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∞P.O.V. Harry Potter ∞

Mila and I were back at the surface. "We made it, Mila!" I whispered. She didn't react, so I took her head in my hands, so she could face me. "We made it", I whispered again. Her eyes were closed and she didn't react. I took her in my arms and swam immediately to one of the towers. "You have to help Mila!" I yelled to the people. Fred and George came and helped Mila out of the water. "She isn't breathing", Fred said. "Do something!" yelled Oona. "Mouth to mouth!" said Hermione. Fred, George and I looked at each other, no way that I would do mouth to mouth. Hermione sighed and Oona decided to do it. She sat down besides Mila and tried mouth to mouth. Suddenly Mila started to cough and water came out of her mouth. She opened her eyes and looked around. She kept on coughing. "You're alright!" cried Oona and hugged Mila. "Harry?" she asked and tried to get up. I knelt beside her and said: "I'm okay, I'm here. Thanks to you!" Mila smiled weakly and I wrapped a towel around her. Fleur came towards me and said:"You saved her, even though she wasn't yours to save. My little sister. Thank you!" After that she hugged me and smiled to Mila. After that she thanked Ron. Dumbledore and the judges were segregated from the crowd. "I think the both of you behaved admirably!" Hermione said and hugged both of us. "I finished last, Hermione" I said back to her. After that she gave me another hug. I saw that Mila was freezing. I took the towel from Hermione and wrapped it around the both of us. I took Mila in my arms to warm her a bit up. "Next to last. Fleur never got past the Grindylows", Hermione said and gave me a kiss on the head. Everyone was cheering for Krum, Dumbledore came towards us and demanded the crowd to shut up. "Attention!" I stood up and helped Mila to get up. "Okay?" I asked. She nodded her head. I took her again in my arms, so she could warm up. "ATTENTION!" Dumbledore yelled. Hermione lay her hands on her ears, Mila pushed her head in my neck .. because Dumbledore's voice was very loud. "The winner is Mr. Diggory!" Hufflepuff started to cheer. Dumbledore continued: "Who showed innate command of the Bubble-Head Charm. Hower, seeing as Mr. Potter or Miss Mosswish would have finished first had it not been for their determination to rescue not only Mr. Weasley and Miss Hunt but the others as well, we've agreed to award them both second place.. for outstanding moral fiber!" I couldn't believe what Dumbledore said. Hermione took me in her arms. "Second place! Well done!" We both hugged each other. Oona went to Mila and hugged her. Third place was for Victor Krum and last place for Fleur. After that we went to the boats to go back to Hogwarts. Hermione, Ron, Fred, George and I had a boat together. After Dumbledore's speech and awarding the points, Mila had left my side. "Mila was amazing!" Fred said. - "She would been first", I said. They all looked to each other with confusing. "She was the first one who arrived at the body's, when she saw me she hesitated a bit. Then Cedric came and took Cho with him. After that Mila took Oona and tried to pass him. But he was faster", I explained. "It was crazy from her that she dove back into the water to help you." George said. "She's mental", Ron replied. Hermione nudged Ron. "That's very rude. She saved you too Ronald", Ron looked to his feet and didn't say a thing. We arrived at the mole and we all stepped out of the boat.

∞ ∞ ∞

∞ P.O.V. Mila Mosswish ∞

When I arrived at Hogwarts, Oona and Juliette helped me with my hot bath. "Are you coming with all of us to Hagrid?" Oona asked when I came back into my room, after taking a relaxing bath. "Ron, Harry and Hermione are coming too", Oona kept on asking. Juliette nudged Oona and made a gesture that she didn't like it very much that Oona invited me. "What?" Oona asked. Juliette shook her head. "Okay, but I don't think I'll stay long." Oona smiled, came to me and combed my hair. "May I make a braid?" she asked. I nodded my head and sat on my bed. "Sorry that I didn't help you out with this task", Juliette said and sat in front of me. I shrugged my shoulders. "Doesn't matter. I understand that you wanted Harry to win," I said while winking at her. Her cheeks started to blush and she smiled a bit. "You were crazy that you dove back into the water", Juliette said. "It was very brave!" Oona replied immediately. "I didn't want your future husband to die", I said to Juliette. We all started to laugh. Oona finished my braid and together we went to Hagrid his house. We knocked on the door and Hermione opened it. "Hey!" she said to Oona and Juliette who were the first to enter. "Mila!" she said and hugged me. "How are you feeling?" she asked. "I'm okay! I guess", I answered. She hugged me again. In the meantime Oona and Juliette greeted Ron, Harry and Hagrid. "I'm so sorry", Hermione whispered. I looked at her with confusing. "You've heard everything in the library isn't it?" she asked. I nodded my head. "I'm sorry", she whispered again. "It will never ever happen again. You're not in this alone Mila. We're here for you, all of us!" she said. We hugged each other again. "Are you guys still hugging?" asked Ron suddenly. He came towards me and shook my hand. "Thanks for helping me", he said. "I know.. I'm crazy. Don't you agree?" I asked him. His cheeks started to blush. "Well.." I laughed and patted him on his shoulder. Harry looked at Juliette, and I could see she didn't wanted him to talk to me. So he just smiled. "Okay, are you all ready?" Hagrid asked. "Ready for what?" Oona asked back. "Night walk in the forest of course!" he replied.

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