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∞ Authors note ∞

Sometimes I really forget that they're just fourteen !! Sorry !! Let's say that Mila is much older for her age!;)

This is what Mila is wearing at the ball (I know, it's not something a fourteen year old would wear, but whatever!!) :

∞ Back to the story: ∞

Oona was the first one who was ready. Juliette, Oona and I were gathered in my room and we had agreed to help each other. Juliette had done my hair and Oona my make-up. My - lightly curled - hair wasn't in a knot or a ponytail as usual, but hang over my shoulders. I wore a long bordeaux dress with matching jewelry. To be honest I was a bit nervous, because I had a date with a guy I've never spoken to. "Everyone finished?" asked Juliette. I nodded. Juliette and I had earlier this day a little fight, guess about who? Right, Harry. I explained that we just danced and that it was Ron his idea to change partners. And, most important, I told her that Harry and I hadn't danced together that afternoon. Nothing had happened ! Oona confirmed my story and luckily Juliette believed me.

We left my room and went to the great hall. Harry and Hermione stood downstairs with their partners. "Oh my god, is that Victor Krum with Hermione?" Juliette squeaked. Who's that other guy? "Dimitri. My date!" I whispered. She looked at me with disbelief. "He's handsome." - "I know right." - "Finally, Miss Mosswish. You're here. Will you and mister ... " - "Lisov", interrupted Dimitri, Professor McGonagall. "Right. Mister Lisov. Will you two stand together in a line. You two stand before Mister Potter and Miss Patil." - We did what McGonagall asked, in the meantime Oona and Juliette were inside. The doors of the great hall were closed and when McGonagall clapped in her hands, the doors went open. Music started to play and we all went inside. Everyone was cheering and looking at us. I hated this. We stood at the 'dance floor' when the music changed. We did our little dance and after two minutes McGonagall and Dumbledore enjoyed us. I was so happy when the song ended and some rock began to play. I immediately looked for Oona and Juliette and made a gesture that they had to come and join me. Dimitri, George and Seamus danced together with us. After a while Hermione and Victor joined also our little dance group. We all had a great time.

∞ ∞ ∞

∞ P.O.V. Harry Potter ∞

After the first dance I immediately went towards Ron and sat down for the whole night. When Hermione came and asked us to join her and Victor, there was a little fight between her and Ron. For my own safety, I decided to stay out of it. Our dates, the Patil sisters, had left us. Nice, here we were.. both sitting, with no date. Ron sighed. "Mila is just as worse as Hermione" he concluded. "How do you mean?" I asked. - "She's also dating the enemy." - "She's not dating him?" - "Oh no? Look at them. They're been dancing for the whole evening." - "Isn't that a bit normal? He's her date." - "Oh yeah? Look at us. Are we dancing with our dates? No." Ron sighed and I shrugged my shoulders. In fact I was a bit surprised by seeing Mila with a friend of Krum. I didn't even know they spoke to each other. "Want another drink?" I asked Ron. He nodded. I stood up and went to the bar. - "Hi handsome!" - I turned my head and saw Mila smiling. "Enjoying yourself?" she asked. - "Not really." - "Why not? It's a party!" - "It's Ron, he's a bit cranky." - "Why?" - "He's not very happy with the fact that you and especially Hermione are dating with the enemy." - "Enemy? Dating? Well let me get things straight, I'm dating no one. What Hermione does is her business." - "But you're here with a friend of Krum?" - "So? You're here with a Patil. Does that mean that you're dating each other?" I shook my head. "But why did he ask you?" - Mila started to laugh. "Bit funny actually. He asked me and said that he thought I was strong." I started to laugh to. She took a sip of her drink and looked around. "You should dance Harry!" she said. - "I don't think so", I replied. - She looked at me and smiled at bit mysterious, after that she left. I decided to go back to Ron. "Finally, where were you?" he asked. - "Mila kept me busy." I said. - He didn't say anything further and drank his drink. After a while Mila came towards us. "Ron can I borrow Harry for a moment, please?" she asked. Ron nodded his head, I looked at bit confused. "Wait what?" I muttered and before I knew it, she took my hands and brought me to the dance floor. She still held my hands and started to dance. At first I didn't know what to do, but after a while I felt comfortable and danced with her.

∞ P.O.V. Mila Mosswish (like always) ∞

I had danced the whole night. My feet hurt, so when I left the great hall I took off my shoes and went upstairs. Neville and I we're the last one of our house to go back to our dormitory's. "You're a great dancer Neville." - His cheeks turned red. "Thanks Mila. I must say you also have some moves. In fact moves I've never seen before!" - "Every muggle from our age uses those moves. I've learned it from them." - "Do you mingle a lot with muggles?" - "Yeah, a lot. I mean in my neighborhood there are many boys or girls with my age. So when we're at a park or at a café, it's a bit obvious you start to chat with them." Neville nodded his head. "I don't really interact with muggles, I think they would discover my secret. I always do stupid things. Can't handle myself sometimes." I laughed and gave him a friendly pat on his shoulders. "Again Neville, you're a great dancer! All the guys in Hogwarts were jealous at your moves! I'm really sure of it. Goodnight Neville", I said and went to my room. There was no much time needed to put on my pyjama's. In no time I lay in bed, I couldn't help myself but I kept on thinking about the little dance that I had with Harry. Why did I even do that? Because of the sugar I guess, I always get very active and intimate when my body is full of sugar. "Must have been the sugar", I whispered to myself. After that I felt asleep.

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