Two days had passed. The day after the ball most of the students were so tired. Luckily there were no lessons, so we could hang out and be lazy. I was one of the students who stayed in bed the whole day, I preferred it more to be alone with my thoughts, than to interact with people. No one knocked at my door, so no one was missing me. Today I had to courage to get out of bed and followed some lessons. Juliette didn't spoke to me. Later in the day Oona told me she was mad at me because I danced with Harry. So I went to Juliette and said that I was sorry and that the circumstances made me do it. I promised it would never ever happen again AND that there was no way that I would fall in love with Harry. It would be too dangerous for the both of us. Luckily for me, she believed me - again. I decided to let Harry for what he was and it would be better if we ignored each other a bit. So that was the plan. Guess I wasn't the only one who would ignore someone. Oona had told me that Hermione and Ron had a little fight after the ball. Hermione had cried her eyes out that night. I decided to stay out of it, because I wasn't there when it happened.

∞ ∞ ∞

After our last lesson - transformations - I had the idea to make a walk over the giant wooden bridge. I walked for a couple of meters when I saw Harry and Hermione talking, I didn't hear what they said to each other. But I knew it would be a bad idea to walk further in their direction. I turned around and left the bridge. Suddenly I bumped into someone. "Sorry!" I said immediately. "No problem!" he said. I looked up and saw that it was Cedric. "Good that we bump into each other", he said. I looked at him with confusing? "Explain yourself please?" I asked. "Did you figure the egg out?" he asked. - "No. I think I should better start working on it." - "Maybe you should take a bath. It's very inspiring. Take your egg with you." Cedric said, he winked at me and left. I frowned my eyebrows and repeated his sentence. Why should I take my egg to the bath. That's weird. "What was that all about?" I heard a familiar voice. It was Hermione. I looked over her shoulders and saw Cedric and Harry talking to each other. "Cedric asked me if I knew something about the egg", I explained to Hermione. "Oh, and do you?" she asked. I shook my head. "Not yet!" We both walked back towards the castle. Suddenly professor Snape walked towards us. "Miss Mosswish, Professor Dumbledore and I want to talk to you after dinner", he said and walked away. "That was weird", I said. "Do you have any idea why they want to talk to you?" Hermione asked. I shook my head. "Guess I did something wrong again', I lied to Hermione. I knew it had something to do with the curse, of course I couldn't tell that to Hermione.

∞ ∞ ∞

After dinner I immediately went to Dumbledore's office. "Miss Mosswish, good to see you", I heard Dumbledore's voice. "Hi?" I said while looking around searching for Dumbledore. Suddenly Professor Snape walked inside the office. "Miss Mosswish", he mumbled. I smiled weakly and looked down at my feet. "Professor Snape, you can tell", Dumbledore said. I still didn't knew where he was. Professor Snape looked around - guess he was also searching for Dumbledore. "Where do I start?" asked Snape. Dumbledore didn't answer, Snape sighed and looked at me. "Miss Mosswish, like you already know the potion didn't work the last time we tried it. I'm busy with emending it, but sadly enough we have to wait until the next full moon. Second thing we need to talk about is your training ..." - "Training?" I interrupted him. He looked irritated about the fact that I interrupted him and started to speak again. "We have to train your brain. The dark lord can get into your mind, there is a way to prevent that. I can help you with that. Every week we will meet each other once in the dungeons after dinner", explained Snape. I wanted to open my mouth, but before I could start speaking Snape began: "Don't ask further questions. I'll see you tomorrow in the dungeons." - "You can leave now Miss Mosswish", said Dumbledore. After that I left and didn't ask further questions. I walked to the common room and decided to follow Cedric his tip. A bath would be good for me, because spending one evening in the week with Snape and doing some training.. doesn't sound like a big party to me. I went to my room, took my clothes of and put on my bathing wrap. With some towels, soap and my egg I left my room and went to the girls bathroom. The portrait of the Fat Lady went open and without looking properly I bumped into Harry who was also wearing a bathing wrap and holding his egg. "Mila!" he said with a smile. "Hey... you!" I said back a bit surprised. "Are you gonna take a bath?" he asked. I nodded my head. "With your egg?" he asked. - "Yes", I said. He looked at me and I knew what he thought. "Cedric said that I had to take a bath with my egg", I explained to Harry. He nodded with understanding. "Didn't know that you hang out together." - "Oh we don't! I just bumped into him this afternoon and he told me so.." - "Yeah, whatever", Harry said and walked beside me into the common room not paying much attention to me. I decided to let him go, but when I wanted to step out of the room I heard Harry yelling my name. I turned around and asked: "What?" - "How was your meeting with Snape?" he asked. My heart pumped faster, blimey Hermione. "Uh, good", I said. - "Why did he wanted to talk to you?" Harry asked. Think quick, think quick Mila. "It was not really a talk with Snape. It was more with Dumbledore", I lied. - "Oh, where did you and Dumbledore talk about?" Harry asked. - "About how I felt. Because new school, new friends, tournament, ... Not easy to handle and Dumbledore wanted to know how I deal with it." - Harry nodded with understanding and walked further to the common room. I sighed and felt relieved that he believed me. I decided to leave the room - for the third time - when Harry started to speak again. "Mila", he said. I turned around and sighed - because I really wanted to take a bath. "Don't forget who your real friends are", he said.

∞ ∞ ∞

I didn't really enjoy my bath. Harry's words kept on running through my head. He knew I lied to him, again. The meetings with Snape wouldn't make things easier, I would be away from the group and I couldn't tell them the real reason. I played with the bubbles in the bath and took my egg. When I opened my egg, it made the same noise like always and it really hurt my ears. I closed the egg immediately and sighed. Nothing happened. "Put it under water", I heard a girls voice. "Who are you?" I said looking to the ghost. "Myrtle", she answered. "Harry and Cedric did that too.." she said. I nodded my head and smiled. After that I took a deep breath and went under water with my egg. After I opened it, I heard singing voices.

"Come seek us where our voices sound,
We cannot sing above the ground,
An hour long you'll have to look,
To recover what we took."

I closed the egg and came above water. The task was clear for me. I had to swim and look for something in the water. Something that they took from me. Questions that popped in my mind were: which water? What did they took for me? How much time did I need to find it? And how could I find something to let me stay longer than one minute under water?

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