. - "I have to disappoint you. You have to take the potion carefully. Too much potion can ensure that you going mad and that you don't realize who you really are. Are you Mila the witch or Mila the black fairy. You can say that too much poison can cause a identity crisis." Dumbledore explained. I sighed. "I'm sorry miss Mosswish." - "It's okay. I'm already glad that there is an option to fulfill the tournament." I said. I was about to leave, when Dumbledore started speaking again. "Mila?" - "Yes, professor?" - "There is another thing that I would like to talk about. Is it true that Voldemort can communicate with you through your brain?" he asked. I nodded. "There is a way to control that. It's also Professor Snape who can learns it to you. It is important that you can ban Voldemort from your thoughts, body and brain. Especially when you are close friends with mister Potter." I was about to say that I wasn't close with Harry, but I shut my mouth. Because Dumbledore was right. It was dangerous for Harry. "Well Mila, for now you don't have to worry about your curse. You have three days left until the moon is back. We'll see you then. Prepare yourself mentally for the first task in the tournament. Good day Mila." Dumbledore said. I nodded polite and left the room.

∞ ∞ ∞

I walked through the courtyard when I saw Harry. "Mila, you have to come with me." he said. "Hagrid wants to see me, he knows something about the first task. You have to come with me. But .. it must stay a secret." - "Uh.. okay!" - He took my hand and pulled me to Hagrids house. When we arrived Hagrid opened the door. "Hagrid? You combed your hair?" asked Harry. - "Why are you wearing a flower?" I asked. - "Well, you'll find out later. Harry do you have your invisibility cloak with you?" Harry nodded. "Follow me." Hagrid demanded. We went into the forest. Suddenly we heard someone coming. "Put the cloak on Harry!" - Harry put the cloak on an from that moment he was invisible. He took my hand and pulled me under the cloak. "What the.." - "Shush!" - Headmaster Olympe Maxime came and greeted Hagrid. Oh my god. They say sweet things to each other and for a moment I thought that I would threw up. Harry had the same reaction. We followed Hagrid and Olympe Maxime to a fence. "Dragons?" asked Olympe Maxime. "It's the first task." said Hagrid. "Oh Hagrid, how can I thank you!" she said, and gave him a kiss on his cheek. She ran off. Harry took his cloak off. "Dragons?" he asked. "Oh my god." I whispered. How will I survive this?

Harry and I went back to our common room. On the go we talked about our task. "How will you solve it?" I asked Harry. "I don't know. Maybe flying away?" he said. - "You aren't allowed to use a broom.." I said. Harry sighted. "True." - We arrived in the common room. My plan was to go straight to my room and get some sleep. "Mila, wait." he said and took my arm. I looked a bit awkwardly to him. He let me go and excused himself. "Mila, would you mind to stay a bit with me?" he asked. I looked at him with confusing. 'Uuh.. yeah sure.. i guess." I mumbled. We went both to the couch. "Have you spoken to Ron already?" I asked Harry. - "How do you know that I wanted to talk about him?" - "Uh.. I don't know. Hermione told me earlier this day. So ..." - "Well today I was with Neville at the lake. Hermione came together with Ginny and Ron. Hermione had a message for me that came from Ron. He was to stubborn to tell it itself, so Hermione did. It was Ron that gave Hagrid the hint about the dragons." explained Harry. - "You know Harry, the thing that Ron did today. You know hinting Hagrid about the dragons etc, shows that he still cares about you. It won't take much time until he changes his mind. Everything will be okay, don't worry about it." I said. Harry nodded. "If you say so.."

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