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I've read a thousand books about dragons. And in my eyes there were two options.. Maybe I could hypnotize the dragon or I could use a spell to let the dragon sleep. Those were good solutions, but I couldn't test them properly.. so maybe it wasn't a good solution. I still sat in the library - being tired. But I had to find a way to slay the dragon. I didn't really knew what the task was, but there were dragons included. So the only thing I could think of was: you have to destroy a dragon. In fact it would be very useful if I could use my wings. At Beauxbatons a teacher had learned me how I could use my wings without being transformed in a black fairy. I also knew that it would be a bad idea to use them.. everyone at Hogwarts would know what kind of creature I was. So maybe I should let the wings be for what they were. "Mila, are you still here?" I heard a familiar voice. Out of the darkness I saw Oona in her pajamas. "Why don't you just go to bed? Tomorrow is a big day!" she said. - "I want to know how I can slay the dragon." - "But you don't even know what the task will be. You only know that they include dragons." - She sighed and sat down. "Tell me. What are the options?" - "Put him in sleep or hypnotize him. The only thing is.. I can't find spells." I explained. "And there isn't enough time to practice them." she said. I nodded, sighed and closed the book.

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The next morning, I stood up and put the clothes on. When I saw Fleur later in the morning I realized that I had a different kind of outfit in comparison with her. Maybe it was because I wasn't a real student of Beauxbatons. By breakfast I only saw Hermione. "Are you okay?" she asked a bit worried. I nodded. "You can do this Mila ! I know it !" she motivated me. "I heard from Oona that you made it very late yesterday." I nodded again. "You know, you can always try to paralyse the dragon! But you have to be quick." she said. I looked at her with big eyes. That wasn't a bad idea actually. I knew the spell and I could handle it well. "Thenks Hermione ! I'll keep that in mind!" I said.

After breakfast we went to the tent. I was the last one - like always - that arrived in the tent. There were people running, it was al a bit hectic. Harry, Cedric, Victor and Fleur stood together. I didn't really wanted to talk. So I stood there a little bit awkwardly. I looked at my pants and realized that I didn't really liked it. A boorish pants wasn't really my kind of thing. So I ripped the pants to become a short. The four looked a bit with confusing. "Much better", I whispered. Fleur, Victor and Cedric went to the other side of the tent, for a drink. I wanted to go to Harry to wish him luck. But he got distracted. Suddenly Hermione came in the tent and hugged him. Oh, an enemy for Juliette, I thought in myself. Suddenly Rita Skeeter came in and laughed: "Oh, look young love!" and before anyone saw it coming, she took a picture of them. I rolled my eyes and went to Rita Skeeter. "We would appreciate it a lot if you would go away. We're not in the mood for your stupid talk." She looked at me with confusing. "Bye!" I said while pushing her out of the tent. Harry and Hermione still held each other and looked confused. Suddenly Professor Dumbledore came in together with Olympe Maxime and the headmaster of Viktor. We stood together when Barty explained the task. "In the arena there will be an golden egg. You have to catch the golden egg. Of course it would be very easy if there were no obstacles. There will be a dragon that protect the egg. So you must find a way to distract the dragon and catch the egg. Now in this bag there are little dragons. Every one of you have to pick one dragon. You'll meet that kind of dragon in the arena." Barty explained. After that he came with a little sack, everyone picked a dragon. "You have the Female Icelandic Icebreath." mumbled Olympe Maxime. It was a white dragon, with big blue eyes.

First it was Victor his turn. I don't know how much time it took, but in my opinion it took a long time. After Victor it was Fleur and after Fleur it was Cedric. I sat alone with Harry in the tent. He paced back and forth. "Nervous?" I asked him. - "You're not?" - "I don't know. I feel so much." - "Me too." We looked at each other for a moment, in my opinion a bit too long. "You know Harry, if we both survive this, I pay you a Butterbeer." I said. He started to laugh. "I still need to pay you one!" - "True!" I said with a smile. Suddenly I heard cheering from outside. Cedric got the golden egg. I stood beside Harry and listened to the voice in the arena. "Our penultimate candidate of the Triwizard Tournament is: Mila Mosswish." From that moment I started getting nervous. I looked at Harry. "You'll be fine!" he said and hugged me a bit awkwardly. I pushed him slightly away - because it was just a weird hug. I winked at him and went to the arena.

People were cheering. I knew that I had to focus. So I searched in the arena for the dragon. Carefully I went further and further in the arena, trying to make no noise. Suddenly the golden egg catched my eye. It was too simple, where was that dragon? I went closer and closer to the egg, when I suddenly saw the dragon coming. Bloody hell, he was really giant ! I saw him coming to me and the first thing that came in my mind was: RUN ! I crawled under a large stone, but knew that I wasn't safe there. If the dragon spat fire, I would be burned. "Think Mila, think." I said to myself. I heard the dragon roar. I had to keep the dragon away from the egg, how could I distract it? I knew it ! I knew a spell to push things away. If I could push the dragon multiple times away, I could go to the egg. It was a tricky one, because if I did it wrong, it would not be the dragon that got pushed away, but it would be me. Okay, where was that bloody dragon? I stepped back in the arena and climbed onto a rock. I didn't saw it, so I climbed a bit higher. I looked in the direction where I saw the dragon for the first time. The egg lay behind me. It was weird because I couldn't hear a thing. I turned my head in the direction of the egg and before I even knew it I flew in the air because the dragon hit me with his tail. With a hard crash I fell on a stone and landed in some water. Yes, it hurt a little bit. But now I knew where that dragon was. I stood up, pulled my jacket off and started to run straight to the egg. The dragon came closer and I yelled: "Depulso!" The dragon flew away, in meantime I got closer to the egg. The dragon came back, so I yelled for the second time: "Depulso!" Again, the dragon got pushed away. I focused on the egg because it was so close and I didn't notice the dragon came closer. I saw the dragon make himself ready to spat fire, I bend down to dodge the fire. Immediately stood up and yelled for the last time: "DEPULSO!" The dragon flew away and I ran, ran, ran to the egg. And finally, I got it !

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