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Soon after I got the egg, I got dragged away to Hogwarts. They brought me to an classroom. Fleur was also there. She came towards me and hugged me! "Luckily, you made it!" she whispered. I was a bit stunned by her reaction."You made it too." I said back. "Do you know anything about Victor and Cedric?" I asked. She shook her head. "No, we all got dragged away. I don't know how it went. It's now Harry's turn isn't it?" - "Yes. I hope everything goes well." I said. For the rest of the time Fleur and I sat on the couch. We waited and waited. Suddenly the door from that classroom swung open. Olympe Maxime came in, followed by the other Beauxbatons students. "Congratulations! You both made it, I'm very proud!" she said. I smiled weakly, it still felt weird to represent a school that you hated. The girls were cheering and clapping. All the attention went to Fleur, what I understood. Willow and Oreal came to me. "You just got lucky." said Willow. "Next time it won't be so easy. You're the dumbest of all the contestants. Take a look at Victor, he's strong. Fleur is smart. Cedric is also pretty smart and Harry, well he always knows how to solve problems. He's very inventive." explained Oreal. I sighed. "Why are you even here? You're not even a Beauxbatons. Just go to your Gryffindor friends. You don't belong here anymore." said Willow. - "Willow, she didn't even have friends in Beauxbaton, why would it be different here?" Oreal replied. Both girls started to laugh and went away. I was tired, too tired to even reply. And why would I waste my breath to those dumb bimbo's. I sighed and decided to leave the room - with my egg.

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I wandered around in the hallway, to be honest, I felt a bit lonely. Normally I didn't mind it to be lonely, but now I did. Especially because this day hasn't been a normal day. I really wanted to talk to someone. Where were Oona and Juliette? "Miss Mosswish?" I heard someone ask. I turned around and saw professor Snape. "It's very dangerous... for you to wander ... in the hallway... at this time of the month." - I looked at my feet, he was right. Darkness fell and soon the moon would come. "Bring your egg to your dormitory... and come to Dumbledore's office. The potion is ready." he demanded. Without saying anything further he left. I ran to the common room where a party was going on. "Mila ! " I heard Oona yell. Not now. I ran to my room, lay the egg under my bed, wand in my closet and went back to the common room. "Mila! Come here ! Let's dance!" she yelled again. I shook my head. "Not now." I mouthed. She looked at me with confusing. I went to the door when Harry came. "Mila! You made it!" he said happily. "You too." I said a bit nervous. I did not have the time to talk. "Are you leaving?" he asked? - "Yes." - "Where you going?" - "Mind your own business Potter." I said harsh. "Okay, sorry." he said soft and went away. I left the common room and ran to Dumbledore's office. In my mind I repeated the sentence that I said to Harry and every time I saw his face. I felt sorry for him. But I couldn't handle myself. It was almost full moon and my emotions flared on. I had to get the potion and it had to work otherwise ...

Professor Snape, Professor Dumbledore and I went together to Hagrid's house. Before we left I drunk the potion. The moon was shining and I was scared to look at it. We arrived at Hagrid's house and the air was completely dark. We all stood outside. "Mila, may I present you. Rubeus Hagrid. The Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts," Dumbledore said. Hagrid shook my hand and gave me a warm smile. "Hagrid, I want you to hold Miss Mosswish." demanded Dumbledore. "Why?" I asked. "Just in case you would transform. Hagrid is strong, if it happens you wouldn't be able to escape." I nodded and I understood it completely. We stood there for like five minutes. Nothing really happened. "I think it works." I said. "Not so quick miss Mosswish." said Dumbledore. He hadn't really finished his sentence and I felt myself changing. "It's not working." I yelled. My wings started to grow, my clothes turned black, the light in my eyes disappeared and I felt hate. So much hate. I wanted to kill. "Hold her." I heard Dumbledore yell. I started to yell and fought back. "Take her to the cage." demanded Dumbledore. A large cage stood behind Hagrid's house. In no time I got locked up. Of course I tried to escape, but every time I tried to catch the fences I got burned. Why did I left my wand in my room? "Let me out!" I yelled. I was screaming so loud that I can't believe no student heard it. Dumbledore took his wand and spoke a spell out. Before I knew it, everything went dark.

∞ Authors note ∞

For people who wonder how Mila looks after transformation: --> Her hair has to be dark brown + it's not the face that I have in mind.

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