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I sat in the common room with the golden egg between my legs. I've opened it a several times and every time I heard screams. I couldn't figure out the message. Even Hermione didn't know what to do. The door behind me opened. It was Harry. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Becoming friends with my egg." I said. "I've tried that too. But it keeps on screaming." - He sat beside me on the carpet. "Luckily YOU don't start screaming when I try to be friends with you", he said soft. "No. But I'm rude." - "True." We both started laughing. "Mila. Can I tell you something? Like telling you a secret?" - "Sure!" - "I asked Cho for the Yule ball", he said a bit shy. "Whut?" I said. "I mean, I told you to ask Juliette. So I thought that you would follow my advice. I'm a bit confused right now", I went on. He smiled. "I like Cho", he said a bit dreamy. "Juliette will kill you." I said while staring to the fire. "Whut?" he said in the same way like I did before. "Juliette is in love with you! For a long time. This morning she said that she felt that you would ask her. Right now after hearing you confession, I think she just felt hungry." - "Oh. I didn't knew that. But I can still ask her for the ball you know!" - "But.." - "Cho rejected me", he interrupted me. - "That must hurt." I said. - "No, I expected it." - "Know the feeling bro." It was quiet for a while. "Why don't you want to go to the ball?" Harry asked. - "I hate balls." - "Why?" - "I can't dance." I whispered. "How you mean?" - "I mean that I'm bad at dancing with someone." - "You can practice with me!" he said. - "Oh yeah, because you're a great dancer!" We both started to laugh again. "Yeah okay, I suck.. But you have to go. You're a champion." - I sighed. "I know." - "Do you have someone to go with?" - "No. I'm weird you know." - "I'm weird too." - "Come with me Mila. Please?" he begged. I stared at his bright blue eyes. "I can't," I said. Harry looked at his shoes, I saw that he was a bit disappointed. "Please, don't take it personal. But I think Juliette will kill me - after she killed you - if I said yes. She's my best friend. I can't just.." - "Don't say a thing. I understand." he said.

Suddenly Ron came in, Ginny backed him. "It's okay Ron. It's alright. It doesn't matter." I heard Ginny comforting him. Ron was livid. "What happened to you!" I heard Harry ask. They put Ron in the couch, I turned around to face him. God, he looked terrible. "He just asked Fleur Delacour out." explained Ginny. - "Nice try." I said. In meantime Hermione had arrived too and had heard everything. "What?" she said. - "And what did she say?"asked Harry. - "No of course"Hermione and I said in unison. Ron shook his head. "She said yes?" again Hermione and I asked in unison. "Don't be silly!" said Ron. "There she walked by.. you know how much I liked it when they walk." he said dreamy. Harry nodded with understanding. "Can't helped it. It all just slipped out." whimpered Ron. - "Actually, he sort of screamed it at her.." Ginny mumbled. "It was a bit frightening." - "What did you do then?" asked Harry. - "What do you think. I ran of course." Ron kept on talking when the Patil sisters came in. "Hi Harry!" they said in unison. He smiled and turned his head a little bit. I looked at him and understood what he was thinking. "Oi!" I heard him yell. "Oh gosh. More drama."

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The next day Juliette kept on crying. "He didn't ask me." - "Oh Jules, it's not your fault." Oona tried to comfort her. "Maybe it's because of the tasks.. you know maybe he's a bit confused." she kept on talking to Juliette. - "He forgot me", she cried. I stood there a bit awkwardly. I've never been good at comforting people. Oona looked at me. "Say something", she mouthed. "July, there are a lot of boys here in Hogwarts who are not having a date. Soon there will come a handsome dude asking you! Choose a dress and I'm pretty sure when Harry sees you he will regret it that he didn't ask you!" I said. - "You think so?" she stuttered? I nodded. For a moment Oona and I thought that she would get over it. Suddenly she yelled: "I don't want to have somebody else!" Oona and I sighed. "Ask Draco", said Oona suddenly. "Are you crazy?" I mouthed to her. Juliette stopped with crying and stared to the wall. "That's it", she said. "I'm gonna ask Draco. Harry will be jealous!" She stood up, dried her eyes and went looking for Draco. "It was a stupid idea of me, i guess?" asked Oona. I nodded. "Do you already have someone?" I asked her. - "Yes, George." she said proudly. I smiled. "Good for you!" - "You?" I shook my head. "And what if someone asked me.. I can't even dance", I said. "Oh god, that's true. We need to get you some dance lessons!" Oona said in panic. "No ! As long as I don't have a partner, I don't have to dance!" I said. Suddenly a boy from Durmstrang walked by. "Hi", he said to us. "Hi", we said back in unison. "You, Mila?" he asked to me. I nodded. "You go to ball with me?" he asked. - I looked at him with big eyes. "Why you ask?" I asked. - "You're pretty. You're smart and good fighter. I've seen it." he explained with an accent. I looked at him confused. "I'm Dimitri", he said. I must say he was a very good looking dude. He was tall and had muscles, aloha. "Okay", I said to him. He smiled, thanked me and went away. "Well.. I think we should better start with those dance lessons.." said Oona.

∞ Authors Note: ∞

For those who are wondering. This is the Dimitri that I have in mind.;)

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