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"Harry is gonna ask me." said Juliette while we lay on her bed. "How do you know." I asked. - "I feel it." - "Oh yeah?" - "Yeah, I see it in his eyes. He's gonna ask me." - "And what will you say?" - "Yes of course?!" I started to laugh. "And you?" she asked. - "I'm gonna ask no one." I said with a laugh. "And is there someone you're waiting for?" - "No. I have no friends here, remember." - "I don't get it. When we're home, all those muggle boys can't keep their hands of you", Juliette said. I shrugged my shoulders. - "By the way. I really want that you and Harry make things up. If Harry and I marry each other. You can't keep fighting." - I looked at her confused, seriously? "Juliette. It's just a ball. You're fourteen, it's a bit early to think about marrying." - "Of course it isn't too early!" she protested. I sighed. "And what if Harry don't asks you?" I asked. She sat up and looked at me. "How dare you to doubt that? There's no one else he could ask." - "Don't know. Hermione and I have seen him looking all the time at Cho. So maybe he's willing to ask her." - "You think so?" she asked. I saw her eyes filling with tears. Shit, what have I done. "I need Oona right now." and before I could say a thing, she ran away. "Good job Mila." I said to myself sarcastic.

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A few hours later I sat in the common room. Harry came in, I closed my book immediately. "Harry!" I said. "What?" he asked. "Can I just talk to you for a second?" - "You already do." I stood up, why was I nervous? Oh yeah, because I hate it to apologize. "I just wanted to.. you know.. say sorry about what I said to you the last time.. It was a bit rude." I mumbled. - "Okay." he said. "What?" - "It's okay. You said sorry so it's fine for me." I smiled. "Now, where have you been?" he asked interested. - "Sick." - "Yeah Hermione told me. You really think we believe that. Maybe Ron would believe it, but I don't." I sighed. "Okay fine. I'll tell you! It was all bit too much for me. You know, new school, new people, the tournament.. I had to get out of here. So I left for a few days." I lied. "Where did you go then?" - Quick Mila, think. "Hogsmeade." - "You can't go to Hogsmeade without permission? And you can only go in the weekends." said Harry. - "Well.. did anyone of the teachers notice that I wasn't here?" - "Uh no.." - "Well, if I say nothing and you shut your mouth too. No one will ever know." I said with a smile. After that it was quiet for a while. He stood up and asked: "Are you coming?" - "Coming?" I repeated. "To the study session. In the great hall?" - "Oh, yes. Of course!" I said. "I'm gonna take my books. Just a moment." He nodded. I ran to my room, took my books and went back to Harry. "Let's go."

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"This is mad! At this rate, we'll be the only ones in our year without dates! Well, us and Neville." mumbled Ron. Snape immediately pushed Ron his face again in his book. Harry smirked and looked at me. Harry looked around and said to Ron: "Yeah, but then again he could take himself." They both started to grin. Hermione was slightly irritated: " It might interest you to know that Neville's already got someone." - Ron, Harry and I looked at her. "What? Who?" I asked. - "Yes, Hermione. Who?" asked Ron. - "I don't know", she mumbled. - "Now I'm really depressed." - Fred slipped a piece of paper to Ron. He read the paper and mouthed: "Who are you going with?" Fred threw a piece of paper at Angelina. "Hey!" he whispered. "You go to the ball with me?" he asked while making some hand gestures. I rolled my eyes when she said yes. She's so easy. "Oi, Hermione." Ron began. "You're a girl." Hermione looked at me, turned her head. "Very well spotted." In the meantime, Snape came back. Harry tried to 'save' Ron, but Ron kept on talking. Snape hit Ron his head with his book. Harry was laughing, so he got also hit by his book. When Snape left, Ron kept talking. "Come with one of us! It's one thing for a bloke to show up alone, but for a girl it's just sad." - Hermione immediately started to talk: "I won't be going alone, because believe it or not, someone's asked me! And I said yes!" After that, she closed her book, handed it in and left the study room. Harry and Ron looked at each other. "Bloody hell. She's lying, right?" asked Ron to Harry. Harry shrugged his shoulders. "If you say so." Harry answered. After that Snape came back and pushed both their faces in their books. Harry pushed Ron and made a head gesture in my direction. "Oi, Mila." said Ron. I looked at him. "No." I said immediately. "You also have someone?" asked Harry. "No." - "Well, go with one of us." said Ron. - "I'm not going to that ball." I whispered. - "You have to! You're one of the champions" said Harry. - "I'm not going." I said. "By the way, it might be interesting to know that Oona and Juliette still has no dates. Harry, you should ask Juliette. I'm pretty sure she will say yes." I said and winked at him. I stood up, handed my book in and left the room.

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