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Tomorrow was the day. Tomorrow I had to fight against a dragon. First there were more 'important' things to do. This afternoon we had an interview with Rita Skeeter from the Daily Prophet. Juliette was excited about it, in her eyes I would become famous. In my eyes it was a total waste of time. I sat on the couch in the common room together with Hermione, Juliette and Oona. "Maybe we should go outside!" said Hermione. We all agreed and went outside. On our way to the courtyard I saw people wearing buttons. There were all kinds of insults about Harry. I walked towards someone with a badge and pulled it of his shirt. "What's this for baby stuff?" I asked him hard. He shrugged and ran away. I walked faster and saw more and more people wearing those badges. Seamus and Ron stood together and I saw how Seamus handed those badges out. "You got to be kidding me." I said. "Mila, don't", muttered Oona. "Mila, just let them. It's stupid", said Juliette. I threw my bag, books and coat on the ground. Rolled my sleeves and went straight to Seamus. "Oh no", said Oona. "What?" asked Hermione. "Just watch." said Juliette. "OI!" I yelled. Soon everyone was quiet at the courtyard. "What do you think you're doing?" I said at Seamus. "Do you also want a badge? I mean Potter is your enemy right now." said Seamus with a laugh. I took him by his collar and lifted him up. "Listen, you sezam seed. I give you one hour to retrieve those badges. Every single one of them. If you don't than I'm able to put all the badges who remains in your ass. And believe me, I don't need magic to do that. You understand?" I said hard. Seamus nodded. "I don't hear you." I said. "Yes." - "Yes who?" - "Yes Mila." I put him down, tapped on his shoulders. 'Good boy." I looked at Ron and said with awe: "You are a nice friend you know that?" I turned around and went back. Everyone was staring at me, the courtyard was silent and you could hear a pin drop. "Miss Mosswish?" I heard the voice of Professor McGonagall. "Yes?" - "My office. Now." - I sighed and looked at Seamus. I made my message extra clear by making some hand gestures. Oona and Juliette looked at me with compassion. "I'm used to it." I said to them.

"What you did was very inappropriate." started McGonagall. "You're a lady. Ladies don't fight." - "I didn't fight... It was a discussion." I explained. "Professor, they were laughing with Harry ! Harry didn't put his name in the cup! It's unfair that they laugh with him!" - "That's no reason to behave like that. For now, I let you go with a warning. If it happens again, you will get detention." I nodded and left her office.

I went back to the common room. There were some people sitting in the room, when I came in everybody stopped talking. I sighed. "Don't worry. I won't put badges in your asses." I said. Some of them started to laugh. "Harry is looking for you." said a girl. "Oh? Well let's hope for him that he finds me." I said. After that I went to my room, combed my hair and put it in a braid. Suddenly I saw that there were some clothes at my bed. New clothes. Blue clothes. For the interview. Olympe Maxim. Oh no, I forgot! The interview! It was a bit stupid that I had to wear clothes from a school that I wasn't even a part of. I sighed and put the dress on. When I was ready, I stepped out of my room and went to the place where the interview would been taken. On my way I saw Willow and Oreal. "Well, look who's here. The little fighter." - "How's your boyfriend? Harry wasn't it?" - "Very cute how you stood up for him with the badges!" - "Does he knows that you're in love with him?" - "Oh wait, he isn't in love with you isn't he? I understand him.. You have nothing to offer of course.." - "True, because once in a month you just disappear for four or five days! - I couldn't bring a word out. They always knew where to get me. "Oh look, there he is." I turned around and saw Harry coming. Willow and Oreal laughed and went away. "Who was that?" Harry asked. - "Just some old school friends!" I lied. - "You look ... " - "Stupid. I know!" - "No, different.." he said. "But in a good way I guess" he continued. - I didn't really wanted to react at that comment so I started to talk about something else. "You already know how you will do it with the dragons?" - "Yes!" - "You are allowed to use a wand. So I think I will use a spell to have a broom." - "Okay." I said, I didn't really understand what he was supposed to do with his broom but okay. We arrived at the room and soon the photo session started. I had to stand beside Harry because we were the smallest and the youngest. "Who wants to begin first?" asked Rita Skeeter. No one reacted. "Let's start with the youngest!" she said. "You mean Harry or me?" I asked a bit irritated. "The most handsome one", she said while pulling Harry into the cupboard. I sighed, I hated her. All those lipstick, those ugly glasses, her ugly green dress. After 15 minutes Harry came out of the cupboard. "It's your turn", she said and looked at me.

"So tell me something about your personal life." Rita began the interview. "I'm born on 12 may 1980. I have a mother, a father and a sister, ..." - Rita yawned. "Mila, you're a member of the famous Mosswish Family. How did your parents react when they found out that you would leave Beauxbatons?" - "Uh, they weren't very happy about it. But they accept it." - "After leaving Beauxbatons her parents gave her up for adoption." Rita dictated to her flying pen. "What?" - "Why did you leave Beauxbaton? Are the rumors true? Couldn't you handle the high expectations of the school? Is it true you had no friends?" - "Uh well.." - "She felt depressed, spend hours crying in her room on her own." Rita dictated to her pen. Before I could say a thing Rita Skeeter asked a new question: "How does it feel? Represent a school that's too much for you? I mean you in comparison with Fleur.. well .. she's so multi talented.. " - "Listen miss curly, if you are here to insult me. Then bye!" I said. "She has issues about her looks and feels unwanted by every boy in this school." Rita dictated again to her pen. I looked at her confused, left the cupboard and the room. Gosh, I hated that bitch.

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